55. He's In The Mood And You Aren't

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Louis: Tonight was "Boy's Night", which meant Louis would be going out and getting totally smashed. You waited at home for him, preparing for what was to come. Louis is a <i>very</i> horny drunk, and you were on your period. Snapping you out of your thoughts, Louis came stumbling through the door. Zayn was helping him to walk. He dropped him on the couch, muttered a quick "Good fucking luck", and went on his way. With seconds, Louis had you pinned to the couch, kissing up and down your neck. "Hey, baby," he slurs, "I missed you." You roll your eyes, not in the greatest mood. "Louis, get off," you command. He obeys but doesn't drop it. "C'mon, Y/N," he persists, trying to lure you in with a seductive glance, "You know you want me." You had to admit, he looked damn fine right now, and if you weren't on your period, you would be climbing him like there's no tomorrow. But, sadly, that was not the case, so you got up from the couch and went to the bedroom to put on your pajamas. Apparently, while you were in the bathroom, Louis had stripped, because when you walked out, he was butt naked in the bed. "My body is ready, Y/N," he announces. You giggle. This was going to be a tough night. You grab a couple of pillows, making your way to the guest room and locking the door. Louis follows quickly behind, as you can hear him clawing at the door. You just roll over and try to sleep. Maybe next week, you say to yourself.

Harry: For the past couple hours, Harry had been begging you to have sex with him, but you just weren't in the mood right now. "Harry," you say, "I just want to watch TV, ok?" He groans. "But Kitten!" he pleads. "Harry. No," you reply, more direct and authoritative. Completely ignoring your wishes, Harry jumps on you and starts kissing your neck right in your sweet smart. Damn, that felt good. But you weren't about to let Harry have that satisfaction. You push him off and turn your attention back to the television. He crosses his arms and pouts. "I guess you just don't love me, then." You roll your eyes; he wasn't gonna let this go. There was only one way to get rid of him: give him what he wants. You let out an irritated moan and grab Harry's hand, dragging him to the bedroom.

Niall: You were in the kitchen, trying to finish making lunch when Niall came in and hugged you from behind. "Hey, Princess," he breaths in your ear, softly nibbling the lobe. You knew what he was up to-the ear-biting was a dead give away-so you put on your best poker face and greeted nonchalantly, "Hi, Niall." He chuckled and rubbed your arms up and down. "You wanna have a little... <i>fun</i>, babe?" he pressed. "Sure. What are we doing?" you asked innocently. He snorted. "Like you don't know." You turned around to face him and shrugged, motioning for him to tell you his plan. He looked at you as if you had two heads. After a few minutes of silence, Niall burst, "Just have sex with me, Y/N!" You giggled. "Oh," you joke, sounding almost disgusted, "No." He rolls his eyes and leaves the room, giving up on getting anything from you. "Fine, I'll just go masturbate." You gasp and scold, "Niall!" Trotting up the stairs to your bedroom, he replies, "Sorry, babe. You had your chance."

Liam: "Ok, I'll make a deal with you," Liam proposes. Liam was quite horny and wouldn't leave you alone. "No, Liam," you persist, eager to shake him off. He ignores you and shares with you his proposal. "If you have sex with me right now," he starts, "I'll do the dishes for an entire week." That catches your attention. You pause in your plate-scrubbing; Liam knew you hated doing chores, and he was wearing a tank top now to make matters worse. Damn him. "Starting now?" you ask, finally making eye contact with him. He smirks and leans against the counter; he knows he has you now. Slowly and almost seductively, he nods. You pause to ponder the deal. "Hmm," you think aloud. After a minute's thought, you agree. "Well okay, then," you say, taking Liam's hand and leading the way to the bedroom.

Zayn: While you prepared dinner, Zayn left little, feathery kisses on the back of your neck. He was hugging you from behind, letting his hands roam lower and lower. You release a small moan and he chuckles. "You like that, baby?" he asks. You nod but quickly snap back into reality; it was six o'clock, and you needed to finish dinner, even if Zayn wasn't hungry for <i>food</i>, exactly. "Zayn, stop," you demand, "I have to finish cooking." He groans, clearly irritated, but drops the matter. For now. The entire time your making the meal, he watches you, eyes scanning up and slowly down. You glance at him to see him biting his lip. Well, damn. How could you resist that? Dropping the spoon into the pot, you walked over to where he leans and latch yourself into him, kissing him deeply and messily. He smiles. You smack him, not wanting him to feel arrogant about it. Reattaching his lips to yours, he carries you up to the bedroom. When he gets there, he sets you gently on the bed and climbs on top of you. "You know I always get what I want, Y/N," he floats.

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