101. He's Marrying Someone Else Part 3

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Harry - you heard someone calling your name as you walked to your car, “(Y/N), hey, wait up!” You turned slowly, seeing Harry jog towards you, arms half-slung into the sleeves of his blazer jacket, puffing when he reached you. 

"Oh, hey," you smiled, tipsy enough from the party that you could punch his chest playfully, "I’m, um, just heading home."

"Yeah," Harry grinned down, "why? Why are you leaving, (Y/N)? Are you okay?"

You froze on the spot for a moment, thinking enough that you knew you couldn’t answer. You scowled down for a second, your head throbbing until you looked up, meeting Harry’s eyes, “do you…” you shook out a breath, because you’d left your jacket in the car, forgotten how cold it was, “do you ever think about that night?”

"What night?" Harry kept smiling, furrowing his brow a little. 

That night,” you let your eyes scan his features, “last year, after Zayn’s birthday party, near the fountain, when you asked me to be with you, and I said no?”

Harry stumbled back, unsure of what to say. His features changed, expression shifting before he cleared his throat and found his voice, “why… why are you asking me this, (Y/N)?”

"I don’t know," you answered honestly, crossing your arms over your front, voice quiet, "I… I don’t know…"

"No," Harry murmured, and when you caught his expression, it was somewhere between anger and confusion, "no, why did you ask me that?" He shook, shivering in the cold like you were, raising his arms up, "why… why would you bring that up?" His voice rose. 

"I don’t know," you murmured quieter still, "just… just forget it, okay?"

"No, (Y/N), I…" he raised his arms again, "I can’t forget it… why… why would you ask that? Why?"

"I’m sorry… please, just forget it?" You shook your head, "I’m just gonna go…" you turned around, managing a few steps towards you car before he called out after you, "you broke my heart that night, (Y/N)…" his voice bellowed out, with a shaky exhale from the air so cold. You froze on the spot, his words ringing in your ear. You didn’t turn. 

"You broke my heart that night, (Y/N)," he called out again, and all you could see were his words, "broke it, shattered it into a million pieces. The only thing in the world that I wanted was you, and you said no. You said no, and you broke me. You made me this hollow, shell of a man because I couldn’t have you and it killed me. Is… is that what you wanted to hear? Is that why you asked? That what… what you were hoping for?"

"Harry, I…" you finally turned, almost pleading him to stop. 

"But then I found Emily, I found her and I’m happy… I’m… I thought I’d never get over you, (Y/N)," you could hear his voice breaking, drumming to the sound of the party still inside, "some… some days I… you know what, it doesn’t even matter. I just don’t…" his face contorted in anger, "I just don’t know why you would bring this up. I’m getting married next week, okay? I am…" Harry slammed the last word, before he turned and stormed back towards the house, muscles in his back working before he shut the front door loudly. You shook at the sound, turned and walked numbly to your car. You slipped inside and fell into the seat, leaning your head down onto the steering wheel, breaking into sobs you couldn’t work around, heaving and tears falling, catching in your throat where you couldn’t keep them. 

Liam - the flimsy material of countless dresses swung through your hands as you kept scanning the shelves, eyes dotting over colours and fabrics you could care less about. You walked slowly, still breathing a little odd from running into Liam and Bec. You tugged one dress out when you saw it, a shiny black number that you turned over, examining, scrunching in your hands, “that’ll look good on you,” a voice in your ear made you jump. You turned, almost rustling Liam, standing by you. 

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