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34. You're On Your Period

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HARRY:  “Just for once, could you pick up your clothes and put them in the hamper like a NORMAL PERSON?!” you say angrily, your voice rising on the last couple of words.  “In five days, this won’t even matter, so whatever…” Harry brushes you off, continuing to flip through TV channels.  “What exactly is that supposed to mean?” you ask, sticking your hands on your hips and eyeing him nastily.  “It just means that for three weeks of every month my clothes lay around and you don’t say a word about them.  And then one week every month you are like Hell on wheels, insisting that this place remain immaculate and getting mad about every little thing.  So, in five days when those nice three weeks return, none of this will matter anymore.”  You whip him across the back of the head with one of his t-shirts and huffily continue to pick up his clothes and throw them into the hamper.

LIAM:  You’re laying on your side, curled up in a ball and refusing to get out of bed.  “Uhhhhh” you groan.  Liam stands by the side of the bed watching you.  He’s just gotten out of the shower and is towel-drying his hair as he asks, “Do you want me to get you a heating pad, babe?”  You simply groan again and Liam trots off to get it for you.  When he hands it to you, you promptly press it to your abdomen and sigh in a bit of contented relief.  Liam crawls back into bed with you and cuddles up close, pressing his stomach to your back.  He strokes his fingers through your hair, knowing you enjoy the extra closeness when you’re feeling this miserable.  The added heat eminating off his abs further soothe your cramping muscles and you soon feel more comfortable, beginning to relax and doze off into a nap.

ZAYN:  “Babyyyyy,” you whine one evening.  “Can you go to the store and get me some chocolate?  We’re all out.”  “Can’t you just go tomorrow?” Zayn asks after glancing at the clock to find it’s already 9:40 at night.  “No, I cannot wait until tomorrow and unless you feel like having the worst night of your life, you better go get me that chocolate!” you snap.  “Ohhhh!!  You want chocolate because…  Right, I’m on it!” Zayn says jumping to his feet upon realizing it’s that time of the month.  He knows never to mess with you during these few days each month, and after hearing your tone just now, welcomes the oppotunity to leave the house for a bit to mentally prepare himself for the week ahead.  Once he returns with your chocolate, you pat him lovingly on the head and say, “Good boyfriend.”  He just smiles and waits patiently for the next demand.

NIALL:  “Oh, no…” you start before letting loose a string of obscenities.  “Everything alright in there?” Niall asks you, gently rapping his knuckles against the bathroom door.  “No, everything is not alright!  Can you please run to the store and get me some tampons?  It’s kind of an emergency.”  You open the door a crack to give him a pleading look.  You didn’t think your boyfriend’s face could ever be any paler, but at this moment it certainly is.  “You want me to get…” he trails off, unable to bring himself to say the word.  “Tampons,” you finish for him.  “You want me to go into that section?”  He normally avoided that section of any store at all costs.  “Please?  I’m kind of in a jam right now and need you to do this for me…”  He just nods his head, mouth gaping open a bit, with a stunned look on his face as he turns around to grab his wallet and head for the car.  You laugh a bit at the thought of your poor boyfriend trying to navigate the “woman’s aisle” as he liked to refer to it as.

LOUIS:  “You ready to go to dinner yet, babe?”  “No!  Nothing fits, I’m so fat and bloated today.  I look terrible in everything.  I’m breaking out.  And you have got to start wearing socks, Lou.  I’m sick to death of the stinky feet.”  “Tell me how you really feel, love,” he says sarcastically, picking up a pocket-calendar off the nightstand.  He flips to the current month before observing, “Ah, your monthly visitor is here…  In that case, I know you don’t mean what you’re saying.  And you are still beautiful and look fabulous.  So please just put that dress on and let’s go enjoy a nice meal, yeah?”  Your arms are folded in front of you as you ask, “Do you seriously keep track of my cycle in your calendar?”  “Hey, a man’s gotta be prepared, you know.”  You laugh, feeling a little less grouchy now, as you slip on the dress and get yourself ready to go.

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