109. Giving Your Child A Bath

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Harry - “Look at my little girl,” he smiled down the way his eyes were peering into the same colour, only smaller but widening in excitement the same way. He knelt a little differently in front of the bath, sleeves of his shirt rolled up hastily, his hair a little wet and splash marks down the material of his front. He scoops a few more bubbles into his hands and drapes it over her head, “who’s my pretty little girl?”

You bent down next to him, chuckling, “Harry, what are you doing?” 

"Giving her an afro," he smiled to himself before he looked over, eyes glistening the way he found you looking, "I think she can work it."

Liam - you heard the splash of water, tipping the door to the bathroom open and stepping in, kissing Liam’s forehead where you passed, your son wriggling in the warm water in the bath, “how’s he doing?”

"Like a trooper," Liam laughed when water splashed up the sides. He hurried with his hands to gently hold your son’s arms and guide him into almost swimming, rubbing one hand back from the soft skin of his hairline to the nape of his neck. 

"That’s our little man," you knelt down as well, petting a towel around to the edge of the bath, leaning over to brush lips down the side of Liam’s face again.

Louis - ”Racing to the finish line, Miss. Tomlinson takes the lead, passes the rubber duck without a second thought, laps it back, she’s going for the gold, she’s swimming, she’s swimming…”

"Louis," you snapped your head around the door to the bathroom, blinking back from the dense steam in the air, "what the hell are you doing?"

"She’s…" he fell back into sitting down a little, face falling, "she’s swimming in the Olympics… she’s," his eyes moved from you to her, "she’s going for gold…"

You chuckled, watching his hands hold her carefully in the warm water, “go team, then.”

Zayn - he held her little hand to help her in the water, “that’s a good girl, get you all cleaned up for when mummy comes home…”

"Dadda," she cooed, as he helped her soft hair up into standing, "d-dadda."

"Yeah, dadda," Zayn smiled down, scooping warm water up and trickling it down her back, rubbing with the heel of his palm into the soft skin there, a little peach fuzz near the back of her neck. Zayn leant over the distance to the countertop, reaching for one of her toys up there to bring down, her hands opening and closing into fists when he looked at her again, "want the barbie, dadda."

Niall - ”Row, row, row your boat,” his voice echoed around the room, helping your son in the bath, bubbles around his face like a beard. He laughed when he brushed with his thumb, “gently down the stream…”

You opened the door cautiously, peering in. Niall looked up, bubbles on his face where you son had pressed his tiny hands. You knelt down and wiped them off, kissing his lips to finish.

"Looking good," you tapped his chin, before you turned to your son, his eyes lighting up wide and excited, "you too, little man," you brushed back the soft strands of hair, "you too."

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