98. He Talks About You In His Sleep

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Harry: You turned off the light and finally got under the warm covers so you could go to sleep. As soon as you closed your eyes you heard Harry begin to speak. You thought he woke up, but as soon as you turned the light back on he was still away in his sleep. You decided to listen to what he was saying. “No you can’t do that to her. She’s mine Get away from her! Stop this! I’ll protect you (y/n).” Harry spoke out loud. You were so confused as to what he was dreaming about. Harry then began to cry in his sleep. You began to worry about your boyfriend, so you decided to wake him up. You crawled over to his side of the bed. You tapped his shoulder lightly. “Harry love.” You said as he began to move around. He began to slowly wake up. “Harry.” You said again. Harry then woke up quickly and shot right up. “Harry are you okay?” You said concerned. Harry turned to you and relief washed over his face. “I the worst dream ever.” Harry said and grabbed you. He held you tight in his arms. “What happened love?” You asked trying to comfort your boyfriend. “I had a dream that someone kidnapped you. It was horrible (y/n). They were torturing you and I couldn’t do anything about it. It was the scariest dream I’ve ever had.” Harry said as his body began to finally calm down. “It was just a dream Harry. I’m here now. Nothing bad is going to happen to me.” You said and kissed his cheek. Harry smiled and began to lie back down. He held you in his arms as you both fell asleep.

Liam: You were just about to fall asleep when you heard your boyfriend Liam began to talk. You rolled over so that you were facing him. It was dark in the room, but you could see Liam’s face without a problem. He was mumbling a few words, but you couldn’t understand a word of it. “Liam.” You whispered as he began to talk again. “(Y/N), you’re beautiful like Cinderella and you have a face like sunshine.” Liam said as he began to cry in his sleep. You were slightly concerned, so you decided to wake him up. “Liam.” You said and you gently shook him. Liam began to open his eyes. “(Y/N)?” Liam said in a groggy voice. “Liam.” You said as he turned on the light right next to his bed. “What’s wrong?” Liam asked as he held onto your waist. “Liam you were talking in your sleep.” You said and touched his cheek. He let out a sigh. “Were you having a bad dream?” You asked as Liam rested his head onto his pillow. “Yeah I was. You kept saying that you were ugly. You were being so mean to yourself. I didn’t like it at all.” Liam said in a sweet voice. You felt your heart melt at his words. It was so sweet. “So you decided to quote Bridesmaids to tell me that you love me?” You asked laughing. Liam began to laugh. “I guess that was from Bridesmaids. We really shouldn’t watch that movie before we go to bed.” Liam said and laughed. “Let’s get some rest love. By the way (y/n), you’re the most beautiful girl in the world.” Liam said and went back to sleep.

Niall: You and Niall were on the couch watching a movie, but as always Niall fell asleep within the first twenty minutes of the movie. Niall’s head was in your lap, and you rubbed his soft blonde hair. You were smiling as Niall began to talk in his sleep. “(Y/N), you really are beautiful and sexy at the same time. I can’t believe that you’re my girlfriend. I love you so much.” Niall said and smiled in his sleep. You began to blush as he smiled not knowing how happy he was making you. Niall rolled over, so that he was facing you. You looked at down at Niall and touched his cheek. His eyes opened slowly. “Did I fall asleep?” Niall asked as you rubbed his hair again. “Is that even a question love?” You asked and laughed. “Right. I always fall asleep when we watch a movie.” Niall said and laughed. “And you had a good dream too.” You said blushing. Niall knew exactly what you were talking about. “Did I talk about you in my sleep?” Niall asked. You nodded and smiled. “I’m glad that it was a good dream.” You said and laughed. “Good because it was all true.” Niall said as he got up to give you a kiss. “I love you (y/n).”

Louis: You were falling asleep next to your boyfriend Louis when you heard him begin to moan in his sleep. You giggled to yourself as the moaning got louder and louder. You decided to let this one go and listen to what Louis was dreaming about. “Oh yeah (y/n). You know what I like.” Louis said in a deep voice. You tried to contain your laughter, but you couldn’t. You finally laughed out loud. You were laughing louder than Niall, but it didn’t wake up Louis. “Right there (y/n). Yeah you know where I like it too.” Louis said and laughed in his sleep. You giggled as you touched Louis lightly. “Oh now you’re teasing me? Well you know how I feel about teasing. You know I can torture you like no other.” Louis said. You giggled as Louis finally woke up. You tried to stop your laughter, but Louis caught you. “Babe, what are you laughing at?” Louis asked as he grabbed you and held you in his arms. You began to laugh again. “Louis. You were talking in your sleep.” You said and laughed harder. “Oh bugger.” Louis said and began to laugh. “Did you have a nice sex dream?” You said smiling. Louis looked slightly embarrassed, but he kissed your neck. “It was nice, but the real thing is always better.” Louis said. “Well that can wait another day.” You said and Louis kissed your lips. “No. I think that you need to be punished for laughing at me.” Louis said before turning off his light and throwing the covers over your head.

Zayn: You and Zayn were in the backseat of the car with the rest of the boys. Zayn fell asleep about twenty minutes ago and he was resting his head on your shoulder. The rest of the boys were pretty loud, but it didn’t wake up Zayn. Nothing and no one can wake up Zayn. You heard Zayn mumble something, but you didn’t understand it. “What that’s love?” You whispered as the rest of the boys were in a full conversation about something else. “You’re so hot (y/n). I don’t care if everyone else is around. We should just do it right here.” Zayn said. You began to blush as you realized that Zayn was talking in his sleep. “Zayn.” You said and began to shake his shoulder. Zayn didn’t budge. “They won’t even listen. They’ve done so much worse.” Zayn said. You began to giggle trying to wake him up. You didn’t want the boys to hear what Zayn was saying. Zayn finally woke up and realized where he was. “Hey love.” Zayn said and kissed you. “Love you were talking in your sleep.” You whispered to Zayn. “Shit. Did they hear what I said?” Zayn asked the boys grew quieter. “No, but later they might.” You said and giggled. “Like I said earlier. They won’t even listen.” Zayn said and kissed you. “We heard all of that. You guys need to get a room not anywhere near us.” Louis yelled from the drivers seat. Everyone began to laugh even you and Zayn. 

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