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96. You And Him Take Your Child On A Family Vacation

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Harry: You and Harry decided to have your first family vacation with your six-year old daughter. Harry surprised you both and took you to Hawaii in a private plane. Isabella was so excited to finally go to America and when you landed in the gorgeous island of Maui, Isabella couldn’t wait to finally learn how to surf. She couldn’t stop talking about it throughout the entire plane ride to Maui. It was the first day that you were all there when Isabella got in bed with you and Harry. “Mummy, Daddy it’s time for me to learn how to surf!” Isabella yelled in your ear. You began to laugh at your daughter as Harry grabbed her and tickled her. She was laughing so hard. “Well let’s get ready then.” Harry said and kissed her forehead. She ran out of bed giggling, as you all got ready and went down to the beach. “You have the camera Harry?” You asked smiling as all three of you walked to the beach. Twenty minutes later Isabella and you were in the water. You were observing, while Harry took all of the pictures. The surfing instructor was nice to both of you. Harry took pictures of the two of you as Isabella laughed. Two hours later Isabella was ready to try and get her first wave. “Ready Isabella?” Harry yelled as he pointed the camera at his little girl. “I’m ready daddy.” She yelled as a wave came close to her. She began to paddle her board and caught her first wave. She surfed all the way to Harry. She ran off of her board and into Harry’s arms. You ran to your family. “I did it!” She yelled as you hugged both of them. “This is the best vacation ever!” Isabella yelled.

Liam: You, Liam and your eight-year old daughter Scarlett got off of the plane and you were all finally in the gorgeous city of Brazil. It was your dream to go to Brazil for a vacation. Liam wanted to take his girls somewhere exotic and surprised you both with a two-week trip to Brazil. Scarlett has been taking dance lessons for six years now and all she wanted to do was to learn how to tango. Liam was all for it, when one morning you were woken with your husband and daughter violently shaking you. You jumped up and smiled as you saw Liam and Scarlett smiling at you. “It’s time for tango lessons.” Scarlett yelled as she began to jump up and down. You smiled at your daughter. “We get lessons too.” Liam said and smiled. “Well you need all the help you can get.” You said and laughed. Liam pulled you out of bed and an hour later you were on a gorgeous beach learning how to tango with a class full of strangers. Scarlett was with a local boy the same age as her. “I’m going to have to watch that boy.” Liam whispered in your ear. You giggled and touched Liam’s cheek. “She’ll be fine. She takes after her mother.” You said and winked. “That’s why I’m worried.” Liam said and smiled. You tapped his shoulder gently and you all finally learned how to tango. After three hours of dancing, Scarlett ran up to the both of you and smiled. “I can’t wait to show my dance class.” Scarlett said as Liam picked her up. She smiled as she hugged her father. “Thank you mummy and daddy. You are the best.” Scarlett said and kissed both of you.

Niall: It was your first vacation as a family and Niall decided Australia was the best place to go. You were thrilled to take your four-year old son to Australia for the first time and you couldn’t wait to sit on the beach all day with your family. It was the first day in Australia and Finn couldn’t wait to finally learn how to swim. “Do you want to go to the pool and learn how to swim sweety?” You asked your son as Niall helped him get his swimsuit on. “No mummy. I want to go to the beach.” Finn said and crossed his arms. Niall began to laugh as he got the sunscreen off of the counter and began to apply it on Finn. “I don’t want sunscreen daddy.” Finn said and began to frown. “Finn. Your Irish, you have to put on sunscreen. You’ll look like a lobster.” Niall said and laughed. You smiled as you all walked to the beach with Finn holding your and hand and Niall’s. “Daddy are you going to teach me?” Finn asked as you walked onto the beach and picked the perfect spot to sit. “Yeah.” Niall said as he lifted his son and ran towards the water. You laughed as you sat down and watched your husband and son play by the water. Finn looked adorable with his blue floaties on. You took pictures of everything they did. About an hour later you looked up from your magazine and saw Finn yelling. “Mummy.” You heard Finn yell. “Look I’m swimming.” Finn yelled as Niall observed his small strokes. Your son was finally swimming. You and Niall looked at each and smiled. You both knew that you were doing everything right with Finn.

Louis: You and Louis looked at each other and smiled. It was about time that you had a vacation together with your son who was almost one. It’s been a long year raising your son, who takes after his father. You sipped your drink as the yacht continued to sail in the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, which was near plenty of tropical islands. “Finally some peace and quiet.” Louis said and touched your hand. “Well Noah is asleep in the cabin and we can enjoy the sun together.” You said and smiled. Louis kissed your cheek as you heard the cry of your son. “I’ll get him.” You said and got up from your seat. Louis sighed as you went downstairs and got your son, who just woke up from his nap. “Look who’s here now.” You said as you carried your son towards Louis. Louis smiled at his son. “Daddy missed Noah.” Louis said and took Noah out of your arms. “Down.” Noah demanded as Louis sat down with Noah. Louis placed him on the ground that was slightly wet. “Be careful Noah.” You said as you sat back down and kept an eye on your son. Noah began to crawl around you and Louis’ chairs when all of a sudden he grabbed the side of Louis’ chair. “What are you doing Noah?” Louis asked as he sat up. Noah giggled as he stood up and began to walk towards you. “Louis!” You yelled as Noah took his first steps towards you. He fell right as he got to your chair. You picked him up quickly and smiled. “Noah! You walked.” You said and smiled. Louis came over to your chair and sat next to you. “Our son is now mobile. We’re screwed.” Louis said and laughed. He kissed Noah’s cheek and then Louis kissed you on the lips. “By far the best vacation I have ever gone on.” Louis said and kissed you again.

Zayn: It was a gorgeous day in the British Virgin Islands. Zayn was napping and your daughter was playing in the sand. “Zayn wake up.” You said and taped his shoulder. He woke up and smiled at you. “What’s wrong love?” Zayn asked you as you began to get up. “I’m just getting something from the room. Can you watch Anna?” You asked as you stood up and smiled. “Yeah sure.” Zayn said and kissed you goodbye. You smiled and turned away. Zayn sat down next to your five-year old daughter and gave her a kiss. “Anna, wanna go swim?” Zayn asked smiling. She nodded excited and ran towards the ocean. You saw them and smiled as you disappeared into the hotel. Zayn stayed by the water as Anna ran in without a problem. She knew how to swim, so Zayn wasn’t worried. You quickly got a hat and walked back to the ocean. You could see in the distance Zayn with Anna. Zayn was laughing and playing Anna, when all of a sudden a wave came towards Anna. It knocked her under immediately and Zayn couldn’t see her. “Anna!” Zayn yelled as he looked at the water scared, but he knew that he needed to save his daughter. He began to swim towards where she was. You saw what happened and began to run towards Zayn and Anna. You were screaming. You were too far away for them to hear you. Zayn saw Anna struggling underwater and lifted her without a problem. Zayn swam towards the sand, trying to save his daughter. She was coughing and crying. Zayn finally reached the sand as you finally reached Zayn and your daughter. You lifted Anna easily and held her in your arms. “Are you okay?” You shrieked as Zayn tried to catch his breath. Anna nodded still crying. Zayn sat on the sand breathing heavily. You ran to Zayn and held them tight in your arms. “I’m glad your okay.” You said and kissed Zayn. “You risked your life for your daughter.” You said and smiled. “I would do anything for my girls.” Zayn said and kissed both of you. 

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