80. What He's Like In Bed

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Louis: The Tease; Fingers did most of the work as they plunged into you, fingers curling, pumping, twisting, and pulling out, then pushed right back in, making you gasp in satisfaction. He constantly wanted you to beg for it. For any small touch, or for him to fuck you senseless, he loved to hear you beg, and pant, so close to coming to your high, then stopping just before, being the tease he was.

Zayn: The Passionate One: Bodies moving as one, lips connected in a passionate kiss. Quiet moans echo against the walls as his hips thrust deeply hitting your most sensitive spot every time. Savoring your every move and kiss he holds out for you to cum before releasing himself, sealing everything with a deep kiss.

Niall: The Loud One; Any small touch, kiss, hump, scratch, or thrust, a groan was escaping his lip. Running your fingers through his hair, and sucking on his jaw made him moan loudest because it felt so good. Curses and your name were all he said as he fucked you through the night, much to your neighbors disappointment.

Harry: The Pleaser;Constantly asking if you were enjoying yourself, if there was anything he could do to make you enjoy this better. To overcome you in pleasure he makes sure to hit all your sensitive spots making you scream his name, and wash over in pleasure every time you had sex.

Liam: The Tender One: pressing small kisses over your skin, making sure to hit every goosebump, and freckle, he’s gentle. Making sure that every movement sent shivers through you and sending waves of pleasure over you. Making sure that everything he did made you feel good, listening to your every command to go faster, harder, or deeper. He rubs and kisses ok just the right places, to send you over the edge

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