112. You Have Children But Your Divorced-part2

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Harry: “Wait here, Dan” he had just finished calming down and you were placing him in the back seats of Harry’s car. He nodded and closed his eyes exhausted from all the crying. You slowly walked up to Harry who still sat on the grass, but with his eyes blood shot and looking to the distance. He noticed your presence next to him but he didn’t move. You sat next to him and rested your head on his shoulder. He took a small rock from the floor and threw slowly making sure your head didn’t fall or to hurt you. The cool breeze making you shudder causing you to move closer to him. “What did I do wrong?” He asked. “Don’t say that. You did absolutely nothing wrong is not your fault, Harry” you lifted your head up to look at him, your head still resting on his shoulder and his vision still on everything except you. “Yes it is. I didn’t fight for you when I had to. I let myself sign those divorce papers when I should had made it through for You, Daniel and Darcy. I put my career first instead of my wife my kids. My world, is now gone, broken because of me. I should had fought for you guys. Do you think I’m proud of what Dan said? Or do you think I’m proud of only getting to spend time with my children 3 days of the week ? I get so lonely and sad. Anger grows in me knowing is my fault. And do you think that I’m proud of hurting the love of my life and leaving her behind, alone? Walking away from her. No, I’m not because she doesn’t deserve that neither do Dan and Darcy.” He took a deep breath. Tears were falling down his cheeks. He was standing now looking directly at my eyes which also held tears. I stood up running into his arms. His long arms snaked around my waist and mine around his neck. His face buried into my neck leaving butterfly kisses all over. I pulled him by his mop of chocolate brown curls and pressed my lips to him in a loving, sweet missing kiss. We both pulled back smiling. His heart shaped lips bruised in a deep shade of red from the intensity of the kiss. “I love you Y/N” he whispered. “I love you too” he intertwined your fingers with his. Neither you could stop smiling while walking towards the car to give your little ones the big news.

Niall: “Stay” the word running around your head as his grip on your arm tightened. “Niall I-” “Please Y/N, I haven’t touched a drink since you left with James. I haven’t gone to a club or a party since then. I’ll do anything to show you that I’ve changed and to demonstrate you that I love you and James more than anything in this world. Please just give me a chance” you looked down at you feet, James was now sat on the couch waiting and playing with his iPod. His hand moved from your arm to your waist. Rubbing circles around it. You met his eyes “I do believe you. I love you and James misses you such as much. But this is the only chance you get if you mess it up you’re out for good. Now give me a kiss Horan I’ve missed you” his face light up as you pushed him by his neck to press your lips on his. “Eww” a small voice said. You and Niall pulled away and looked towards your son who was making a funny face. You both laughed and kissed one more time. “I love you Mrs. Horan” you smiled you had missed people calling you that specially him. “I love you, too so much” you both cuddled all night with James watching his favorite movies enjoy life back as a family. Forgetting all about Tyler and that stupid date.

Zayn: *6 Months later* Zayn’s POV: I had stopped smoking since Aiden’s death. I only had to comply with his last request and that was win Y/N back. I hadn’t tried it sooner because I knew that she wasn’t ready, neither was I. We were both still recovering but we were healing more and more everyday. We would constantly visit each other and spend time together talking, it made us both happy. I knocked on her door on a cold Saturday morning. “I’m coming!” She yelled. “Hello-” she paused noticing it was me “Zayn” she said smiling leaning in and kissing my cheek while engulfing me in a hug. “Come in” she signalized me to enter. “So what brings you here?” She said while preparing some coffee. “I think it’s time Y/N” she looked up at me confused. “When Aiden died” we both paused at what we were doing, the topic of our sons death still hard to talk about. “I made two promises to him. One stop smoking and two win you back. I’ve already done the first one now is time to do the second one.” Her eyes were full of tears as she held a hand up her mouth. I kneeled in front of her pulling the small red velvet box and opening it revealing the ring I gave to her when I first proposed which she had also thrown at me the day we got divorced. “Y/N will you marry me…again? I don’t want to live this life without you anymore I’ve lost too much. I can’t lose you. I love you” she was bawling her eyes out. “Yes yes!” She shouted in excitement. I entered the ring on her finger and stood up and kissed her. “I’ve wanted this since the first week we left each other” she whispered I smiled at her. “Let me make love to you, it’s been long” she nodded as I led her to the bedroom.

Liam: You sat at home with Stefan eating dinner. “So do you know about the girl your dad is crushing on?” He stopped looking at me weirdly “Dad isn’t crushing on anyone except on you. Is all he talks about when I’m with him” he rolls his eyes “But he said-” You were interrupted by him again. “Mom man lie, sometimes is good sometimes not. How did he tell you about this ‘crush of his’?” He asked putting air quotes around ‘crush of his’ “He said he needed me to make her jealous so she would fancy him” You answered. “Wow mom and you didn’t notice he said that to have an excuse to go out with you kiss, touch, hold you? You really are something mother” he said chuckling while he finished eating his food. “I’ll do the dishes, call dad” he smiled picking up the plates. You nodded. You texted Liam to come over and in the count of minutes he was there. “What’s wrong love?” “There is no crush is there?” I ignored his question going straight to mine. “What do you mean?” “For god’s sake tell me the truth!” “Y/N I love you but yesterday after Stefan’s rehearsal Danielle called and she confessed her feelings for me, she likes me” you felt a tear fall down your cheek. You felt humiliated, stupid and disappointed. “Oh” “you should move on too. I will honestly say I will never love somebody the way I love you, but there’s no chance for us to get back together” “You say that but you don’t actually mean it. You’re scared that if we get back together things will get rough you’re not ready or willing to go through it. You don’t love me!” You shouted at the top of your lungs. “What do you want me to do?” “I wanted you to fight for me!” I ran back inside the house sobbing. “Mom what happened?” Stefan asked. “You were wrong” I stated. He suddenly became furious and went outside to Liam. I could hear his shouting “Why do you do this to her?! She loves you and you love her! You’re too much of an asshole to face life and the future. We are your future, mom and I. Not Danielle, but you decide which to pick and from the looks of it you just made your choice. Goodbye” be came in and hugged you “I love you mom. It’ll get better I promise” you cried into your sons shoulder knowing that he would support and help you through anything.

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