79.He Makes A Bet To Sleep With You And You Find Out (part III)

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Liam: Sitting in my flat was quiet, not like it had been a few nights ago. No, a few night ago, she was here, and I screwed everything up. I was looking, looking for anyone to blame, but I found no one but myself. No one to yell at, no one to take my anger out on, no one but me. Sighing, I decided to settle in for the night, not wanting to see anyone, or do anything. Laying on the couch, I slowly started to slip into unconsciousness  until there was a pounding, A rapid, hard pounding, an angry pounding. “Alright, calm down, I’m coming!” I yell, getting up, wiping my eyes. I opened the door, butterflies instantly fluttering around my stomach as I saw Y/N, standing there. “Y/N?” I ask, running my hand over my head. “Why Liam?!” she demanded, pushing her way past me into the flat. I close the door, turning around confused. “Why what?” I ask, as she starts to pace about the room. “Why did you make me love you? I was so angry, and embarrassed  and sad, and now this past week, all  I can think about is you, how I wanted to come back to you. Why did you make me love you?” she asks, sinking to the couch, head in her hands. Sighing, I shake my head, hugging her, expecting her to push me away, but she didn’t she hugged me, and  squeezed her tightly. “I love you.” she mumbles. “I love you more.” I whisper, and she sighs “Can we try, just this, just once?” I ask, and she nods “Just this once, and if it does’t work, then…” she sighs. “Once is all we need.” I smile weakly, and she nods. Pressing a firm kiss to her head, I smile, finally not wanting to blame anyone.

Louis: I walked up to Y/N’s flat, flowers in hand, walking up to her front door. Staring at the flowers, I shake my head. Flowers were a stupid idea. I wasn’t just trying to make her day better I was trying to mend a broken heart. I tossed the flowers to the ground, and knocked on the door. Nothing. again, I tried, getting no response. She was home, I knew, her car still in the driveway. Sighing, I reach up, grabbing the spare key from on top of her door, opening it, calling “Y/N, Y/N, it’s Louis!” Still nothing. Climbing up to her bedroom seemed to take forever, ever step I climbed seemed to take me two steps back. What was I going to say to her? I open her door, knocking softly. “Hey Y/N, it’s me. Look I just wanted to come and say how sorry I was again.” “I thought I told you that I wanted you out of my life Lou.” She sighs, not moving the blanket from her head. I nod even though she can’t see me. “Look, I know what you said, but I know what I feel, and I can’t not have you in my life. I don’t care if I have to bring you flowers for the rest of my life, or anything, please, don’t take me out of your life.” I sit there, biting my lip, getting my answer from her silence. “OK.” I whisper, getting up, making the mattress shift under me. I reached the door, before I felt a blanket on the back of my head. “Where are my flowers you ass?” she asks, a small smile playing on her lips. I turn around grabbing the blanket, tossing it back at her, running down the stairs, grabbing the flowers, then running back up. “Here baby.” I say handing her the flowers. She nods taking them pressing her nose to them “Everyday Louis.” she smiles and I nod, hugging her “Do you really forgive me?” and she nods “I do.” I smile, covering us both with the blanket, taking turns smelling her flowers.

Harry: I couldn’t stop thinking. Not today, not tomorrow, or the next week, or ever? Why couldn’t she see that I was doing my best? Anything to make amends. Everyday for the next week I tried calling her, but finally, it drove me insane. Running to her house, I shout to her window. “Y/N!” Picking a few pebbles up, I cast them at her window, like in a movie. But hell, this was like a movie  Small tapping noises filled her yard as each small black pebble hit the glass, until she finally opens it growling “You’re going to break my window!” “Let me in!” I yell and she closes the window again. I continue, tossing the pebbles, until her front door opens. “Harry, I said stop! Can’t you just leave me alone?!” she shouts, coming across her lawn, taking the pebbles from my hand. She tosses them at me with each pebble she cries frustrated “I hate you Harry, just leave me alone. I feel like shit!” I sigh, grabbing the rest of the pebbles wincing in pain. “Babe, stop!” She’s crying hard now, sinking to the grass. I sink down beside her, and grab her hands, making her look at me. “I know that you hate me, and I know that I made you feel terrible, but It makes me feel like shit, knowing that I made you feel terrible. Look, I just want to give you a proper date ok? I just want to show you a good time, and- and..” but I was cut off by her lips. Cupping her face in my hands, I kiss deeply. After a moment, I pull away and ask “What are you doing?” and she shakes her head ” I- I dunno.” I smiles and kiss her again “Can I take you out?” I ask again. and she nods, and kisses me agiain. “Maybe Zayn will owe you that fifty bucks.” I chuckle and shake my head “Nope, I just want  you when you’re ready.” She smiles and kisses me again. “I want you.”

Niall: The cold metal ran over my fingers again as I stared down at the ring. A wave of tears came over me again. She just left. Leaving me with a ring, and four years of a relationship, all because of a stupid bet. I still loved her. I loved her the moment I saw her at the park, and just because I did that stupid bet didn’t mean my love was fake. I got up, slipping the ring in my pocket, and grabbed my coat. I had to find her, and there was only one place she could be; the park. Walking the familiar trail, I found her under our tree. “Y/N?” I asked the hunched over figure, bag beside her. Her body shakes, shoulders hunched. Crouching beside her, placing on hand on her knee, I sigh. “Sweetheart, please come home?” “To the lies Niall?” she spits back tears dripping down her cheeks. “No, to the man who loves you. Baby, just because it was a bet doesn’t mean I love you any less. I am still as much in love with you today as I was the day I met you, and I can guarantee  you that I will love you more tomorrow. Please.” I beg, squeezing her hand, tears falling from my eyes “Please don’t stop loving me over this.” She sniffles “I could never stop loving you Niall.” “So you’ll come home?” I ask hopeful, and she nods “Will you still marry me?” she murmurs, intertwining my fingers with hers. I smile, and pull the ring out of my pocket. “As long as you’ll have me baby, as long as you’ll have me.” She smiles, tossing her arms around my neck , kissing my lips deeply.” I smile kissing back, then grabbing her bag, “Come on babe, let’s go home.” She nods, getting up with me, leaving our tree still ours once more.

Zayn: Tears filled my eyes as I stood at the glass. There he was, Baby Malik. I hadn’t even been there when he was born, and that made me feel like shit. But at least Y/N had called me to tell me he was here. I sigh, leaving the glass with a weak smile, and go to Y/N’s room, this the first contact I’ve had in months. I knocked on the door lightly, afraid to wake her if she was sleeping, but she wasn’t. She was sitting up on her bed, crying softly into a tissue. “Y/N?” I ask, daring to take a step inside the almost quiet room. “What do you want?” she asks, trying to hide her tears. “I- I uhm, just wanted to see how you were doing.” Silence. “he looks just like me eh? I mean he has your eyes, those beautiful, sparkling eyes.” I say, in a tone soothing enough to get a small smile to play on her lips. A small smile crosses mine, and I sit on the edge of her bed. “Y/n, can I ask you something?” I question, and she hesitates. “I won’t marry you Zayn, you already know that.” she says, wiping her eyes. “Why are you crying?” I ask. She sighs, playing with the tissue in her shaking hands. “I-..” “I’m scared Zayn. You don’t know how scared I am.” she shakes out before tears consume her again. My first instinct was to of course hug her, and she let me. “Sweetheart, you’re not alone. Please, let me be there for him. We don’t even have to get back together, but please, let me be apart of my son’s life, I’m begging you.” I plead, squeezing her tightly.  ”You really want to be?” she mumbles into my chest, and i nod “More than anything.” Pressing soft kisses to the top of her head. “Do you want to hold you baby?” she asks and I nod.as she lets me go. Frowning, i see why. Baby Malik had just been brought back, and the nurse was holding her. A huge smile came across my face, as she went to hand him to Y/N, but Y/N said “No, he needs to hold him, and the nurse handed him to me. Sinking in next to her, I held him as carefully as possible, and Y/N laid her head on my shoulder. “We’re going to be alright.” she smiles, and after a few minutes, she fell asleep, and I nodded, murmuring quietly to Baby Malik, “She’s right  I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

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