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67. He Sneaks Into Your House And Your Parents Catch Him

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Zayn: "I've never had the words to say, but now I'm asking you to stayyy!" You listen to your headphones very quietly, wishing Zayn was singing to you. Your parents don't approve of Zayn too much. They think he is a bad influence because he smokes and has many tattoos. "But I love him!" You cry out. You remember this conversation you had with your parents earlier this evening. "You don't know what love is!" "Yes I do, and I feel it with him!" "No! You won't be seeing him any longer!" "Mom!" "Your father is right." By now, the tears are streaming down your cheeks and you run up to your room and slam the door. And here you are now, at 2am, wishing your boyfriend was holding you. Clink. You hear something against your window. Clink. Clink. You get up, still in your everyday attire because you were too upset to undress. You look out the window to see Zayn smiling up at you. "Hey babe!" He whisper shouts. "Zayn? My window?! So cliche!" You laugh and signal to the back door. You quietly but quickly run downstairs and unlock the back door. You jump in his arms and you share a romantic kiss. "I couldn't sleep without you ... Have you been crying?" He whispers, wiping your tear stained cheeks. "I missed you ... I thought I would never see you." "I'm not leaving you." He smiles and you both kiss again. "Well please leave my house." Your father's voice booms from behind you both. You both jump and Zayn grips on your hand. "Mr. [Y/L/N], I love your daughter. More than my own life. I know you and your wife believe I'm not the best influence, but I will not pressure [Y/N] into anything she doesn't want to do. Please sir, give me a chance. I promise, I'll protect her with everything I have." Your dad sighed. "Okay Mr. Malik. One chance." You jumped and kissed your dad's cheek. You hugged Zayn and you ran up to your room, where he sang you both to sleep.

Liam: "Can I come over?" "Liam! My parents will kill you if you wake them up!" "They love me though! Please?" "Fine!" You giggled. "Okay, open your window." "You're already here?!" "I knew you couldn't say no." You hang up and pull your window open, where Liam climbs the bricks and you pull him inside where he falls on top of you. You laughed and he kissed your cheek. "Get off of me Liam!" You shove him and he rolls over as you close your window. "[Y/N]?! Are you okay?!" Your parents come bursting into your room with a bat and a lamp. "Liam?!" You father asks groggily and he blushes. "What are you doing here?" "Daddy. A lamp? Really?" "I'll kill anyone with anything if they hurt my baby girl." "Sorry sir! I missed [Y/N] a lot and didn't want to disturb you." "Well that's kind of you. Go to sleep, lovebirds. We'll see you in the morning." Your mom nodded and they left. You locked your door and jumped on Liam. "Liam after hours?" You smirk and he kisses your neck. "Maybe."

Louis: "Just open the front door! x :)" Louis texted you and you groaned. You tiptoed downstairs and unlocked the front door. Louis stood there in his pajamas and a box Yorkshire tea and cookies. "Midnight snack?" "I love you." You smiled and you shared a quick kiss. He put a kettle on the stove for the tea and you both sat on the couch to watch re-runs of Friends. "Ugh, Jennifer Aniston is so hot." He repeated and you felt insecure. "Oh my gosh, Matt LeBlanc get in me!" You moaned and he huffed. "Trading me?" He pouted and you giggled when you both jumped to your father's threatening slurs. "GET AWAY FROM MY DAUGHT- Louis?" Louis gets up and stutters. "H-hi Mr. [Y/L/N]." "What are doing here at midnight son?" "I wanted to see your daughter and share a midnight bite with her." "That's cute. Okay, night!" Your dad called and you started laughing. "What's so funny?" "If you ever met Jennifer Aniston and she was crushing on you, I would've came out the same way." He kissed you and you smiled. "Never. You're my one and only."

Harry: "But baby!" "No Harry!" "I'm hornyyyy!" He moans from the other line. "God gave you two hands! Use one!" "But God also made me meet you and you're better." "Fine, but only because that was cute to say." Before you knew it, Harry was over a bag in his hand. "What is that?" You called from your window. "Let me in first." You rolled your eyes and let him in through you side door near your parents room. You both walked to your room, Harry pinching your bum. "PJs Haz?" "I was too lazy to change." "What's in the bag?" He handed it to you and you took out the contents. "Condoms, chocolate, Gatorade and ... more condoms?" "You can never be stocked enough. You handed him a box and put the other one under the clothes in your drawer. He opened the box he had and took out a silver wrapper. He set the box on the floor and climbed on top of you. You were both in the middle of a heated make out when your mom comes in. "Harry? What are you doing here?" You shove Harry off quickly and he falls to the floor with a thud. "[Y/N]!" He groans. "Sorry mom, he was-" "Obviously being a hormonal teenage boy." She smirked. It was no secret that your mother knew you and Harry were sexually active. He turned red and stood up. "Pick up those condoms boy!" She remarked and stepped out. "Oh dear God." You throw your head in your hands embarrassed. "Hey, she knows. Now lets get to it."

Niall: "Nialler!" "Babe, I'm tired." Your boyfriend said groggily from the other line. "Too tired for food?" "A little." "Your girlfriend?" "Maybe." "Sex?" "I'll be right there." He quickly said and hung up. You chuckled and threw your phone to the side. You waited on your porch when Niall came holding a million bags. You took half and ran up to your room. Both of you were too loud, it woke up your dad. "Niall, son, why are you here?" "Sorry sir, [Y/N] wanted to see me." "Did she want food?" You both nodded. "Okay. Hand me that bag." "He pointed to the one Niall was holding. You saw Niall tense up in his wrinkly pajamas and turn red. He hesitantly handed your father the bag. Your dad quickly snatched it and took out a box of condoms. You closed your eyes in embarrassment. "Thanks boy, I needed these." He calmly said. "We'll talk soon." He directed towards you. You both continued to your room where you apologized. "Only well prepared boyfriends buy two boxes." He smirked and you both thanked God that your dad didn't look through all the bags.

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