94. You Get Caught By A Fan Buying Condoms

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“Babe, come here” Harry said after you just got home from dinner with a friend. You walked over to him, heels hitting the floor hard. You looked good, no great, and you knew it. He leaned up for a kiss, sitting on the couch, and you pressed your lips to his. Instead of a quick peck, Harry pulled you on to his lap. You wrapped your legs around his waist, as he rubbed your sides. You were rubbing your fingers in his hair as he went to undo your dress. “Do you have a condom?” you asked, muffled by Harry biting your lip. “No” he says, trying to kiss you again. “Haz, we need to be protected…” you say, uncoiling your legs. “Alright, no problem. Let’s go to the drugstore and pick some up” he said, standing up and literally flying down to the car. You went with him, and you walked in the store hand in hand. The store was practically empty as you made your way to the contraceptive section. Harry grabbed his favorite brand, and you two went to the cash. “Oh my god… Harry Styles!?” you heard from behind you. You kept walking but Harry froze. “Harry! Oh my god I am your biggest fan” the fan said, and you turned to see Harry looking at her. “What are you… Oh” the fan says, and the three of you blush. Harry signs the magazine she had in her hand before you both went to the cash. The news spread like wildfire and #funnightatharryandY/N was trending on twitter.


You walked in the drugstore with an empty box of condoms. You had never done this before, but you really wanted to surprise Zayn for his birthday. You went over to the section and saw another girl standing there. She looked at you and smiled, and you smiled back. “Oh my god… Wait, you’re Y/N, Zayn’s girlfriend!” Damn, you thought you got away with it. “Yeah” you laughed, “Nice to meet you…” “Courtney” she finished your sentence. “So, do you know what you’re doing?” you asked Courtney and she shook her head. “It’s my six month anniversary tonight, and I want to surprise him” she said, fidgeting. “Its Zayn’s-” “Birthday, I know, I tweeted him this morning” Courtney laughed. You smiled. You looked at her hands and saw she had the same box. “Here, this is them” you said, handing her the box. “Thanks Y/N” she said. You went and paid and waved goodbye. You had a great night with Zayn. In the morning, you went on twitter. You saw a tweet from @Court1D_Love that read ‘met @Y/T/N at the drugstore last night picking up surprises for our boyfriends! what a sweet girl!’. You followed her and DMed her, thanking her for not being to detailed.


It was your and Liam’s year and a half anniversary, and you were out to dinner. Liam was rubbing your hand, and you looked up to him. “Let’s go home and really celebrate” he whispered and you blushed. Liam got the check and you two went out to the car. On the way home, you leaned on Liam’s shoulder. “You have stuff right?” you asked, rubbing his thigh. “Shit” he muttered and he took a left. You two pulled up to a drug store, and Liam went in while you waited in the car. You were changing the radio stations until you saw Liam walking out. But it wasn’t just Liam, it was Liam and a dozen girls taking pictures and fan girling. You laughed. “Poor Liam” you said, watching him jog to the car. He got in and he was beet red. “Did you get caught babe?” you asked, and he nodded. “Damn, we’re going to hear about this” you said as you two drove away and carried on with you night plans. In the morning, you opened your computer. You saw tweets from fans linking you to a Sugarscape article. You clicked it and saw the title. “Liam and Y/N were up all night night”, oh god. There were three pictures, one of Liam picking out condoms, one of him buying them and one of you two in the car.  “Liam, check this out” you say, showing him the laptop. He turned and saw it and blushed. You cuddled into his arms and he kissed the top of your head. “All of this embarrassment was worth it” he said and you blushed this time.


“Babe, you look great” you said, watching Niall walk out of the shower. He was only in a towel, and you were mesmerized. “You’re one to talk, sexy” Niall said, smiling at you. He knew what he was doing and so did you, but neither of you stopped. He walked over to you and pulled you into a deep kiss. You ran your fingers over the top of his towel. You felt Niall reach into the top drawer of your bedside table, and feel around. You were pulling him on top of you when you heard a box hit the floor. “Damn” he said and you pulled away. “What?” you asked, looking up at him playfully. “I’m out of… protection” he said and you dropped your head back. “We can run down the street to the corner store?” he asked and you nodded. Niall threw on sweats and a tank top and you left. Fans were waiting outside the house and you knew this mission would have to be covert. You pulled Niall into a side hug. “I’ll get the condoms, you get pop or something” you said and he nodded. You went in and split up, you made a bee line for the condoms section while Niall went to food. 99% of the fans followed him, but a couple fans followed you. You walked over to the condoms and fans laughed. You knew you were never going to get them to leave, so you offered to have both you and Niall follow them on twitter. They agreed and you took their twitter names. They followed their end of the bargain and you ended up dodging the embarrassment.


You and Louis were out shopping. You had a fun night planned tonight, and it involved an intimate ending. You pulled up to a drugstore where you needed to grab makeup. “I need to pick up something for tonight…” he said. It was rare that Louis got embarrassed, so you pressed for more. “Like…?” you said, and he looked at you. “Condoms” he whispered. “Okay, so get those and I’ll get makeup?” you said, climbing out of the car. “Right” he said, and turned the car off. Fans immediately piled towards you. You tried to talk to them all, giving Louis as much privacy as he could. The fans loved you, and they followed you. Until you got to the cash. Louis came up and put his item on the counter. Fans gasped. You smiled, knowing all hell was about to break loose. The cashier scanned it and put it in the bag first, but it didn’t change anything. People had gotten pictures and you were caught. Before you got home, you could hear your phones dinging with twitter notifications. You walked in and Louis got a call from his mom. “I am glad you’re being safe, but be a little more discreet” you heard her say. You blushed and Louis groaned. “Mom!” he said, and he hung up. You ended up being too embarrassed to do anything, but at least you knew this wouldn’t happen next time. 

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