106. You Accidentally Send A Naked Photo To The Wrong Boy

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Harry - hey (Y/N)… its Lou. Guess you meant to send this to Haz, huh? Don’t worry, I promise I’ll delete it. I just need about five more minutes then I’m good… kidding! You know I love you guys!

Liam -haha, wow, Liam is one lucky guy… byt the way its Niall (Y/N) remember to check your phone befor you try sneding another pic, yeah? Not that I’m complaining… all I can say, (Y/N) is damn

Louis - thats it. Forget Louis. You and me can run off, (Y/N). I’ll say this much… you’re gorgeous, but my names Harry… unless you’ve got my name under something else in your phone ;)

Zayn -(Y/N), it’s Liam! I promis i didnt looka at it. dont worry. I wont tell anyone about this, I wont tell Zayn. its deleted, dont worry at all. Im so sorry!

Niall -um hey (Y/N), its Zayn, not Niall. Do you want me to forward this to him, I mean… I’m pretty sure he’ll enjoy it, I know I did… joking!!

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