125. BMS You Think He Doesn't Care Anymore

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Harry, age 3: Harry had come back from tour a few days ago, and was only here for a few weeks, then he would back on tour. You, being little, were confused with the process and began to think Harry was going away because he didn’t care about you anymore. So now, you were sat on the ground in the living room, playing with you dolls and watching TV. Harry came up to you, smiling. “Hi kitten,” he waved, settling down on the ground next to you. You frowned at him, and continued to ignore him. “What’s wrong?” “You no care bout me no more!” You huffed, letting yourself cry vulnerably. “Aww love! Is this about me going away?” He comforted you, making it make simpler to you. You nodded, and he sighed. “Hazza has to go because girls, big and small like you, wants to see him too!” He grinned, motioning with his hands. You nodded. “You still love me then?” You giggled and he nodded, and you snuggled into him, giving him one of your dolls. “Good. Now play!”

Louis, age 14: You huffed as you watched Louis make his way upstairs to go change. This was nearly the sixth time this week he was going out with the boys, and you were tired. Your brother came home from tour, from spending six months with them, and when he finally gets a chance to spend some times with his family, he stay with them? Really? Finally, he came downstairs in some casual clothes. “Bye (Y/N),” he waved, and you looked shocked. “I’m surprised you even acknowledged me Louis.” You snapped, and he raised his hand in mock defence, “Sorry, now I have to go love!” He waved again, and you stopped him, again. “No Louis. Not bye. Do you even care about me? The fact that you have been away for six months with same guys your going out with now. But you haven’t see me once, and you’re still going out!” You spat and he sighed. “Look, I’m sorry. Really love. I’ll tell them to cancel.” “No, go out. But when you come back, I expect a real apology,” you sassed. “And that you will get.” He shot you a smile, kissing your forehead and waving before you heard the door shut.

Niall, age 16: Today was finally brother and sister day, after all. The tour had ended and you and Niall really wanted to spend some time together. As you slipped into your onesie, you heard Niall with someone on the phone. Place you head to the wall, you continued to listen. “No, I don’t have anything on today! I’ll be there soon Zayn, bye mate!” You heard Niall’s muffled voice. You gasped mentally, stalking into Niall’s room. “What the fuck?!” You hissed, glaring at Niall. “What?” “Don’t act so innocent! I know you’re going to that party,” you snapped at him and he sighed. “Do you even care about me Niall?” You whispered shakily, letting your shoulders droop. That caught his attention. “Don’t stay that! Of course I do, I’m sorry okay? I’ll tell Zayn I can’t come because I’m spending the week with my baby sister, and nothing’s gonna change that!” He defended, and you smiled. “You can go,” you smirked and he raised an eyebrow at you, “But I have to come with!” You squealed at the end, already planning your outfit in your head. “Fine, but no flirting, and no boys!”

Liam, age 17: “Come on Liam, I’m ready!” You called him, your were dressed and ready for you day out with him. He came out in a fancy suit, and your raised an eyebrow at him. “Why so fancy? We’re just going to the mall Li,” you chuckled and he stopped in his tracks. “Wait, today was our ‘go-out’ day?” He gulped and you nodded at him. “I can’t go.” He simply stated and you scoffed. “Do you even care? You’re never fucking here, and when you are you have all this shit to take care of!” You hissed and he widened his eyes. “Language. You are a Payne! In both ways,” he muttered the last bit. “Look, it’s not like I can choose to go to these things. I love you and of course I care about you!” He defended, and you shook your head. “Doesn’t seem like it half the time,” you breathed and he sighed. “But I do, okay? Now there’s still time, get on that dress I got you and we can go together!”

Zayn, age 20: You sighed as you watched the boys pour into your house. It’s not that you didn’t like them. On the contrary, you loved them, especially since you were dating one of them, after all. But your twin, Zayn was never home, and when he was, he would always be out with the boys and it was getting to you. “Zayn, c’mere. Can I talk to you in private just for a little while?” You whispered, waving at the boys and dragging him into his room. “Do you even care about the fact I’m in there, watching you all have fun?” “Hey, hey, hey! Let’s not be unfair here. I’ve seen you and Harry have plenty of fun once!” He stated, thinking back to the moment he walked in on you and Harry once. “But I do care.” He finished. “It’s just you’re always out with them, and not only do I miss you, I miss Harry and I miss our time together,” you sighed and he grinned. “Don’t be like that babes. Just come and have fun with us in the living room, we’re just playing video games, yeah?” He proposed and you nodded, walking back in to the living room.

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