33. He Ask You To Move In With Him

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LIAM:  You’re helping Liam tidy up around the house one afternoon when he suddenly says, “This is so stupid.  I’m a little sick of half your stuff being at my house.”  You’re a bit taken aback by the harshness of his words.  Up until now you hadn’t thought Liam had had a problem with your things being at his house.  “I’ll get it out of here then…” you tell him, furrowing your brow.  “Or you could just bring the rest of it here,” he suggests.  “What?” you ask, now completely confused.  “Yeah, I mean it would just make more sense.  You spend most of your time here lately, really only using your place to sleep at a couple nights a week.  Other than that you’re always here.  No sense in keeping your place when there’s plenty of room for you here.”  “You want me to move in with you?” you ask in a bit of disbelief.  “Yeah…if you want to.”  You shake your head up and down vigorously, jumping into his arms in excitement.

NIALL:  Niall had been acting weird all day and you can tell he has something on his mind.  You wait him out until he’s ready to talk, not wanting to pressure him.  As you’re kissing him goodbye before heading home for the night, he takes hold of your elbow.  “Um, [Y/N]?” he asks.  “Yeah?”  “I was thinking…  We’ve been together for a while now and things are going really well for us.  And, um, well, you spend an awful lot of time here anyways, so I was just wondering…  Do you think you’d want to move in with me?”  You giggle at how cute Niall always gets when he’s shy about asking you something.  “Of course I would like to move in with you!” you exclaim as a grin spreads across your face, matching the one spreading across Niall’s at hearing your words.

LOUIS:  You walk into Louis’ house after being away for the weekend visiting an out-of-town relative to find boxes piled up all over the living room.  “What’s going on here?  You moving or something?” you ask, stepping around the boxes to get to Louis.  “Nope, you are,” he states simply.  “What?”  “This is all your stuff.  I spent the weekend moving it over here for you.  Welcome home, baby!”  You smile widely before saying, “But we haven’t even talked about this before…  What made you so sure I’d be willing to go along with it?” you ask him arrogantly.  He just raises an eyebrow at you and gives you a look.  “Tell me, where is the first place you came to after getting back into town?”  You giggle, knowing you’ve been caught red-handed.  “Here.”  “That’s right.  Because if you had actually gone to your place first you would have noticed it was bare and wouldn’t have asked what I was up to here.”  “You’re terrible, you know that?” you tell him, leaning in.  “I do, actually,” he agrees, closing the gap and sealing the unspoken agreement with a kiss.

HARRY:  You’re cuddled up on the couch watching a movie with Harry one night when out of nowhere he asks, “Wanna move in with me?”  “Huh?” you question, turning to face him.  “Wanna move in with me?” he repeats.  “Really?”  “Yeah, sure, why not?  I don’t think you’ve even been to your place in over a week.  You’re basically living here anyways, so we might as well make it official.”  You smile.  “Yeah, I’d love to!  If that’s what you really want…”  “It is,” he assures you, unleashing his dimply grin.  You snuggle back against his chest, excitement taking over to the point that you can no longer focus on the movie.

ZAYN:  “Here you go, baby,” Zayn says, dropping a key in your palm.  “What’s this?”  “A key to the house.”  “Oh, good.  I’ve been meaning to ask you for one - just so I have a copy in case of an emergency.  “Well, that key comes at a price,” he tells you, eyeing you carefully.  “What kind of a price?”  “You have to turn over the keys to your flat back to the landlord.”  “Um, ok…  Why would I do- Ohhhh…..really??” you ask, finally getting what he means.  Zayn smiles and nods.  “I’d like you to move in with me, officially.”  You glance around at your things that have claimed a decent amount of space in his house already.  “Of course I’ll move in with you, you nut,” you say through a smile as Zayn leans in to kiss you quickly.

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