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27. He Walk In On You Changing

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NIALL: You are home alone when you go into your bedroom to change your shirt really quickly.  Your boyfriend is on his way over and will be at your house any moment, so you leave your bedroom door open to listen for his arrival.  Suddenly you hear a gasp and whip your head around to see Niall, face red as a lobster, eyes fixed on the floor, muttering, “I’m sorry, oh my God, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t know you were- Oh, God…”  You quickly slip the shirt over your head and walk over to your flustered boyfriend.  You let out a small giggle, “It’s ok, Niall.  It was bound to happen eventually.  And it’s not like you saw anything anyway.”  “I saw your bra!” he exclaims, still not meeting your gaze.  You laugh at your poor, innocent boyfriend.  “You do realize you’ve seen me in my bathing suit before, right?”  “Yeah…” he says slowly.  “It’s basically the same thing,” you stage whisper, bringing a shy smile to his face when he realizes you have a point.  He clears his throat, “So, uh, food then?” he asks lifting the take-out bags he had brought in with him.

HARRY: You and the boys are hanging out at Harry’s bungalow.  You had been swimming all afternoon and now that the sky is getting dark, you all decide to start settling down a bit.  Louis and Zayn are working on starting a fire while the other three boys sit around and watch.  You decide to change out of your wet bathing suit and into your comfy sweats.  Just as you pull your bathing suit top off, the door to the bedroom opens and Harry is standing there, a cheeky smirk on his face.  “Starting without me, babe?”  he asks.  “Harry!” you shriek trying to cover yourself up.  “Hey now, don’t be so quick to hide the goods!”  “Get out,” you say, now starting to laugh a bit.  Harry enters the room, walking towards you to wrap his arms around you.  “Come on, you’re already halfway there…” You laugh, “No!  Now go back outside and help those boys get that fire started.  I’ll be right there.”  He kisses you quickly before reluctantly turning to go back outside.

LIAM: “Babe!  Babe!  Guess what!” Liam is yelling excitedly as you hear him running through the house.  “Babe, where are you?  This is huge!”  “I’m in the bedroom, but hang on, I’m-” your sentence is cut off by the door swinging open.  Liam freezes instantly, just staring for a moment, shocked.  “Uh…wow.  Sorry.  Uh…”  His eyes dart all around the room, looking everywhere but at you, wearing nothing but your panties - bra in hand as you’re in the middle of putting it on.  You grab your robe and throw it on over your exposed body.  When you look back at Liam, his face is pale as a ghost.  “Geez, Liam, did I really look that bad?” you joke.  “No! No, not at all!” he quickly protests.  You smile, “Good, then look at me and tell me your exciting news.”

ZAYN: You’re in the middle of getting dressed for the day when you realize your favorite shirt is still in the load of laundry you left in the dryer overnight.  Zayn had already left for the studio for the day, so you just traipse through the house in your underwear to get your shirt.  On your way by the kitchen, you see Zayn standing by the counter, pouring himself a cup of tea.  “Oh my God!” you shout, taken by surprise to see him still home.  You struggle to try to cover yourself up with your arms.  He laughs.  “It’s not often I get to see someone better looking than I am,” he says with a seductive wink.  You giggle, a light blush creeping onto your cheeks, before continuing to the laundry room to get your shirt.

LOUIS: You’ve had a long day and want nothing more than to take a hot shower and relax a bit.  Just as you’re about to hop into the shower, the bathroom door swings open and Louis is standing there, not realizing you had been in there.  “Louis!”  you scream, grabbing for a towel to cover up with.  “Sorry!  Didn’t know you were in here.”  You are blushing profusely, silently begging him to just leave the room.  He notices your discomfort and begins pulling his own clothes off.  “What are you doing?” you question, not entirely sure you want to know the answer.  “I’ve seen you, now it’s only fair for you to see me, right?” he says, flashing you his goofy grin.  You just laugh at your now-naked boyfriend standing in front of you with no shame.

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