87. Lazy Day Cuddling With Him

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Zayn: As you walked in your bedroom door, you smiled. You sat a tea on Zayn’s bedside table and one on yours before crawling back into bed. “Missed you” Zayn whispered, and you smiled. You and Zayn had both managed to have the day off, and you were taking full advantage of it by spending the entire day in bed together. You wiggled into Zayn’s arms, and he smiled at you. “You’re so pretty” he whispered, and you smiled. “I am loving this day. What time is it?” you asked, and Zayn looked past you at the clock. “Three in the afternoon” he laughed, and your eyes widened. “We have been in lazing in bed for three straight hours” you laughed, as Zayn grabbed his tea. “Here’s to twenty more” Zayn laughed, and you grabbed your mug and clinked your glass with his.

Louis: “Should we get up?” Louis asked, and you shook your head. “It’s four in the afternoon” Louis said, and you shook your head again. “You’re the boss” Louis laughed, and you nuzzled your head into his chest. Today was your day. Louis had been away on tour for two weeks, and he was finally back today. Louis promised that you were his only focus on his day back, and right now, you wanted to focus on lazing in bed with him. “I missed you” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. “Missed you too” you said, glancing up at him. Louis pulled the blankets over himself and smiled. “You know, we should do this more often” Louis smirked, and you nodded, kissing his chest.

Liam: “Want to watch another movie?” Liam asked, and you nodded. “Okay, Lion King 2 or Cinderella?” Liam asked, and you thought for a second. “Lion King 2 please” you smiled, and Liam nodded before putting the DVD in. He crawled into bed and you two went back to the position that you two had been in all day. You laid on his chest, and he wrapped his arm tightly around you. You smiled, as the credits started. “This has been one of my favourite days with you” Liam smiled, rubbing your arm under the pillow. You glanced up at him, and smiled. “I am having a good day, too” you said, and Liam kissed your nose. “Can we do this every day?” you laughed, and Liam laughed with you. “I wish, my love” he said, cuddling you close as the movie started.

Harry: As you laid in bed, listening to the rain hit the windows, you watched a smile spread across his face. You and Harry had only been together four months, and you two had planned to go out today. But the weather was miserable and his bed was warm, so you two cuddled instead. “Your hair smells so good” Harry whispered, and you smiled. “Thanks Hazz” you said, and he smiled again, forcing you to blush. “Should we do something?” you asked. You two had been in bed, asking each other questions for two hours. “Do you really want to?” Harry asked back, and you shook your head. “Well then” he laughed, and you shifted in close to him. He hesitated for a second, before running his fingers in your hair. Harry started humming, and you smiled. “Sing” you requested, and Harry laughed lightly before he started singing Gotta Be You. You smiled, and buried your head in his chest.

Niall: “Come here” Niall called, and you smiled. You had your pajamas on, and you had just called in to work sick. “I feel guilty” you said, pulling the blankets back. “You deserve time too, princess. You work too hard” Niall said, brushing the hair out of your face with his fingers. You smiled, and nodded. “So what are we going to do today?” you asked, and Niall waved over the bed. “We are not leaving this bed” he said, and you laughed. “You’re serious?” you asked, and Niall nodded. “Alright then baby” you said, kissing his cheek. You and Niall talked, watched TV and talked. You had dinner delivered and ate on paper plates. It was an incredibly relaxing day, and you loved every second you had with Niall. 

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