10. You're First Arguments

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ZAYN:  "I can’t believe you would do something like this to me," you say, trying to fight off the oncoming tears.  "I didn’t do anything to you, you’re the one making it into a huge deal when it’s not," he argues.  "Zayn, you went out with another girl behind my back!"  "How many times do I have to tell you that I didn’t ‘go out-go out’ with her?  She’s an old friend, I ran into her, and we spontaneously decided to grab some lunch and catch up.  What was I supposed to say, ‘Hold on, let me ask my girlfriend’s permission first.’?"  "Yes!" you shout at him.  "You’re insane.  And I’m done with this conversation," Zayn tells you, heading into the kitchen to get out of the same room as you, but you’re hot on his heels to follow and continue giving him an earful.

HARRY:  The yelling hadn’t ceased for nearly a half an hour.  You and Harry are both being stubborn about the whole situation, neither one willing to just be the bigger person and let it go.  Finally, enough is enough.  “I’m not dealing with this anymore!  We’re done here!” Harry shouts, heading for the door.  “Are you serious??  You are just gonna walk out on this conversation?  Just like that?”  Harry whips around to face you again, yelling, “This is not a conversation!  What part of this is conversing to you?  All we are doing is yelling about the same crap over and over.  I’m outta here.”  And with that, he lets himself out, leaving you to let out a frustrated scream.

LOUIS:  You haven’t heard from Louis in nearly two days.  You’d had a huge fight over something stupid, that you honestly can’t even remember now.  You’d thought of calling or texting him, but had always put your phone back down.  You check your phone one last time before going to bed, still nothing from Louis.  You sigh and settle in for the night, figuring you’ll get in touch with him tomorrow, sick of this cold shoulder game.  You’re woken by your phone going off in the middle of the night.  “Mmm?” you hum into the receiver, still half-asleep and not having looked at the ID.  “Baby?” you hear Louis’ voice come across the line.  Your eyes shoot open and you’re suddenly wide awake.  “I’m sorry to wake you up in the middle of the night, but I just can’t sleep without talking to you.  I’m really sorry, love.”  “I’m sorry too,” you tell him.  “I’m glad you called.”  “What were we even fighting about?” Louis asks you and you laugh, glad you aren’t the only one.

NIALL:  “You ate the last of the cookies?” Niall asks you, sounding a bit angrier about it than usual.  “Yeahhh.  I’ll buy more tomorrow,” you tell him.  “Ughh!!” he groans out in frustration, slamming the cabinet door shut.  “Why do you always do that?  Why do you always finish the snacks without even asking me if I want any!”  At first you laugh, but then you catch a glimpse of his seething features.  “Wait, are you kidding right now?  It’s my house, I buy them, I can eat them if I want to.”  “No, no, I’m not kdding!  This is ridiclous!”  “I think this outburst of yours is a little ridiculous!  You’re seriously mad at me because I ate the cookies…really?”  “Yes, really!  I’ve had a long day, all I want is to come here and eat some cookies.  Is that too much to ask?” he asks, still clearly angry.  “Uh, yeah, I can tell you’ve had a long day.  Why don’t you go chill out for a while before talking to me again,” you tell him, heated.  He storms out of the house and when he comes back, he has a package of cookies, refusing to share any with you.

LIAM: You’d been giving Liam the cold shoulder for over an hour.  He sits on the couch flipping through the channels, waiting for you to talk to him again.  “If you’re waiting for me to leave, it’s not gonna happen,” he tells you smugly, never tearing his gaze from the screen in front of him.  You respond by getting up and walking into the other room.  Liam follows you.  “This is the stupidest thing ever.  You have to talk to me sometime.”  You roll your eyes.  “Fine.  Then I’ll just sit here and annoy you until you talk to me.”  You walk into another room, but Liam is like your shadow, never far behind.  After another fifteen minutes of this, you snap, “Ok fine!  Whatever!  I’ll talk to you!  Just stop being so freakin’ annoying!” you shout, still mad.  “I knew that would work,” Liam boasts, grinning, before pulling you into his arms.  You try to resist, telling him, “I’m still really mad.  This doesn’t mean I forgive you.”  He chuckles and says, “I don’t care, this is good enough for now.”

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