129.BMS He Makes You Feel Insecure PART 2

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Louis: I can’t believe I just said that. I know how upset she gets when anyone says that, I’m sure I shouldn’t have said that at all. I settled my phone down on the table and followed her up to her room. I knew better than to just walk in, so I knocked on (YN)’s door. “(YN)? Can I come in doll?” I lowly spoke. “Go away Lou.” I could hear her sniff, and I pushed open the door to find her tummy down on the bed, covered in tissues. I walked in slowly, and sat down on the edge of her bed. “I’m sorry bug.” I sighed, “I shouldn’t have said that, and I know it makes you upset. I guess I was having a bad day and I took it out on you.” I sincerely apologised. (YN) sat up and I embraced her in a comfortable hug. “It’s fine Lou.” She smiled, pushing the hair out of her face. “I love you!” I smiled, starting to tickle her. “STOP! I LOVE YOU TOO!” She laughed. And so, the tickle war began.

Harry: I fucked up badly. I didn’t even know she’d skipped breakfast or lunch, so I shouldn’t have judge in the first place. I sighed and cupped my face with my large hands, thinking of what to say when I apologise, since she’s a really sensitive person. I jogged up to her room, knocking on the door quietly. “Can I come in love?” I whispered, just loudly enough for her to hear. She mumbled something, but even if it was a ‘no’, I was still coming in. “I look like shit, go away!” She muttered, my eyes widened, I wasn’t used to hear swearing. “Language!” I chuckled, “Look, I personally feel like shit now, and I feel like I’m the worse brother ever. So I came here to say sorry. I had no idea you got bullied and-” “You would know if you weren’t away all the time.” She snapped. “I know I-I’m so sorry” I started crying. She peeled her head away from her pillow and stared at me. “Don’t cry! No, it’s okay! I just got mad!” She panicked, and wiped my tears away. She hugged me, “I love you” she smiled. That’s when I knew I was forgiven.

Niall: After I stormed off downstairs I had to think back to what I had shouted, and immediately regretted it when I heard her cry herself. It had now stopped, so I quietly tip toed upstairs to her room to check up on her. When I found her asleep at the door, so I carefully pushed myself through the small gap and scooped her up bridal style. I wiped the hair out of her face and smiled a bit. How could I have said that? She’s so perfect. “You really think that?” She mumbled, startling me from my thoughts. Or what I at least thought I was thinking, if that makes any sense. “Yes, and I’m the worst brother ever. I’m so sorry princess!” I rushed, stopping as she started to laugh at me lightly. “It’s fine, I’m sorry for snapping too, I guess I’m just really annoyed right now,” she smiled, and I nodded and hugged her. “I’m hungry,” she laughed. Definitely a Horan.

Liam: I sat there in shock. My sister, my only baby sister has dyslexia? And I can’t believe she didn’t tell me! That’s not the point… I shouldn’t have called her stupid. I rushed to the bathroom door and knock forcefully. “(YN)? Baby? Are you in there?” I panicked. “Erm, yes Li,” she said groggily, I’m guessing she fell asleep. Oh no, oh god. “Can you open up?” As soon as I said that, she opened the door and I pulled her into a tight hug. “I’m so sorry, oh god, are you okay? Why did you sleep on the cold floor? D you have a cold? Are-” she cut me off giggling, “Im fine Li-Li.” (YN) smirked. I looked down at her. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know and I was so frustrated!” I huffed dragging my palm across my face. She giggled again. “It’s not like you knew anyway. Plus, it’s okay.” (YN) smiled and I hugged her again. “I love you Leeyum.” “I love you too baby.”

Zayn: I. Am. So. Screwed. I should have guess from the fact she was watching ‘The Notebook’ and crying, eating every single fucking thing. Even though I was joking I feel so guilty. I grunted and facepalmed, shaking bits off loose food on me, thrown by (YN) earlier. When I finally finished cleaning the living room, free of food and now spotless, I grabbed some chocolate and rushed upstairs. “I know you’re in there.” I smirked lightly, knocking on the door. “Guao shawahy” she mumbled. “Whaaa?” I joked, stepping into her room. “I said go away Zayn. I’m honestly not in the mood for you. Or did you just come in here to call me fat again?” She hissed. My shoulders drooped. “Fine. I guess I’ll just go… With this lovely big chocolate bar in my hand… Nearly leaving… Opening the doorrrrr!” I stretched. “Dd you say chocolate? Fine fine.” She smirked, pulling me back into the room. I smiled. “I’m truly sorry babe. You know I love you? And I was joking. But I’m very sorry.” I begged. She nodded. “Now gimme my chocolate!”


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