91. Hes Crying And You Comfort Him

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Niall: You come home from shopping with a friend, and you’re surprised when you walk in the house and don’t find Niall sitting waiting for you. Usually he would come greet you. You knew he had an interview earlier in the day, but he definitely should be home by now. “Niall” you called out, and you got no response. You were starting to get worried as you walked around the house searching for him. You looked first in the kitchen, as that was where Niall tended to hang out. He wasn’t there. You got through the whole house and stepped out in the backyard. You found Niall, sitting on your back step, crying. “Niall, babe, what’s wrong?” you said, surprised, as you sat next to him. “Nothing Y/N” he said, clearly embarrassed. “Niall…” you said, trying to coax him to talk. He caves and takes your hand. “When I was at the interview today, they were talking about who was the fan favorite. The fans were shouting everyone’s names but mine. I just… I feel unappreciated. Maybe I need to quit the band.” You were shell shocked. Niall loved being in One Direction and the fans. You couldn’t believe he was talking about quitting. “Niall, you have so many fans. Trust me. Honestly babe, I know that was probably tough to hear but you need to know that people all over the world look up to you and think you’re talented. Please remember that this is your dream and you need to live for yourself. You are appreciated and I hear it all the time. It was one studio audience. Remember you have supportive people around you who love you. I love you.” You could see starting to smile through the tears and you pulled him in for a hug. He didn’t quit the band and, after you hinted about it on twitter, ‘Niallmakes1D’ was trending on twitter.

Harry: You were in the car with Harry on your way to Cheshire. You decided to drive because you needed the practice. Your conversation with Harry had hit a lull, so you were just humming to the radio while he checked his phone. You drove for twenty minutes with nothing from Harry. You looked over at him and he was staring blankly out the windshield. “Y/N to Mars, Y/N to mars, Harry do you copy?” you said jokingly, but he didn’t reply. Instead, he turned to the window. “Or not” you whispered to yourself. You put your eyes back on the road until you heard a sniffle. You looked over and saw Harry was crying. This was the first time you saw him cry, and you were surprised because it came out of nowhere. You pulled the car over on the side of the road and put on the hazards. You got out and went over to Harry’s side of the car and opened the door. Harry looked at you and bowed his head. “Haz what is going on?” you asked, putting your hand on his shoulder. “I get so much hate. I feel like every time I check my phone I’m getting hate. I am so sick of it. I do the best I can…” he had fallen into a whisper and was muffled by his tears. You were heartbroken. Your happy go lucky boyfriend was devastated. “Harry… I don’t know what to say really, other than that you are incredible at what you do. Not many people can say they’ve accomplished what you have, and that’s what causes the hate. You make people jealous. I am so sorry they do this to you, but know that you do an amazing job. You’re an amazing performer, an amazing song, an amazing brother, an amazing friend and a perfect boyfriend.” He nodded, and you could see him loosening up. “Phone” you said, palm out. “What?” he asked, confused. “You don’t get your phone until our trip is done. Hand it over” you said firmly. “What about business calls and work stuff?” “I will be your ‘out of office’ receptionist. Please. You need this break. We both know it.” He nodded again and, as you took his phone, you could feel the weight lift off his shoulders. You tweeted ‘hi everyone! its y/n, just thought you should know harry wont be on for a bit. he needs a break. he sends his love xo’ before putting it in your pocket and doing the rest of the ride singing with your boyfriend.

Liam: You were with Liam and the boys on a worldwide tour. Today was Beijing, tomorrow was Tokyo. Every day was a new place with a new experience. But it wasn’t all good. Liam missed home. He missed his mom and dad and sisters. He wanted to see his friends. He was thankful for you, but he missed home. You had gone out and saw sights with Niall and Zayn while Liam slept. He was not feeling up to touring the city. When you got back to the hotel, you walked in to your room and saw Liam on the phone. You quietly walked over to give him a kiss on the cheek, but noticed he was crying. You shot him a questioning look, and he motioned to give him a second. “Yeah mum… Right, mum, yeah… Say hello to dad for me… No, I’m fine. Yeah. Yeah… Bye mum.” He sat his phone down and broke. He was bawling, and you just held him. There was nothing you could say or do to make it okay. “I miss England” he whispered, but you knew he missed his friends and family. “I know babe, I know” you whispered back as you rubbed his back. You stood there hugging him for five minutes as he cried. He calmed down a little, and you put your hand to his face. “Liam, you are so strong for doing this. You are incredible. You travel the world without your mom and dad and follow your dream, and most people don’t even leave their home town. You are so amazing” you said, wiping a tear away with your thumb. Liam smiled at your kind words. “You make this possible. I don’t know what I’d do without you” Liam said, kissing you deeply. You spent the day watching Disney movies in bed. You ran out and managed to get your hand on the ingredients to make Liam’s mom’s shepherd’s pie. It made him feel a lot better to feel like he had been home for a few hours.

Louis: “Lou! Can you come here for a second?” you called from your closet. You were trying to decide what to wear to an interview with him that afternoon. Louis walked in to you in a bra and underwear. “Only a second?” he said, wiggling his eyebrows. You rolled your eyes and smirked. “I was wondering which outfit you liked better, the dress pants and blouse or the black pencil skirt with the tank top annnnnd this cardigan?” you showed him both. He stood in the doorway, expressionless. You lifted one than the other, shook them. No response from Louis. “Hello?” you said. Louis turned and walked out. “Oh, I liked that one too” you muttered to yourself. You put on the skirt, tank top and cardigan and walk out to the main part of the house. Louis was sitting in a chair at the table, his head focused on the newspaper laying on the table in front of him. You sat across from him. “I see you got your big bowl of sassyloops this morning” you joked. You kept your eyes on him and watched a tear hit the newspaper. “Lou? Are you okay?” you asked and he looked up. “Did you ask me about your outfits because you think I’m gay?” he asked you. “What?!” you said with a chuckle. Louis just stared at you. “You can’t be serious. Why would you be with me if you were gay? I have interior plumbing…” you said, trying to joke around. Louis wasn’t having it. “People are saying I’m gay and that you’re my beard. “ You were dumbfounded. “Lou. We both know you’re not gay” you said, stating the obvious. “Why do people say that then?” he said, as you made your way over to him. You squatted down so you were ate his level, and looked him in the eye. “Because you’re outgoing and funny and stylish and good looking. People don’t think it’s possible for a straight guy to be as great as you, I suppose. You need to not listen to that crap though, Lou. You know your sexuality better than anyone. Don’t let losers hiding behind their computer screen dictate your life. It’s not right but-“ Louis pulls you in for a hug. “Thanks Y/N” he says and you smile. You got up to go put on your shoes. “Oh and Y/N” he calls out and you turn. “You made the right choice on the outfit, babe.” You smiled, you loved your Louis.

Zayn: “Zayn Malik was spotted out at ChinaWhite nightclub last night. He was not looking himself, with scruff, glasses, messy hair and a bad attitude” a picture of Zayn flipping off the camera came up on your TV. You tried to contain your laughter, but Zayn was not amused. “I can’t have one night to go out without being called out on it by every media station the next day” Zayn said, throwing his book on the table and storming off. You got up and followed him slowly. When you got to the bathroom, you could hear Zayn crying. You knocked on the door. “Come in” he sniffles and you open the door. “Babe…” you say, seeing Zayn with tears streaming down his face. “I’m such a disappointment” he says, wiping his tears.  “No! Zayn no you’re not,” you rush over to him to give him a hug, “you are a wonderful man. You aren’t disappointing anyone.” “Y/N, I gave a camera the finger last night” he said, rubbing his temple. “The camera follows you everywhere you go. You never get a break from them. Of course you’re going to have some less than perfect moments and get fed up. You’re only human, Zayn. You have to remember that you’re learning. Your fans get that, and they learn along with you. Don’t think you’re a disappointment because your making mistakes, that’s how you learn .” Zayn looked up at you and you took his head and hugged it against your waist. He hugged your legs. “Do you really believe that?” he asked you. “I know its true” you say, giving him a kiss on the head. “Thank you so much for being there for me” he said, standing and pulling you in for a hug and a kiss. 

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