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102. He Paint Your Nails

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Harry - “Hold still, babe,” he murmured, and you sat, watching the tiny flicker of pink from his tongue poking out to the side of his mouth, forehead knotted in concentration. He held your fingers straight, and slid the brush across your thumb nail. You felt it skim past your skin. 

"Sure you don’t need a hand there, Haz?" You bit your lip, watching him. 

"Babe," he smirked up, "I’ve got this…"

"Oh, yeah," you tugged your hand away and showed him the fine line of nail polish down your skin so far, "you’ve got this, babe…"

"Well, maybe if you held still…" he mumbled, yanking your hand back, "I can do this, I just… keep still…"

Liam - ”Alright, pink or yellow,” he shook the two bottles in front of you, wedging their lids between his thumb and forefinger from either hand. You pushed your lips to one side, and mused, “um, yellow.”

"Good choice, babe," he winked and set the bottle down, unscrewing the lid and settling himself further in front of you.

"Thanks again for doing this," you smiled into him, wriggling your fingers in front of him, till he was smoothing them down by knuckles with his palm.

"That’s what boyfriends are for," he shrugged, "and you know… I love you…"

Louis - ”Done,” Louis smacked his lips and grinned up, raising his body from hunching over your arm so you could peel your hand back and examine his work. 

"Wow," you blew cool air on your nails for a second,  "you’re actually good at this, Lou. Where’d you learn?"

He shrugged, dropping the brush back into the tiny bottle, “comes with having little sisters. That, and I’ve got a fall-back career as a manicurist if singing every falls through…”

You smiled down, grazing your eyes over the half-moon of each nail and the neat swipe Louis had ended all of them with, “these look awesome, babe…”

"What can I say," he fell back down on the bed, stretching arms behind his head and groaning once, "I’m a pro."

Zayn - he bit down on the tip of his tongue poking out, wedging the brush down your nail to paint in, “just get this corner,” he murmured to himself, “and then, done…” he gave you your hand back, setting the brush down and smiling proudly on the way up to looking at you. 

"Zayn…" you cautioned. 

"What, babe?" He wriggled closer, still cross-legged opposite you on the bed. 

"Um…" you giggled, holding your hand up for him to inspect and the uneven strokes, nail polish on your skin that wasn’t meant to be there, "good job?"

"I’ll do better with the other hand," he blushed down, defensively, "I promise!"

Niall - ”Babe, I’m telling you,” he smiled, hunched over your arm to where you couldn’t see what he was doing, “you are going to be so stoked when you see your nails. I really think I’ve outdone myself here…”

"From what? Last time?" You snorted, "not too tricky," you teased, "if I recall correctly, you spilt the entire bottle on my hand by accident."

"Yeah, by accident," he chided, defending himself, "no, I promise I’ve done a good job this time. Just gimme one more second."

"Okay," you sighed, letting him finish. You felt the tickle of the brush near your fingertip before it went away. 

"There," he beamed, giving you your hand back, "all done… what do you think?"

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