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48. You're Best Friend For Years and He Tell You He Loves You

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ZAYN:  Ever since you’d told Zayn about your date with the guy you’ve been crushing on for two years, he’s been acting more cranky than usual.  He gets snippy every time it comes up in conversation, and tries to avoid the topic at all costs.  As you’re getting ready for the date, there’s a knock on the front door.  You scurry over, only half-dressed, opening the door just enough to poke your head out.  “Zayn?  What are you doing here?”  “Can I come in for a minute?” he asks, not giving you much of an option as he pries the door out of your grasp, letting himself into the house.  “I’m kinda trying to get ready for my date - now’s really not a good time,” you state, annoyed.  “This will only take a minute…if you cooperate.”  “What do you want?” you demand, making your way back to your bathroom, with Zayn hot on your tail.  “You can’t go out with this guy; he’s all wrong for you.”  “Excuse me?!” you snap, whipping around to face him.  “Zayn, you’ve dodged this topic of conversation for days and now you wanna try to talk me out of it?  He’s gonna be here in less than an hour!”  “Just trust me, ok?  This guy isn’t the kind of guy I know you’re looking for,” Zayn insists, holding firm to his defense.  “Oh, reallyyy?” you singsong, crossing your arms in front of you.  “And you know, what exactly, of the kind of guy I’m looking for?”  “Because you’ve told me.  You’ve said little things here or there over the years.  Things that I’ve remembered.  Things that even you have probably forgotten that you’ve said.”  Your posture goes from rigid to slack as you digest what he’s saying to you.  “Give me one good reason not to go on this date and I won’t go,” you say quietly, not looking him in the eye.  “Because I love you, [Y/N].”  It isn’t until the words leave his lips that you realize it’s what you’ve been waiting to hear him say for years now.

LIAM:  “What am I gonna do?” you wail, tears staining your face as you seek comfort in the warmth of Liam’s sturdy arm around your shoulders.  “You’re gonna be ok, is what you’re gonna do.  It may take a while, but you’ll get back into the swing of things and forget all about that loser,” Liam tells you sweetly, finishing by resting his head atop yours, which is nestled against his shoulder.  “I just don’t know what I did wrong or what made him cheat on me,” you sob, sniffling loudly.  “It’s not anything you did, I promise.  It’s what he did - he overlooked the great thing he had with you and made the biggest mistake of his life by cheating on you with some other girl who will probably turn around and leave him for someone else anyways.”  “I just feel like there’s something I must have done or not done or something that made him lose interest,” you carry on.  At this, Liam pulls away from you enough to look you in the eyes.  He grasps your shoulder firmly so that you can’t move away from that spot.  “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you, and any decent guy is smart enough to see that.  He did what he did all on his own and he’s the only to blame for his actions.  Do you understand that?” he asks you firmly.  You nod and glance away.  “Look at me,” he directs gently, and you do what he asks.  “I love you, [Y/N].  I really, truely love you in every way imaginable.  And I hate seeing you so upset and blaming yourself for something that’s not your fault at all.”  You stare blankly for a moment, taking in what he’s just said to you.  “You…you love me?”  “I love you,” he confirms.  For the first time in several days, you crack a small smile, leaning into his chest for a large hug.

HARRY:  You get home from work to find your front door is unlocked.  This doesn’t alarm you, as Harry has a habit of taking advantage of the spare key you gave him and making himself at home while you’re out.  “Harry?” you call out.  “In the basement!” he calls up the stairs to you.  As you drop your things, you ask, “So what brings you here this time?  Better food?  Game on that you wanted the bigger TV for?”  “Nah, I went for a walk and got tired - your house is closer so I just crashed here.”  “Harry, you live next door…” you deadpan, humored as you tromp down the stairs.  You stop dead in your tracks when you see the room in front of you.  Candles are lit and placed all over the finished basement.  A blanket is laid out on the floor with all sorts of fruits, cheeses, and wine spread out.  Harry dims the lights and the whole room illuminates with a soft glow from the candles.  “What’s all this?” you question.  He shrugs.  “I dunno.  I just wanted to do something special for a special girl in my life who deserves it.”  “Aww, thanks, Harry.  You’re the sweetest,” you chime, planting a quick kiss to his cheek as you make your way to the indoor picnic arranged in the middle of the room.  “Remember the first time we met?” Harry reminsces.  You chuckle a bit, taking a bite out of a strawberry.  “Yeah, I was walking my brother’s dog after work one night and you were just creepily sitting on the swings looking at the stars.”  “I wasn’t trying to be a creep.  I just needed some fresh air and you thought I was some kind of serial killer!”  You laugh again.  “Yeah yeah…and then we sat out there for a couple hours just talking about all sorts of stuff.”  Harry nods.  “It was the best night of my life,” he starts, bringing a smile to your face.  “I’m glad we became friends too,” you confirm.  “I know I’ve said this a thousand times before,” he continues, “but I love you.  I mean, I really love you.  I love everything about you, and I just want you to know that,” he tells you.  “I…  I don’t know what to say…” you stutter.  “You don’t have to-“  “I love you too,” you cut him off quickly, glad to finally have that off your chest and ecstatic to know he feels the same way.

LOUIS:  “You have been in a foul mood all day,” Louis observes as you storm through the kitchen getting things ready for dinner.  “Ever think that maybe it has something to do with the fact that you’re still here after I told you that I just want to be left alone today?” you snap.  “No, I don’t think that’s it…” Louis jokes, taking a seat at the kitchen table.  “I was hoping you’d cool down after a little while, but I can see that’s not gonna happen.”  “No, it’s not.  What part of me wanting to be left alone do you not seem to understand?”  “The part that means you want your best friend to leave you to be miserable all by yourself tonight.”  Unable to come up with a rubuttle, you remain silent, combining some ingredients into a skillet.  Just as you reach to turn the stove on, Louis jumps up and seizes your wrist in his hand.  He pulls you into his torso, tickling you like crazy.  “Louis, stop!  You know I hate being tickled!” you beg through a fit of laughter.  “Not gonna happen,” he informs you, laughing at your lame attempt to fight him off.  He grabs you around the waist, carrying you into the living room and tossing you down on the couch, quickly continuing the torture he’d been delivering.  Once he finally thinks you’ve had enough, he stops, dropping himself down on the couch, with his legs draping over yours.  “See?  Much better.  Now I get to see that smile I love so much.”  After a moment of silence, where you take a few deep breaths, trying to replace the air in your lungs, he says, “I love you so much.”  “Aww, I love you too,” you coo.  “No, I mean I really love you.  I always have,” he states more seriously now.  “Really?” you question in disbelief.  “Really,” he assures, reaching over to brush loose strands of hair out of your face.

NIALL:  “You’ve got to be kidding me…” you grumble as the storm roaring on outside your window knocks out the power.  Normally you wouldn’t think twice about it - and would actually enjoy it - if your roommate were home.  But she’s spending the night at her boyfriend’s house, leaving you alone in yours.  You quickly pull out your cell phone and call Niall.  “Can you come over here and be with me?” you ask after he answers.  “Yeah, sure.  I’ll be there in a couple minutes,” he promises.  Lucky for you, he only lives about a block away and won’t take long to walk over.  You’re breathing easier as soon as he gets to your house.  “So what do you wanna do?” he asks, plopping down on the couch and grabbing a flashlight that you’d put on the coffee table.  The night carries on pretty normally for the two of you, entertaining yourselves with silly games and making stupid jokes.  “Let’s make a fort!” you suggest enthusiastically once you’ve run out of fun things to do in the dark.  “If you insist,” he sighs playfully, already grabbing for some blankets.  After several minutes of fighting with the blankets to get them to stay up, you both finally are able to carefully crawl into the dome of sheets.  “So now what should we do?” Niall asks.  “I dunno, I’m kinda tired,” you admit, settling down on a bunch of pillows you’d thrown in.  Niall cozies down next to you, pulling you into his arms as sleep overcomes you.  “I love you,” he whispers before kissing the top of your head and closing his own eyes.  The following morning, you wake up to see Niall already awake and smiling at you.  “You’re up early,” you observe with a smirk.  “I had a weird dream last night where you told me you love me,” you continue immediately.  “You…you did?”  “Yeah, it was weird.  It was exactly like how we were last night all snuggled up and everything.”  “That, uh…that wasn’t a dream, I don’t think.  I thought you were asleep when I whispered that I love you…” he explains uncertainly.  “So you really did say that?”  He nods.  “You really love me?”  He nods again.  With that, you lean in and give him a big kiss to the lips.

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