118. BMS -You Fall Sleep On Another Member/5sos

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Louis, age 19: As you were dating Ashton, you two were always around each other somehow. Today you and Louis and his band mates, and 5SOS were all going out together to Thorpe Park. After a fun-filled day, you all had to go back, especially because it was getting dark and the fans were reaching their maximum peak. “Alright, everyone got everything? Ready to go?” Paul asked everyone, receiving back tired mumbles of ‘yes’ and ‘I think so’. “Alright, let’s go.” he nodded again, and everyone was set up in a line, bodyguards surrounding all of you. After you all got past the fans, you managed to get inside the mini-van that brought you all here. As soon as you got inside, everyone was sat down, you in the middle and Ashton and Louis on either side. You started to doze off, which didn’t take long. “Hey Ash, you know (YN)’s asleep, right?” A smiling and teasing Harry turned around, noticing your light snores. “Yeah, but I let ‘er. The poor thing must be tired from running around all day.” he marveled, stroking your hair. “Ashton, I love you babe, but I’m 19, not 9.” You giggled, watching as he took on a shocked expression because he thought you were asleep.

Niall, age 3: “Alright, princess, Nialler has to go perform now. Stay with Uncle Mike, alright?” Niall grinned at you and you nodded. To be fair, by now you were used to when your brother went of to perform. “Buh-bye Ni!” You waved watching as he ran off. You gripped onto Michael’s hand as he led you through the rushing crowds of people, finally taking you into 5S0S’ dressing room. “Hey guys, look who we have here!” Michael chirped, making the other three turn and stare at him. “Aww, hi (Y/N)!” Calum cooed, and was joined by the others. You all played around for a while, games like drawing and singing rhymes. “Where Ni, Mikey?” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes with your fists as Michael and Luke searched around for your pacifier. “He’ll be back soon, alright?” He smiled, and cheered silently in victory as he found your pacifier. “That’s not fair! You get to hold her!” Ashton groaned as he made grabby hands towards you. “I like Mikey most.” You shrugged and Michael laughed, sticking his tongue out at the boys. You rested your head on Michael’s shoulder, slowly dozing off. “She feels heavier.” Michael wondered, turning his head slightly to see your face. “She’s asleep.” He smiled. By the time your brother came back, you were still asleep, and Michael wouldn’t stop teasing Niall about the fact that you had never slept so soundly.

Liam, age 2: Your brother was recording his part in the Story of My Life video, and of course, at the time the photo was taken, you weren’t born yet. So you had to be held by someone, and no-one minded, you were a doll. “Liam! Can we do that again? Someone-” The director laughed, indirecting Harry. “-threw something on set.” He chuckled, picking up the paper airplane that he had been using to play with you. “Sorry!” Harry’s deep voice called out, retrieving the airplane from the director. “Alright bug. You try, yeah?” Harry grinned at you, placing the paper airplane in your hands. “Fly!” You clapped as you threw the airplane in the air, watching as it landed, once again, on Liam’s set. “HARRY!” “What?! This time it wasn’t me! I swear. It was (YN)!” He pointed. “So you’re gonna blame a two-year old for this?” The director laughed. “Pretty much, yeah. Liam, I’m gonna head over to the dressing room, she looks a bit tired.” Harry explained, picking you up and receiving a nod from Liam. However, before you even got there, you were already asleep on Harry’s shoulder.

Harry, age 19: You loved being Harry’s twin. You and him had a very special bond, and were hard to keep apart. So for the most time when he was on tour, you stayed with him. “(Y/N)! Are you gonna come watch us tonight?” Harry smiled wide, and you nodded. “Yep, you can count on me love.” You chirped. Time flew by quickly, and you were ready as the boys stepped on stage, you watched them from right above you, front row. The concert flew by very quickly too, and everything was done in a snap. “Thanks for coming and we hope you enjoyed! Be safe when you go home guys!” Liam waved, and the boys waved too, following backstage. They got changed, and you were all off to the tour bus, headed off to another city. Right now, you had your head on Niall’s lap, and your feet stretched out on Harry’s. “You enjoy the show tonight (YN)?” Louis smiled and you nodded. “You guys were the one on stage and I seem more tired than you.” You laughed and they agreed. They continued to have their own conversation, and you were nearly asleep. Your eyes were closed but you could hear everything. “Aww, look, the two lovebirds! Helps that Niall has a crush on her doesn’t it?” Zayn nudged Louis, but being taken aback where you snapped your eyes open and you and Harry simultaneously said, “Crush?!”

Zayn, age 3: Tonight was the This Is Us Premiere and you had to come with. You stayed with Zayn and Perrie the whole time and soon enough there came to the after party. You had lasted the whole night but right now you started to get tired. “Zayn, d’ya want me to stay with her for a while? I’m not drinking tonight anyway.” Liam asked, and Zayn nodded gratefully. “Please. Thanks mate.” Zayn smiled, kissing your nose and giving you to Liam. “Alright sweetie, let’s go somewhere more quiet? I’m pretty sure there must be a place here somewhere..” Liam mumbled, taking you in his arms around the party fiasco, finally finding a quiet room where Lux and a few other children were, probably having the same problem with the sound issues. “(YN)? Sweetie, you can go play now.” Liam tried picking you up off of his shoulder, trying to be gentle but he couldn’t. “She’s asleep lad. It’s gonna take a while for her to get up, I tell ya. She’s just like Zayn.” Niall spoke up from behind me. “Thanks, and by the way why are you here?” “Zayn told me to come and get you, he decided he’s going home.” It was true, you were just like Zayn. You didn’t wake up until the next day!#

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