130. BSM - He And The Boys Find Out You Have A Boyfriend.

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Liam:   (age 15) "Go! Go! Quick!" You rushed as your boyfriend exited out of your bedroom window. Thankfully, you weren't on a high floor. "Hello love!" Liam and the boys burst through the door, only to find you pushing (to them a random boy,) your boyfriend out the window. "Whose the lad?" Liam questioned, getting protective, "He isn't some fuck buddy is he?" Harry laughed, the boys sending him glares. "God, no! He's my boyfriend!" you huffed, tired of keeping it a secret. You nodded for him to come in. "Guys, this is (Y/B/F/N)." And so, the over-protectiveness began and the heartbreak speech too.

Louis:   (age 16) "Lottie! I told you not to tell him!" you grunted, pissed at your sister for telling Louis about your boyfriend. Your mum knew, you told her not to tell Lou just yet, otherwise he would freak out and go all sassy on (Y/B/F/N). "It was an accident! It just slipped out!" she apologized. You nodded, he had to know sometime. "I HEARD ABOUT (YN)'S LOVER!" Louis screamed as he entered your room, with the boys following; "Ugh, God, it starts now doesn't it Lou?" you moaned. He nodded playfully. "Call the lad over. We want to get to know him!" Harry exclaimed. "Ugh, fine. But I warn you, I will cut your balls off personally if you embarrass me." you hissed. They nodded. As soon as he came over the boys were showing him your baby pictures etc... When you walked in the room, all you could scream was: "WHERE ARE THE KNIVES?!"

Harry:   (age 15) You had just come back from your date with your new boyfriend. You were standing at the door, and were about to say goodbye. You both started leaning in, when the door burst open. "HI! I'm her brother!" And you glared at Harry. The boys shrugged. "I saw you and my sister!" "No shit, Sherlock!" you spat. "Well then, come in won't you? We could get to know you!" Harry smiled, although you could tell the only thing (Y/B/F/N) was gonna know is that he shouldnt break your heart otherwise his balls would be chopped off. What a good brother.

Zayn:   (age 15) You knew Zayn was a very protective brother. So when it came to boyfriends, you could of guess what Zayn thought. You were with (Y/B/F/N), cuddling on the couch, watching The Vow. "Channing Tatum, mmm!" you squealed as he appeared on the screen. "Hey!" your boyfriend said, fake offended. He started tickling you when suddenly your brother walked in with the boys. "Erm.. Hi Zayn, boys." you weakly smiled. "Who is this?" he hissed, not glad to walk in on his little sister and a boy. "Zayn! This is my boyfriend!" you said, emphasizing the boyfriend part. "Alright, 'boyfriend' come here and introduce yourself" Zayn nodded. Trust me, it was a very long introduction.

Niall:   (age 16) You actually started dating your best (boy) friend. You two just, fell for each other and confessed each others feelings, much like in the movies. So when Niall came home from tour, he didn't suspect anything. "Hey mum, you seen (Y/N)?" You could hear Niall ask your mum. "Yep, she's upstairs with (Y/B/F/N)!" Maura answered. He hopped up the stairs to find you and (Y/B/F/N) kissing. "Woah. Well then! I see you two finally got together." Niall chuckled. You pulled away and blushed."Wait, you approve of this?" you questioned. He nodded. "I've known him for long enough. He's a good lad!" he smiled and left. Well then.

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