89. He Talks About Your Sex Life To The Other Boys

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Louis: Louis had the boys over to play video games, and you decided to retreat to your room. You were keeping quiet and to yourself, until you had to get up to pee. You opened the door quietly, so not to disturb the boys. As you crept towards the bathroom, you could hear the boys talking, and you listened close to hear what they were saying. “I don’t know how she’s good, she’s just good” Louis said, and you crept closer to hear everything. “But is she a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets?” Niall asked, and the boys laughed. You bit your lip, trying to keep from laughing. “I wouldn’t say that. She’s not much of a lady” Louis retorted, causing the room to erupt again. You crossed your arms, silently waiting for an explanation. “I’m kidding. But she’s good. That’s all you need to know” Louis said. Satisfied, you carried on with the bathroom and smiled to yourself as you went back in your bedroom.

Zayn: “Beers?” you asked Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam and your boyfriend, Zayn, before going in to get food. “I’ll take one” Louis said, Niall and Liam shook their head, Harry smiled and nodded and Zayn showed you a half full bottle. “Okay two” you said, going in the house. You left the door open slightly to ensure you could open it with hands full of food and drinks. “So, how’s the bow chicka wow wow?” you heard Niall’s voice, and you made a funny face. “Loser” you laughed, until you heard Zayn ‘hmm’. You creeped towards the door, and set the food down to listen. “She’s really good. She just is kind of classic” he said, and you nodded and shrugged. You weren’t always adventurous. “Well, like, how vanilla are you talking?” Liam asked, and you smiled. It took everything not to laugh at Liam. “Not bad vanilla, just kind of … basic” he said, and you bit your lip. “Great though” Zayn finished, like he didn’t want to offend you. You picked up the plates and kicked the door open. “Hi hi hi, here’s your food” you said cheerily. You took mental note of that conversation, and made sure Zayn wouldn’t be able to say that about you and your sex life ever again.

Liam: You were in the kitchen, cooking, when the boys walked in. Liam thought you were out with the girls, and didn’t bother to call out to you before walking into the living room with the other guys. You figured it didn’t matter anyways, you had stuff to do and if he didn’t notice you were home that meant you could focus. “Oh what are these?” you heard Zayn say, and though you couldn’t see, you knew what they were. You had left your laundry on the couch, and a thong had been sitting on top. “Stop” Liam said, and you could imagine him flushing red. “Okay, but you have to tell us how she is” Zayn demanded, and your eyes went wide. You had to hear Liam. “Guys” he groaned, and there was a silence that you were sure was filled with the boys giving him looks. “She’s good” he said simply, and you nodded once to yourself. “Details, mate” Louis said, and you sighed quietly. “She’s good. She takes care of me. Like, I never go unsatisfied” Liam said, and you smirked. It was such an uncomfortable thing for him to discuss. “Nice” Niall said, and you rolled your eyes. You decided to add to the awkward, by shutting the kitchen door loudly behind you. “Is that..?” you heard Harry, and you felt eyes on you. “She heard you” Harry confirmed, and Liam called out for you. “Come in here when your friends leave so I can satisfy you” you laughed, and you could just imagine the beet red cheeks on Liam’s face.

Harry: “Come on, tell us something” Niall bugged. Harry was on a three way call with Liam and Niall on one end and Zayn and Louis on the other. They were off in different areas of England doing publicity, while Harry stayed home with you. Harry thought you were sound asleep, and had his phone on speaker while he got ready. You of course were awake, listening to their every word, your eyes shut. They were on the topic of your and Harry’s sex life, which was more than interesting to you. “I am not talking about it” Harry said, and you could hear Zayn and Louis groan in unison. “Okay, say spaghetti if its good, granite if it’s medium and cobweb if its poor” Louis said, and you laughed into your pillow. “Spaghetti” Harry responded enthusiastically, and you wore an ear splitting grin. “But isn’t she more… inexperienced than your past girlfriends?” Liam asked. It was true, you weren’t as knowledgeable in the bedroom as someone like Caroline. “But that’s what makes her good. She has basically been molded into my perfect partner in that sense. It’s hard to explain, but she is more than willing to try anything. And she is confident too, especially for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience” Harry gushed. You had heard enough, and threw the blankets off you. You crept to the bathroom. “Hi boys, morning Harold” you said sweetly, kissing his cheek. You went to leave, and Niall piped up. “Did she hear that?” he asked, and you smirked to yourself. “Definitely” Harry groaned, and you laughed.

Niall: Niall was hanging out with the boys in the pool, and you were lazing on the lounge chair getting some sun. You had your headphones in, relaxing. The song you were listening to ended, and you had a split second where you could hear the guys in the pool. “She’s a moaner?” Louis asked, and you paused your music to listen. “Yeah” Niall answered, like he was trying to shut down the conversation, “Well, at least with me.” The boys all snickered, taking their occasional glance up at you in the chair. You could see them through your sunglasses, but they didn’t think anything of it. “Is she rough?” Zayn asked. “She has her moments. She left me with scratches on my back so bad one time. I had to wear long sleeves in July one time” he said, and you smiled to yourself. “That’s fine and good. The sex is good,” Harry said, and you listened close, “But it doesn’t mean anything if you’re only doing it once a month.” “Yeah, how often do you guys do it?” Zayn pushed, and you stood up. “Usually three to four times a week, if we have time” you responded, dropping your sunglasses to meet Niall’s horrified gaze. “Sorry” he said, meekly. “It’s all true” you shrugged, before walking inside. The guys thought it was cool that you were cool with it, but Niall swore to never talk about it again.

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