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52. Friends With Benefits

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Niall: **mobile buzzes** You pick up your phone to read the message that just popped up. Niall: “Nothing good is on the telly. Care for milkshake at Madge’s Diner and a good shag?? XD” You think about it for a minute while you stare at your half-finished art project. You weren’t getting anywhere on your monochromatic painting anyway, so you decided to reply to the text. “Bet I can beat you there!!!” you answered, throwing on a clean jumper and a quick squirt of perfume. It was nothing out of the ordinary for you and Niall to have occasional shag . You both were single and weren’t looking for any relationships. Niall thought it made your friendship even closer.

Liam: “You in for another round of shots, [y/n]?” Liam slurred out at you, tipping back and forth a bit. You were felt as if you were swimming to find an answer for him, “I’m already fucked, might as well,” you replied, grabbing at his shoulder so you didn’t fall backwards. “Oi! On three, [y/n]! One, two, let’s get fucked, three!” You clink glasses with Liam as you felt the burn slide down your throat. Both of you let out hoots and hollers as the warmth of the drink hit your toes. “God dammit, Liam! This makes me so damn horny! Can we-“ Liam instantly grabs you and throws you over his shoulder. “Let’s go have massive sex, then!” You kicked and screamed as he ran upstairs with you on his back.

Harry: It was your weekly Terrible Movie Tuesday with Harry. You two have had this tradition ever since you became best friends at uni; you’d always bring the ice cream and he’d always supply all the toppings. You settled down on the couch in his flat to begin watching the grade B movie. Harry and you swapped comments about how awful the animation was and how predictable the plot was. Every time you laughed, you got closer to one another. It somehow got to the point where your head was resting on his shoulder. It happened all so quickly. Suddenly he grabbed your shirt, your hands answering with the unbuckling of his belt. It was a hot mess as you stripped one another, clothes flying, tongues touching, bums being grabbed. You got it in, right there on his sofa. When all was said and done Harry turned to you as he slid his pants back on, “Damn, I think we should do this more often, don’t you?”

Louis: As you and Louis were lying in bed, both of you panting from the recent activity, you held his gaze for a moment. You had to tell him. This constant hooking-up as “just friends” was becoming to be more than that to you. You wanted to take things to the next level with Lou, but you didn’t want to ruin the amazing friendship that you had. “Louis, I was wondering…” you paused to think about what you were going to say next. “I, I. Have you ever wanted to be more than friends? I mean, cos we have like, done this so much,” his eyes fall away from yours. “I don’t know. I have thought about it. But, what if ‘the one’ comes along, y’know? Besides, you are the closest friend I have to me,” his eyes find yours again. “Why did you want to know, anyway?” You lay there with a lump in your throat. “Oh, I was just wondering. Not a super serious question.” You rolled over and squeezed your eyes shut, the disappointment was overwhelming.

Zayn: The doorbell to your flat buzzed. You knew who it had to be Zayn, because you had asked him earlier to come over. You were feeling so lonely and you wanted someone to just hold you and tell you everything was going to be okay. When you looked into the peephole, you saw Zayn sticking his tongue out and making a face at you. You giggled a bit as you unlocked the chain and let him in. “What’s wrong, [y/n]?” he asked as he embraced you. “I dunno, it’s just one of those days. I can’t seem to get anything right,” you pouted as he walked you over to the couch. He held you and stroked your hair, cooing sweet and encouraging things into your ear. “[y/n], I want to help you feel whole again,” he whispers to you. He grabs you hand. “Do you want to take things further? Cos, I’d always be there for you, and I would never let-“ you stop him from continuing, knowing where this is going. “Zayn, I don’t want that right now, you should know that. I just got out of relationship.” His brown eyes fell upon the floor as he let the grip on your hand go.

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