11. His Thoughts When You first Meeting You

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LIAM:  Where did Louis and Harry disappear to now?  Those lads are always taking off and getting into mischief… Better go track them down I guess.  Daddy Direction to the rescuse once more.  Oh…wow, she’s really pretty.  And she’s looking over at me.  Look away, Liam, look away.  Orrrr let’s just go say hi to her.  She looks a little bored.  "Hi, I’m Liam," I introduce myself.  "[Y/N]" she says.  "I couldn’t help but notice that you are actually able to stand without looking like you’re about to fall," I say lamely with a laugh. She must think I’m a moron already.  I should have just gone to look for the boys…  “Yeah, I’m not much of a drinker.  I have one or two and then call it a night.”  I smile, and try my luck at continuing the conversation, which ends up lasting the rest of the night.

HARRY:  She’s hot.  She’s hot.  Well, hellooooo there!  Eh.  She’s alright.  This is getting so boring… Oh, who’s she?  Say something, say something!  "I prefer cats, myself."  Seriously, that was the best you could come up with? Well, at least it got her to stop… "I’m sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean…" she says, probably thinking I am a complete creep.  "I don’t really know either," I admit.  "I was just trying to think of something to say to you before you walked by, and that was the best I could come up with.  I’m Harry, by the way."  She smiles at me and looks as though she’s trying not to laugh, great.  She introduces herself and then invites me to join her on her walk through the park.

NIALL:  Got the frozen pizza, got the crisps, what else did I come here for?  Oh, right!  Cookies.  Aw, man, that girl is blocking the cookie display.  And she looks deep in thought.  Great, we could be here a while.  Maybe I can just reach around her and grab them?  "These here are the best," I say to her as I reach for the cookies so that the situation isn’t completely awkward.  "Yeah?" she asks, turning to face me.  Whoa, she’s pretty…  “Trust me, best kind there is.  And I’m quite the expert, if I do say so myself,” I flirtatiously brag, throwing in a little wink for good measure.  “I’m [Y/N],” she says, holding her hand out to shake mine.  After spending the rest of my time shopping and talking with her, I’m definitely eager to see more of her.

ZAYN:  Why did I let them drag me out to this club?  They know I can’t dance.  I feel completely stupid standing here swaying like a fool.  I want to get out of here.  Well, on second thought, she looks kinda cute.  Oh, geeze, she’s coming over…  Run!  Run!  Wow, look at her hips move.  Next thing I know, she’s grabbing hold of my wrist and pulling me towards the middle of the dance floor, despite my attempts to resist.  She surprises me by pulling me in close and dancing with me.  I begin to feel more comfortable and just go with the flow, following her lead.  After spending the rest of the night dancing together, she hands me her name and number written on a napkin.  I tuck it away, definitely planning on calling her sometime.

LOUIS:  Whoa, holy falling girls, Batman!  I reach out and grab her arm as she trips her way onto the lift.  “I see you’re falling hard for me,” I say, flashing her a cheeky grin.  This gets a laugh out of her as she says, “Oh yeah, so hard.”  Heh, I like her sense of humor.  "Well, I can’t say I really blame you," I boast, continuing the joke, and flashing her a smile.  "The name’s Louis," I introduce myself, offering my hand.  "Nice to meet you, Louis.  I’m [Y/N]."  We make casual small-talk the rest of the way down to ground-level.  There’s definitely something about her.  I’ll have to “bump” into her again sometme…

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