84. Sex At His Childhood Home

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Harry: “Harry… we’re on your parents couch,” you protest as he tries to pull your clothes from your body. He mumbles his response, continuing his assault on your neck while pulling your top completely open. “So?” he asks finally, shifting back as you unbutton his shirt. “So, your mother sits here… you’re sister sits here! I feel weird,” you explain, pulling away from him as he slips his hand into your pants. “Having sex with you in my childhood home is like, one of my biggest fantasies” he says disappointedly as he sits himself on the front of you. “I didn’t say no to sex, I said no to sex on the couch you silly boy,” you tease, giggling softly as he picks you up into his arms and races up the steps. “You gotta be quiet,” he mumbles against your lips and you nod while he stripes the two of you from the rest of your clothes. By the time he thrusts inside of you, you’re digging your nails into his shoulders as he pushes against you hard and fast. You dig your nails into his shoulder as he pants against your neck, shifting your legs up against his hips to thrust deeper. “Roll over, ass up” he prompts, sliding out of you as you scramble to do as he says. He grips your hips tightly, jerking your ass against him as he slides into you. He cups your breasts as he leans over you, one hand gripping his headboard to steady himself as he kisses a line up your spine. You’re arching back into him when he pulls out, rolling your over as your legs flail around until he’s pushing into you as your legs circle his hips. You grip the pillow behind you as Harry presses against you harder, thrusting in and out of you so hard the headboard rocks against the wall as he drives into you before you’re climaxing. You gasp loudly, Harry’s hand clamping down at the last minute until he’s bucking against you as he cums. He falls to your side, covering half of your body with his as you catch your breath.

Liam: “I used to come up here when they bullied me” Liam explains, kneeling on the floor of the tree house he spent a majority of his time in as a child. “Your classmates?” you ask, leaning back against the sturdy wall and Liam nods before he does the same. “I thought, the higher up I was the less likely it was that they could hurt me” he says and your heart breaks for the boy across from you. You crawl forwards, shifting his legs apart to press your lips to his. “That girl, the one that said no twenty-two times…she was an idiot. She’s probably kicking herself right now but, you’re all mine” you whisper softly, the words swirling around the safety of the tree house Liam is so obviously found of. “Let me show you, let me take away all the bad memories of this place” you whisper again, trailing your lips up his neck as he stretched his legs out. He watches you as you lean back to tug his clothes off, kneeling up to tug your shirt off and tug your skirt up. You run your cool lips up his chest, sucking at his neck as you settle over his erection. You drop onto him, circling your hips slowly as Liam leans his head against the wall behind him. You keep your gaze on his, leaning forward as you grind down on him. His lips pucker up to meet yours, taking your breath away as he pulls you against his chest. “Liam” you moan softly as he shifts you upwards before he’s kneeling so he can lay you beneath him. “Let me make love you to you baby” he says into the peacefulness of the tree house, shifting your legs upwards on his hips as he begins thrusting into you at a steady pace. You keep your gaze on his, gasps filling the space as he shifts upwards to stroke the soft spot inside of you that causes you to melt. You struggle to moan his name as your legs quiver, gripping his hair as he nips at your wrist before your cuming around him. He shifts up on his knees, palms down on your hips as he tilts your hips upwards as he continues his pace. His hips buck as he cums, emptying inside of you before he collapses atop you. “Nothing but good memories now” he promises softly once you’ve regained your breathing.

Niall: Niall’s mom has just put a hot tub in her backyard and Niall is all too willing to try it out. You enter the warm water clothed in your bathing suits but not even ten minutes later, Niall is pulling your bikini from your body to drop the wet material against the back deck. His mom is out on a blind date, leaving you and Niall in his childhood home alone. He shifts you against him as he drops his own bathing suit bottoms to the deck before he’s sliding in slowly. You rest your hands on the side of the tub behind him, the warm water sloshing around you as Niall moves you against him. He gripes your hips tightly, rolling them into his before he starts thrusting upwards. It’s almost too hot as he drives the both of your towards orgasm. Your entire body is on fire from the heat of the hot tub and the heat generated by Niall’s hard thrusts. His finger disappears below the water as you hold onto the back of his neck, circling your bundle until your shaking against him. He tangles his fingers in the wet ends of your hair while, tugging backwards until he can easily run kisses up and down your bruised neck. He gives one hard thrust upwards and you see stars, mouth falling open as you shout his name with your climax. Niall follows soon after, holding you against him as he empties himself inside of you. You stay in that position for a few minutes until Niall lifts you out of the water and out of the heat before he follows.

Louis: Jay had invited the two of you over to spend some time with the family for the weekend before Lou went back on tour. You were settling in to bed for the night when you heard a tap on your door. It was obviously Lou; you knew he wasn’t going to be able to stay on the couch for more than an hour after everyone had gone to sleep. Jay had made the suggestion that Lou sleep on the couch while you take his room since there were obviously young, impressionable girls in the house. Lou hated the idea but respected his mother’s rules, but apparently not enough to not sneak in to see you. “I was wondering how long you were going to last down there.” You say not even bothering to roll over to look at him as he crawled into bed with you. “Well you know I couldn’t resist.” He says kissing the back of your neck sending shivers down your body. You knew the purpose for his visit immediately after that and rolled over to meet his gaze centimeters away from yours. He kissed you before you had any thoughts of protesting, wrapping his arms all the way around you and pulling you in closer. You knew there was no hope is turning him away now so you went with it. His arms slid down you back as he gripped your bum tightly causing you to shoot up into his kissing. You pulled the covers off of the two of you and began to undress one another. You rolled on top of him straddling his waist as he pulled your shirt off leaving you only in your panties. You scooted down his legs dragging his pants with you leaving him completely naked by the time you reached his feet. He sat up almost instantly grabbing you and laying you down on your back. He wasn’t going to let you be the one in charge tonight. He toyed with your panties for only a few minutes before he knew he had tortured you enough. Sliding them down your smooth legs with his hands he kissed you all the way down to your feet, only to thrust into you seconds later. You let out a small whimper as you try to find the breath your boyfriend had taken away from you. He adjusted your legs to where one is by his side and the other was rest over his right shoulder. This was his favorite position, the both of you had perfected it over the years and so you knew what you were in for. He thrusted in and out consistently as he hugged your leg with his right arm and his left hand on your right thigh. You muffled your moans with your hand and bit your lip every time he went deeper. But his panting was only growing louder as his thrusts picked up pace. You felt your orgasm approaching so you grabbed Lou’s bum to thrust him into you deeper. He caught on quick and was soon pounding into you as hard as he could. You grabbed the pillow bedside you and covered your face to hide the moaning and screams of your orgasm. A few more intense thrusts later Lou jerked his head back as he came inside you. He pulled out and took the pillow away from your face. You smiled at him and kissed him intensely as a “thank you”. After a few more kissing Lou redressed himself and snuck back downstairs to the couch. 

Zayn: The two of you were staying at his parent’s house for the afternoon. His dad was as work and his had just left to pick up his sisters from school, leaving the two of you sitting on the couch to watch television until they returned. You could see Zayn looking at you out of the corner of your eye and knew what was on his mind. He slowly approaches your side of the couch and kissing you slowly, cupping your fan in his hands. “Shall we?” he says with a cheeky grin on his face. You respond with a kiss which was your way of affirming his question. Grabbing the small of your back with his arm he gently lays you on your back. You remove your pants as well as your boyfriend’s shirt. He thrusts into you once the two of you were fully naked as you moan with pure lust for your boyfriend. You’re hands are all over his back as his glides in and out of you. You bring your lips to his biting his lower lip signaling how pleased you are with him. As you bite down harder, he moans pulling his head away from you and the seductive eyes you’re giving him. He begins to thrust harder and deeper into you causing you to scream his name while trying to catch your breath at the same time. He smiles and continues the lustful torture. You ram your fingernails in his back as your reach your climax, leaving large red whelps along his back. He immediately lifts you from your back and only your stomach for his turn. You arch your back allowing him to enter you from behind and he continues with his powerful thrusts. His thrusts are very rapid and deep causing you to moan into the pillow at your face. His panting picks up as his thrusts jerk and he cums inside you. He kisses your forehead as he begins to redress himself and helps you do the same. “I love you.” He says out of breath handing you your jeans. “I love you too.” You say before giving him another kiss.

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