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63. BMS- You Have A Tantrum In Public

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(All age 3)

Louis: You were standing there, mesmerized by the pink, plush Barbie sitting in front of you. Your eyes were wide, you were probably drooling, but you're three, that's aloud. "(Y/N), there you are! Come on, lets go to the checkout." Louis said, turning the corner and staring at you, waiting for you to reply. But you didn't. "(Y/N)?" He asked, poking your shoulder. "I want it." You stated, pointing at the Barbie. "I want, doesn't get." He said sternly. "Now come on." He grabbed your arm and tried to pull you away, but you screamed as soon as his hand came into contact with you. Something you do when you want something. If he tries to force you, you scream. "Please don't do this (Y/N)." He grumbled. "PLEASE LOU!" You shouted. He shook his head. Tears welled up in your eyes and you sat on the floor, letting yourself cry, Louis tried to pick you up, but you screamed again through the tears. "Fine! But only if you shut up (Y/N)!" He whisper-yelled. Your tears stopped and a smile broke out on your face, the huge Tomlinson grin that you both had, which automatically made him smile too. He picked up the Barbie, grabbed your hand and let you to the check out, happy that you didn't cause too much of a scene.

Harry: The fans were outside of your hotel, Harry and you went down to see them. Harry made you stand with Paul as he went to sign things and the fans were constantly 'awwing' at you and taking pictures of you, and you being the little sister of Harry, you had to start smiling and waving at them. One girl at the front was shouting your name, catching your attention, you turned to her, your pacifier nearly fell out of your mouth as you eyed what she was holding out to you. A chocolate bar. You let go of Paul's hand and started to waddle toward the girl, making other girls around her to turn to you and start taking even more pictures. You were about half a meter away from the girl before Harry's large hands lifted you up and turned you away from them. "No (Y/N)! You do NOT wander off and you certainly don't take food from strangers!" You looked over at the girl, still holding the chocolate. "But Hawwy!" You yelled. "No!" He shouted back. Your cheeks began streaming with tears and you wiggled around in Harry's grasp while screaming. You were wiggling so much Harry nearly dropped you. He ran inside with you and put you down on the carpet and he bent down to be the same height as you. "Don't start this again, alright, I'm sorry for shouting... You want to go get a chocolate bar from the vending machine?" He asked, suddenly the crying stopped, you stood up and kissed his cheek before running to the vending machine laughing.

Liam: "NO LIAM! I want to stay with Perrie and Zaynie!" You whined. You and Liam went to lunch with Perrie and Zayn in town, now Liam said you had to leave for your nap, but you wanted to stay with Zayn since he said he and Perrie were going to the park. "No (Y/N), you need a nap. Now lets leave." He argued. He's always let you go where you want or do what you want, aslong as he's with you of course, so it makes you think that he's harsher on you now because you are annoying. You remember Taylor Swift said you were when Harry had to babysit you one time, so why won't it be true? You started sniffling, and you pulled up your tiny chubby arm to wipe away a stray tear that fell. Liam's always been everyone's rock. So it wouldn't surprise anyone if you were the same way. "(Y/N)? Are you crying?" "WHY DO YOU HATE ME LIAM?! WHYY!" You screamed. The thing was, you weren't as strong a rock as Liam was. The tears flowed freely down your face, leaving a puddle at your feet. Liam bent down to your height and cupped your face. "Shhh, shhhh (Y/N), i don't hate you, what are you talking about?!" He asked, wiping away your tears. "T-Taylor said i w-was annoyi-ing.." You hiccuped. He looked up to Zayn with a knowing face, then back to you. "I love you hun.. don't ever think i don't, okay?" You stubbornly nodded, not wanting to disagree with him again just incase he did end up hating you.

Zayn: You were sitting on Louis' lap on a bench outside of Louis' house waiting for Zayn to pick you up. Although you didn't really want to speak to Zayn at the moment. He has had a fight with Perrie and you really like her, she really likes you too so you were in a mood with Zayn because you think he's broken up with her, even though he hasn't, but you don't know that. He walks out, sees you and smiled, he ran towards you, picked you up and spun you around wanting to hear your laugh. but when he got nothing but a straight face from you he stopped and held you on his hip. "What's wrong?" He asked, looking at you with his bottom lip pouted out. You huffed and turned your head away from him, not wanting to look at him. "Boo... please talk to me.." He mumbled, nudging your cheek with his nose. You looked at him, shooting him evil eyes. "You are stupid." You stated bluntly. "What?" "You." You said, poking his nose. "Are stupid. YOU LOST PERRIE!" You shouted, making people's heads turn. "Huh? What's she on about?" He asked Louis. Louis stood up and walked over to you. "She thinks you and Perrie broke up, and she really likes Perrie, so she says you're stupid." "YOU ARE!" You added. He laughed, making you a little confused. "(Y/N), me and Perrie haven't broken up. We just had a little fight, that's all." He explained. Your face softened and you smiled a little. "So we can see Perrie?" You asked excitedly. He laughed, "If you want babe."

Niall: "NI JAMES HORAN!" You shouted, your small voice making the words slur out a little bit. Niall turned to face you shocked that you had shouted at him. "I want an Ice-cream." You stated, looking at his expression. Yours was hard and stubborn, he knew he couldn't say no but he had to try. "No (Y/N), you have to have dinner first." "No Niall." You said sternly. "No?" He questioned. "No." You repeated. The other boys, their girlfriends and some of their parents turned to look at your little showdown with your brother, it was a family gathering, a party to celebrate the release of their new song, 'Best Song Ever'. "I want Ice-cream. and i will get it." You say. "Oh really?" "Yes Ni! Why can't i? Don't you love me?! Well, if you don't love me i don't love you." You state, turning away from him and crossing your arms over your chest. You hear a gasp and then a  few sobs, you turn and look up at Niall crying (pretending to obvs). this time you gasp and grab on to his leg, making him pick you up but still continue to cry. "I'm sorry Niall! Don't cry! You will make me cry!" You plead, you clap your hands onto each of his cheeks and make him look at you, his bottom lip was pouted and he looked so sad. To you anyway. "Don't cry Niall. Please, i don't want Ice-cream anymore! Ni Ni, don't be sad!" You rambled. Soon he started smiling, though, "It's alright baby girl, just say please next time yea? Now, give me a kiss." He puckered his lips like the duck face, you giggled before pecking his lips quickly. "Now, do you want that Ice-cream or not?" 

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