72. The Condom Breaks

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Harry - his hips knocked with yours in a rhythm you’d lost sight over past the last string of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” and the bed creaking a little, his voice hoarse by your ear, letting out gasps that made you arch up into him, “shit, Harry… shit, shit, shit!”

"I know, babe," he groaned almighty, "I know…" and gripped your arms in hands ready to slip sweat down the sheets beneath you, fist them and rear up again, staying higher until you were both ready to descend, hands clawing his back up and down as it happened. He rested weight for minutes over minutes before he pulled out of you, snapping off the condom, forehead knotting when he looked down, double bent before tossing it away, "hey, babe…" he worried up at you, the blankets in your hands about to haul, "you’ve… you’ve got, like, pills you can take, right?"

"Um… yeah, why?"

"I… pretty sure the condom didn’t make it…" he bit his own lip, chewing like gum, silence like silence. 

"Pretty sure?" You eased up all hesitant. 

"Well," he slid one finger through the hole in its tip, smiling weakly like he could turn it into a joke somehow, "about pretty sure as this, babe…"

Liam - needy and jerky into you, he kept going, rolling bodies over until you were lain on top of him, peeking smile down as you tucked hair behind your ear, kissing his lips to take the bottom one with you back up, dropped back when you couldn’t hold your own moans, spilling out and down, he captured them and swallowed thickly every last drop of you, clambering for air at the same time you did, “babe… oh, God… babe…”

"Shit, Liam…" you gasped out all rounded as you came, leaning over and sliding opposite him, down to his side, one arm wrung up to hug him around. He leant a little to yank the condom off. 

"Um, babe…" you looked up a little at his words and the fact that he was frozen.

"What, Li?"

"The… I think the condom broke…"

Your own body shook before you shook out enough words to loosen, “what… what do you mean, broke?”

"I mean, it broke… it’s ripped, I… I don’t when it happened… oh my God, I’ve got you pregnant, oh my God, that’s it… I’m done. Your dad is going to kill me, babe, are we ready for this? I… I… don’t know if I’ll be a good dad, I’ll burn cereal, I… we’re not ready for this!"

Louis - out loud, you felt groans hot on your body and your chest, like rattles that slithered around you, shaking parts of you, making your legs quake where he lay between them, grinding down on you, bucking into you all rapid and flurried, “fuck, babe, you’re so tight… gotta do you like this more often…”

"Lou, I’m not gonna last…" your fingers found his hair and tugged strands you could manage up from the scalp, sweat and lines of hair all matted down, your fingers flying through them, "shit… shit!"

He collapsed downwards when he came after you, letting himself finish in the condom before he pulled out to lay beside you. One fumbling hand took the prophylactic and tugged it off his length, slippery and wet between his fingers before his eyes found out. “Fuck, um…” he sat up suddenly, “okay, babe, don’t freak out, yeah? Don’t freak out…”

"Lou, what the hell?" You groaned closer to his position. 

"The condom may have broken…"

Your eyes did something you couldn’t control, and you snarled, “may have?”

"Okay, definitely did…"

Zayn - he brought your hands back with fingers in knots as he lay down, bearing down into you, thrusting hard and deep, eye contact held, his lips a little shaky when he kissed you, tongue lacing your bottom lip before he forced himself in, the inside of either of your cheeks, scraping taste back for him to follow, “babe…” he brought his lips to your ear, “you have no idea how good you feel…”

"Mmm," you arched up, shutting your eyes, "I think I’ve got some… ah, shit… idea…"

"Oh, babe…" he growled, and tongue by your ear, came inside the condom as you arched up to the end of his body on yours, nerve endings firing, before he pulled out and rolled to the other side of the bed, panting out of some deep exhaustion, "that was so good…" he leant up to be leaning on his elbows and stomach, "I…" he reached down to slip the condom off, "I… shit…" he murmured the last word lowly, making you turn. 

"What’s up, babe?"

"The, um, the condom…" he held it up to you, a noticeable turn down its sagged side, "what… what do we do?"

"Don’t freak out?" You bit your lip, shuffling, "don’t… don’t freak out… yeah?"

Niall - one palm scraping up and messing the hair at the back of his head, you tore down to his forehead and then his cheek, holding what you could of him, as his hips toppled, rutting you into the mattress all quick and darting, “like that, babe… oh, fuck, just like that!” He tore down to kiss you, covering your moans and swallowing them before they broke noise, his own groans in the back of your throat, tickling you and taking you closer to your end, “yep, babe… shit!”

"Ni, fuck, I’m gonna come…"

"Me too…" he kept his promise, spilling hot liquid with a final thrust that made you yelp, hands on your hips to steady out what you were riding to the edge. He pulled out when his chest started heaving more than hot breath escaping in puffs, laying down beside you, hands wriggling under the covers to rescue the condom, "ah, fuck…" he groaned to himself, sitting up and shooing the covers back to peer down. 

"Ni?" You sat up and traced a line down his back, "what’s up?"

He fumbled with bedside lamp and brought a glow of light with it’s switch, nodding once and turning to face you, “would you, ah…” he laughed shakily, “be mad if I told you the condom broke?”

"Broke, like… broke?"

"Broke like broke, babe…" he grimaced, an uneasy smile to shift the mood settling before it set in stone. 

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