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65. You're Pregnant And He Doesn't Want The Baby Part 1

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Harry: Harry watches as you stare at the small swell of your stomach. He scratches the back of his neck and sighs. This is the last thing he needs or wants. He’s nineteen and is in no shape to care for a baby. “How do you think we’re ready for this?” he asks and you stare at the ground. “You’re still in school and I’m hardly ever here. You’ll practically raise this baby alone” he says and you frown. “I know that’s harsh but I’m trying to get you to understand the situation. You think the hate is bad now… just wait, if they find out about this they’ll eat you alive” Harry promises and tears fill your eyes. You lock yourself in your apartment for the weekend, mulling over the possibility of the abortion Harry hadn’t outright asked you to get when you start to bleed. “Don’t worry… you won’t have to be a father yet” you text simply.

Liam: It’s completely silent between the two of you as you stare at the test held in your hands. Liam sighs shakily and you look up to see tears in his eyes. “I’m not ready for this… we’re not ready for this” he cries, eyes red and you blink rapidly to stop your own from falling. “I’ll… I can get an abortion” you offer and he sighs shakily. “No… I, fuck! I don’t want that either. I don’t want any of this but I don’t want that” he assures you, rubbing his palms against his eyes. “There’s always adoption. I could disappear for nine months, you can say we broke up”  you offer and he laughs nervously. “We’ll figure it out… maybe, maybe I’ll get used to the idea of having a baby” Liam cries but you gulp because that doesn’t always work. You’ve seen those episodes of 16 & Pregnant and you don’t want to end up like Janelle.

Niall: You pull your knees closer to your chest as Niall destroys the living room down stairs. You’re in the same spot you were in an hour ago after finding out you were in fact pregnant. This bathroom can burn in hell for all you care. Niall took it exactly how you thought he would; awfully. He stared at you for several minutes before bursting out into tears and babbling about how he couldn’t be a father at 19. The four pregnancy test scattered about the floor tell him differently. You make your way downstairs to see that the living room is completely destroyed, everything is broken, even the TV. “Stay… just, stay there” Niall cries softly, eyes rimmed red. “I’m sorry” you cry but he shakes his head. “It’s more my fault than yours” he says and you scuff your toes against the bottom stair. “There’s… we have options” you say quietly and he nods.  

Louis: He had already told you his opinion of the situation if indeed the test came back positive. You were so scared, you didn’t want a baby at 20, but everything happens for a reason. This still didn’t help the fact that your boyfriend was steadfast in the mindset that if you were pregnant, he did not want it. His career, his image, his life was too important. As you stare at the positive test, tears stream down your face. You couldn’t get an abortion, you just didn’t have the guts to do something like that, so instead you wrote him a note, leaving it on the kitchen table after packing up your things to leave him. ‘I know it isn’t what you wanted, so I’ll do it on my own, and you won’t need to worry about me messing anything up.’

Zayn: “This isn’t happening!” he says as he paces in front of you. “How the hell is this happening?” You sit on the bed, your legs against your chest, holding them as tightly as you can. “Zayn..” you start. “DON’T! Just…don’t” he shouts. You hang your head and fall silent as you go over in your mind the options you had. You had one more year of university left, and a year with a baby didn’t seem unfeasible. Zayn had already made it very clear he wasn’t ready for a baby, but had left everything up to you. You made the decision to leave his side to raise this baby on your own. This way, with you gone, he could focus on his own life. Even though it was going to be hard, you had to think about the life inside you more than the one you wanted to have. 

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