70. His Mom Interrupts You Two Getting Frisky

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Niall: “Hey babe, I’m home” Niall called, and you stood in the doorway. You were in lingerie, and you were ready to kick of the night right. He walked in past the wall of the foyer and glanced over at you. “Oh” he said, and you both burst out laughing. “I was trying to be sexy” you said, and Niall walked towards you. “You’re adorable” he said, and he kissed you passionately. “Mmm, I missed you today” you said, pulling him towards the bed. “Y/N” he sighed, slowly laying on top of you. You slipped his shirt off, and started running his hands through your hair. “Babe” you mumbled, as you reached for his button. His hands moved to the clasp of your bra. Suddenly, his pants started vibrating. “Niall” you moaned, and he fished out his phone. “It’s my mum” Niall said, and you threw your head back. “Shit” you moaned. Neither you nor Niall could deny a phone call from Maura. “Hello” Niall said, aggravation in his voice. You shook your head at him, and he smiled and sighed. “How are you mum?” he asked, climbing off of you. “I’ll be waiting here” you whispered, blowing him a kiss. He smiled and winked at you before he walked out of the bedroom mumbling to his mom.

Louis: You walked into Louis’s office and he was on the computer. You walked in and sat up on his desk. “How’s work?” you asked, and he shrugged. Louis had to sign some letters, posters and cds  along with writing some quick responses to fan mail and the only way he would do that is if you didn’t distract him. You had stayed out of the office for a few hours, but you were feeling like you wanted some time with him. “It’s fine” he said, putting the sharpie down. You slid down the desk, letting your legs dangle to either side of Louis in the office chair. Louis started rubbing your thighs as you looked out the window past him. “You look beautiful” he said, and you glanced down at him. “Thanks babe” you smiled, and he leaned up to kiss you. You leaned back on the desk, and Louis slowly climbed up on top of you. “I feel like we’re in a porn movie” Louis said, and you smirked. He pulled off your top and you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him against you. You scratched your nails down his back, and pulled his shirt off. You heard a ring right next to your head, and jumped, knocking Louis off the desk. “Sorry!” you said, sitting up to pull him up. “It’s okay” he laughed, grabbing the phone. You figured it would end quick, so you just sat on the desk, kissing his collarbone. “Hi mum, how are you?” he said, and you glanced up at him. He shook his head, and you let your head drop. Louis handed you his shirt and you slipped it on, and walked towards the door. “Y/N” he whispered, and you turned. “Give me twenty minutes” he whispered, and you nodded and smiled wide before going to the bedroom.

Liam: Liam was lounging on the couch, and you walked in the TV room and smiled. He was so mesmerized by the game, you had to laugh. You walked over to him, and you climbed up on top of him. “Hi” you whispered, and he glanced down at you. “You are so beautiful” he whispered, and you smiled. He kissed your forehead, and you leaned up to kiss him. You were pretty sure the game was far from his mind at that point, as he rubbed the base of your neck. You wrapped your legs around Liam’s waist, and he put his hands on your butt and lifted you on his chest. “Liam, we should go to the bedroom” you gasped as he peeled your shirt off you. “Just don’t” he said, working on the clasp of you bra. He got it off, and you pressed your chest to his. He kissed you passionately, when you heard your house phone ring. You reached for it, and Liam groaned. “Liam, it’s your mom” you said, looking at the caller id. “Leave it” he said, pulling you back down towards him. “Li” you whispered, and he groaned again. You hit talk and held the phone to his ear. “Hello mum” he said sweetly, and you smiled. You grabbed your shirt and slipped it on. “I’ll come help you with that in a minute, Y/N” Liam called out, innocently and you smiled mischievously.

Zayn: As you slid into the tight black dress, you felt sexier than ever. You and Zayn were going to a friend’s birthday party at Funky Buddha. You were getting ready a little early, knowing Zayn was going to need to get ready too. You slid into your bright mint green heels. You tousled your hair once, and flipped it out, before going out to see Zayn. “So?” you asked, doing a quick spin. Zayn literally raced up towards you, and grabbed you. “Come here” he said, pulling you into the bedroom.  You laughed lightly as he kissed your neck, and you unbuttoned his shirt. “You look amazing” he mumbled, sliding your dress down to reveal your lace strapless bra. “What about the party?” you whispered, dropping Zayn’s pants. “We go late” he said, pushing you on the bed. “Y/N, I want you so bad” he said, towering over you. All of a sudden, you could hear the ring of Zayn’s phone from the table in the hall. “Shit” he whispered, stomping over to the doorway. He grabbed his phone and sighed. “Hey mum” Zayn said, and started rubbing your temples. Zayn would always take phone calls from his mom. You understood it, but you didn’t love it in this exact moment. “One sec mum,” he said, covering the mouth of the phone. “Text your friend and tell her we’re going to be late” he said, and you smiled, before Zayn went in the bathroom to talk to his mom.

Harry: “Your mom called, said it was urgent” you said, leaning over the counter on the phone. “Alright, I’ll call her in a bit” Harry said, standing behind you. He leaned down to spoon you against the counter, and you smiled. He started kissing your neck, and you pulled the phone away. “How am I supposed to check messages if you’re doing that” you whispered, and he spun you to face him. “Then don’t check messages” he said, and he started kissing you passionately. You ran your fingers through Harry’s hair, and he smiled into the kiss. “I love you” he said, and you smiled and rested your head against his. “I love you too” you replied, and Harry leaned back and took his shirt off. You hopped up on the counter, and lifted your shirt over your head. Harry walked towards you and took the back of your head, pushing your lips against his. You moaned softly as Harry started to rub your inner thigh. He started kissing your collarbone, and you undid your pants and slipped them off. Suddenly, the phone started ringing. Harry kept kissing you and you reached to grab the phone. “Harry, babe, its your mom” you said, and Harry leaned back. “Fuck” he whispered, taking the phone. “Hello?… Hi mum… yeah got your message” he started, and you went to hop up. Before you could get off the counter, Harry’s hand reached out and held you down. You glanced at him, and he held up one finger to signal you to give him a second. “Mum I only have a few minutes” he said, walking a little further away. You slipped on his shirt and waited for him to be off the phone. 

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