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95. You're Getting Married And He's Not The Groom, But He Wants To Be

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Harry: You were anxiously waiting to finally walk down that aisle and see your future husband. The only thing is, that the man waiting at the end of the aisle isn’t the man you want to be with for the rest of your life. You know that he’s good for you, but he’s not the one you want to be with. You heard a knock on the door and you jumped. “Come in.” You said in a whispered tone. You’re best friend Harry walked in. He had a tuxedo on with his hair in his messy curls. You felt weak at the knees as you started at the boy you really wanted to be with. “Wow. You look absolutely stunning.” Harry said and sat down next to you. “Thanks Haz.” You said and rested your head onto Harry’s shoulder. “Haz I don’t want to go through with this wedding.” You finally admitted after minutes of silence. Harry let out a loud sigh that filled the room. “What?” Harry said surprised. “I don’t love him.” You said and began to cry. Harry held you tight in his arms. “It’s okay (y/n). There’s erm something I actually want to say to you.”  Harry said. “You can tell me anything Harry.” You whispered. “I’m in love with you.” Harry said. You sat up and looked deep into Harry’s green eyes. A tear fell down your cheek. Harry wiped it away with his thumb. “I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you, but you’ve always been with that jerk that you’re about to marry. I came in here to tell you that you’re making the wrong choice. I’m not telling you to leave you’re fiancé at the alter, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew.” Harry said and left the room. You stood there for a few seconds not sure what to do, but you know what the right choice was, and you quickly ran out the door. “Harry.” You said as he turned around. “I’m coming with you.” You said and ran away with Harry.

Liam: “Coming.” You yelled as you ran to open the door. You opened the door quickly and found Liam standing there with a smile on his face. “Liam!” You yelled and pulled him into a hug. “Hello (y/n).” Liam said and held you tight in his arms. He finally let go as you both walked into your living and sat down. “How are you feeling?” Liam asked as he looked at the remainder of your living room. You were packing up the rest of your flat to finally live with your husband to be. “I’m okay. It’s weird packing up my flat. I’m going to miss living with my best friend.” You said and sat down next to Liam. “I meant about the wedding tomorrow.” Liam said and put an arm around you. “What do you mean?” You asked nervously. The truth was that you didn’t want to get married tomorrow. “You know are you excited to finally be married to him?” Liam asked with a forced smile on his face. “Honestly, no. I’m scared for tomorrow and the more I think about it the more I regret it.” You said. Liam looked at you slightly confused. “Truth is that I want to be with someone else.” You said. Liam let out a loud sigh. “I’ll finally say it then.” Liam said and looked into your eyes. Liam’s deep brown eyes were shinning in the light. He knew that you had feelings too. “I love you.” Liam said and looked down. “I’ve loved you for a long time actually. I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but I lost my chance long ago to tell you, so now I think is the best time. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. I mean that. You’re not only beautiful on the inside, but also on the outside. I know you’ll never feel the same way, but I’m just putting it out there.” Liam said and began to stand up. You pulled him back down and finally crashed your lips onto his. “I love you too.”

Niall: You were looking at this man that you were about to marry, but you don’t want to marry him. He’s not the one for you. You’re in love with someone else, but he’s not here at the wedding. Your fiancé hates Niall Horan so much, but he doesn’t realize that you’re in love with Niall. Niall’s the one that you want to marry. You realized that the wedding was continuing on when you heard someone open the door. “I have something to say.” You heard someone say front he very back of the room. You turned around to see Niall standing there with a suit on, but his bow tie undone. You smiled as Niall ran down the aisle towards you. You let out a loud sigh of relief. “Get him out of here.” Your fiancé yelled. “No.” You said and glared at him. Your fiancé didn’t look surprised at your words. “(Y/N). I’m in love with you. I’ve always been in love with you, but you’ve always been with this wanker of a guy.” Niall said only looking at you. He ws inches away from you. “Hey man this is my wedding and she is mine. You lost your chance with her and she’s about to be my wife, so get the fuck out of here.” Your fiancé yelled into Niall’s face. “Back off. This is my time to talk.” Niall said and pushed your fiancé away. “Please make the right decision and be with me?” Niall asked softly as he touched your hand. You felt tears well up in your eyes. You nodded slowly at Niall. “Niall I love you so much. I’ve loved you since the day I met you. I never wanted to get married. I’ve always wanted to be with you. “Are you kidding me?” Your fiancé yelled as he attempted to hit Niall in the face. You heard someone come up behind your fiancé and pull him away from Niall. You saw Liam standing protecting his best friend. “Please be with me.” Niall said. “I would love to be with you.” You said and Niall pulled you in to a kiss. The crowd cheered as Niall spun you around. You smiled as Niall held you tight in his arms.

Louis: You began to pace back and forth in the small dressing room. You checked yourself out in the mirror again and saw the gorgeous wedding dress sitting on your body. You felt the nerves kick in as you heard the knock on the door, which meant that you were finally going to be married to Stan. “Come in.” You said in a shaky voice. Louis walked in the door. “Wow, just wow (y/n). Words can’t describe how beautiful you look right now.” Louis said and stood next to you. “Hey best man aren’t you supposed to be with Stan right now?” You asked thinking about your future husband. Guilt shot through your body. “I’d rather be with you right now.” Louis said nervously. “I think we really need to talk.” You said and sat down on the small couch. Louis sat next to you. You could see his hands shaking. “I think we do too.” Louis said and looked into your eyes. “(Y/N) I know we haven’t done anything bad, but the feelings that I have for you are deeper than a friendship.” Louis said and looked away. You felt a sigh of relief because you’ve been in love with Louis since the day you met him. “I know that you’re with my best friend, but I want to be with you instead of him. I can love you more. I can treat you better than he does.” Louis said ad grabbed your hand. “I know this is absolutely wrong, but I’m going with my gut feeling here. I want to run as far away as I can from here with you. As long as you’re in my life I’m happy. Please let’s just escape from here. I know you feel the same way.” Louis said. You let out a sigh. You loved Stan, but not the way you loved Louis. Louis was the one you wanted waiting at the end of the aisle. You kissed Louis passionately as he held you tight in his arms. “Let’s get out of here.” Louis said and grabbed your hand.

Zayn: You were looking at your wedding dress. It was right next to your mirror. It was a gorgeous dress, but you weren’t the girl that was supposed to be wearing it. It was the girl that you thought you were at one point, but you weren’t that girl anymore. You looked down at your phone ready to call him. You wanted to tell him that you were having serious regrets, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You did love him, but he wasn’t the one. You heard someone frantically knock on the door. You ran downstairs and opened the door to see Zayn standing there out of breath. “Zayn what are you doing here?” You asked as he walked inside your flat. “(Y/N) there’s something that I want to say to you.” Zayn said and he finally began to breath normally again. “You can tell me anything Zayn.” You said and rubbed his shoulder. He took his hand into yours. “I love you.” Zayn said. “What?” You said nervously. You felt the same way about Zayn, but he was so wrong for you. According to everyone, but little did they know that Zayn was everything that you ever wanted in a guy. “Please just listen to me. I know that it’s wrong for us to love each other, but I know we can make this work. I’ve always loved you and I know that I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Please just let me have this chance to be with you.” Zayn said. Hope filled his deep brown eyes. You smiled at Zayn. “Let’s do this.” You said and touched his cheek. Zayn quickly pulled you into a passionate kiss. You never felt this way about anyone before. “Let’s be together.” Zayn said as he took a breath. You nodded as you kissed him.  

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