51.He Cheats, You're Pregnant, He Leaves, You Run In To Him 5year Later PART 2

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Louis: He flinched a bit after you said your last words. Louis tried to ignore the comment that you made, but you could see the hurt lingering in his eyes. “Can, can I talk to him?” Louis pleaded. “[y/n], he has to know who his father is sooner or later. Why can’t you just tell him now?”

"Do you think a five-year-old will be able to comprehend this, Louis? Do you know how he is going to take this?" you look back at your son, still pumping his legs on the swing. You sigh, "Alright, but don’t freak him out Lou, please? Be gentle with him." You call your son over. He jumps off the swing and runs to your side obediently. "Noah, I have someone very special for you to meet." his blue eyes look up at you, full of wonder.

"Uh, hi Noah," Louis shoots you a look to see if you were going to stop him from going on. He bends down on his knees to be at eye-level with your son. "I’m Louis. First, I would like to apologize to you and your mum for not being there when you were born, and that I haven’t been in your life at all. But, that is going to change now, I hope. Noah, I’m your dad." Louis was waiting for a response. You could tell that he was trying to be as gentle as possible.


Liam: “She’s-I’m-Our?” Liam couldn’t seem to grasp the fact that his daughter was right in front of him. “Why didn’t you call? Or tell me about her?” he pleaded, his eyes starting to brim with tears.

"I was going to tell you before you walked out on me. On us," you said disappointingly, gesturing to Effie.

"I can fix this [y/n]. Let me start all over again with you. And Effie, too. Please, let me be a part of your lives again. It hasn’t been the same since I left you." Liam wipes away his tear quickly, not wanting to embarrass himself in public. "Can I just hold her, please? Effie, do you want to be held by your father?" his expression was soft when he spoke to Effie.

"Li, please. Can we take this somewhere else?" you shot your eyes around the store, stopping your gaze at him. "Come to my house and we can talk this over." You look down at the shopping trolly, realizing you had to check out and get the food home before the frozen products thawed. "Here," you hand him Effie. "Take her while I check out." "Sweetie," you say to Effie, "please be kind to your father, and he will be kind in return." Effie nods, still in a daze from all of these new things. The look on Liam’s face resembles the moment a father first holds their child, but this time the child was not an infant.

"So, Effie, my sweet daughter of mine, who is your favourite Disney princess?" you hear Liam speak to her softly as he held her. He hasn’t changed a bit.

Harry: You quit yelling at Harry, noticing  the hurt and surprise in his watery green eyes after he spoke. “Yes, Harry, you have a son.”

"I’m a father..? Where is he? I want to see him! I-" you cut him off.

"Harry, I have to tell him. I don’t know if he’ll understand. He’ll be out in a few minutes from his check up. Please, can you just go. I don’t know if you can see him right now. This isn’t the right place for this." you look around the quiet room.

"But, I-Can I just get his name, at least? Please, [y/n], I want to see my son!" he pleaded softly.

"Just give me your mobile number and I’ll call you, ok?" you told him sternly. "You can see Bennett this afternoon if I decide it’s fine. I just want him to handle it well."

"[y/n], you can perfect everything. You just have to tell him. I just want to meet my son, woman!" His green orbs widened. "Fine, here’s my number… But, you promise me that I will get to see him. This is killing m-" A small voice interrupts your conversation.

"Look mummy! I got three band-aids and a lolly!" Bennett exclaimed proudly.

"Bennett," Harry stood in shock of the site of his own child standing in front of him. Looking like a miniature him.

Zayn: You told Zayn the whole story about the miscarry and how it made you feel over a coffee at the cafe. You described to him the hole in your heart that will be impossible to fill. It hurt so much, losing the baby. He kept comforting you, giving you advice, saying he’ll be there for you whenever you needed someone. You relationship as friends started to form. But, you needed this. You didn’t have many people in your life that were close to you. You didn’t have a relationship like yours and Zayn’s since your relationship ended.

"I will always be here for you, [y/n]. I promise. You don’t deserve to have anyone or anything taken away from you anymore." he pulls you close into him. His familiar scent fills your senses. "I’m sorry, for it all. I caused all of this. Everything was my fault. I put you through this al-" you put your finger to his lips

Your eyes were stinging from the tears you cried, you were all cried out. “Zayn, it’s ok. we can’t go back and fix what happened then. The only thing that we can work on is the here and now.” You laid your head on his shoulder as he held your hand, rubbing the back of it with his thumb.

Niall: “Niall? Niall. Wake up, Niall.” You held a pack of ice to his forehead while stroking back his hair softly to wake him up. The store employees hovered until you told them to go back to work because he was going to be alright.

"Argh, my head," Niall says squeezing his eyes shut while rubbing the back of his skull. "Wait, [y/n]? That wasn’t a dream I just had?" You could tell that Niall was definitely confused by you being there. Then he got his senses back together again. He looked over at Liv. "So, she’s… mine?" You nod your head.

"Mum, why is my daddy here right now? Did he know it was my birthday?!" her little voice sounded triumphant. "This is the bestest birthday present ever, Mummy! A dad!"

"Live, please be quiet or go find a doll you like, for goodness sake." the small girl drifts over to the toys like nothing had just happened. Her little mind couldn’t understand what was going on.

"When’s her birthday? I’d love to be there for her. For my daughter’s birthday…" he drifts off into thought.

"You think you can just walk into our life like this? It doesn’t work like that Niall. We need to talk this over," you give him a cold stare.

"Well, can we meet up this week and figure it out? I don’t want to leave you taking care of her by yourself, it’s a lot of work." he pleaded.

"I’ve been taking care of Liv for five years now, I think I can handle it by myself," you say harshly.

"Please, [y/n]? I screwed up. And now I owe it to you two."

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