123. BMS You're Dating One Of The Boys And He Cheats PART 2

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Louis, Harry: (His POV) That son of a bitch. How dare he? He said he wasn’t going to pull a move like this, and I trusted him with my baby sister. I pulled up to my flat, and (Y/N) looked AG me in confusion. “Lou, what’re we doing here? Aren’t I going back to my flat?” She asked, and I shook my head. “Keep the flag love, but I want you to stay with me for a while. El is home, she’ll be there to comfort you.” I smiled, and she mirrored my actions. “Where will you be?” “I have things to take care of.” “Louis don’t-” she pleaded, knowing what I was going to do. “Please Louis.” She continued. “No (Y/N)! Now get inside the house!” I demanded, and she nodded, rushing inside with her small bags. I drove back to Harry’s flat, arriving there on record time. I rushed out of the car, knocking on the door forcefully, “Harry Goddamn Styles! Get your arse here!” I shouted, and I was glad here weren’t any paps around. “What?” I heard a trembled voice come from inside. “Open the door.” I stated, and it heard the door click open. “Yes, Lou..?” He looked broken, and I felt sorry for him. But my thoughts were interrupted when I remembered what he did to my sister. “I came to collect the rest of (y/N)’s stuff.” “Don’t, Louis. Please.” He sounded desperate, a begging face on him. “Why would you do that Harry? You gained all of her trust, to send her crashing back down again? If you wanted to date that slut, you could of at least broken up with (Y/N)!” “I couldn’t, management wanted me to date someone who’s wasn’t related to a band member, they said it was ‘taking away fans’ and shit. But I didn’t want to break up with (Y/N), I love her too much!” He explained, crying again. “Oh Harry..” I sighed, “Fucking management, that’s bullshit. Why did you go out with her in the first place? Why didn’t you say no?” I hissed, thinking why management would do such a thing. “I was going to get kicked out of the band.” He simply stated, a frown on his face, nose red and cheeks blotchy from crying, “I’ll call up (Y/N). Tell her what happened, I don’t want you two to stay like this, both sobbing messes.” I comforted him. “I’m sorry Lou.” And after a call to you and a very worded letter to management, you and Harry were back together, better than ever.

Harry, Niall: “H-he, oh god,” you cried, still in Harry’s arms. You’d been crying for almost a good half-hour now, and Harry still hadn’t got it out of you. “Tell me (Y/N). Please, I want to know what’s wrong so I can help you.” Harry frowned. “I walked in on h-him a-and some blonde whore, fucking. Phew said it w-was an accident, but I retaliated to that..” You stuttered, and Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in anger. “I’ll be back.” He got up in anger, running to Niall’s room. In panic, you yelled out for the rest of the boys, who came rushing out of their hotel rooms, “(Y/N), babes what’s wrong?!” Zayn rushed when he saw you. “It’s Harry! He’s beating up Niall!” You gripped on to your hair in frustration, leading the boys into Niall’s hotel room, where you found the two fighting. Zayn and Liam held Harry while you and Louis held back Niall. “Fucking cunt!” Niall spat at Harry, and Harry yelled back. “I didn’t cheat! You manwhore! That’s my baby sister!” Harry hissed back, venomously. “I-I-I’m sorry..” Niall trailed off, and Liam let go of Harry to get some ice packs. “That’s all you have to say?” “Harry, that’s enough.” You stated, caressing Niall’s hair. “So after you just walked in on him and that bitch fucking, you’re gonna take him back?!” Harry shouted, infuriated. “No. I’m not. I’m giving him another chance Harry, and this time we’re starting off wayyyyyy in the friend-zone.” You sighed, and went up to Harry, hugging him. “I’m sorry Harry, (Y/N).” By now, the boys had left, leaving the three of you to talk it out. “It’s okay.” “I agree,” Harry nodded. “But I’ll be keeping a close eye on you. Don’t you ever hurt my sister again.” After that, Harry always DID keep a close eye on you, and had insecurities when he left you and Niall alone for a while. Although, after a year or so, you and Niall were back together, and Harry was happy to see you happy.

Zayn, Liam: “How is he?” You asked, wiping the blood of Zayn’s knuckles while he hissed in pain. “Why would you care? Agh!” He groaned. “Sorry. Oh and, you know, because he’s my boyfriend, considering we still haven’t broken up.” You muttered, wrapping a bandage around his knuckles, finalising the first aid. “He’s in hospital.” Zayn stuttered nervously, he knew you wouldn’t take this well. “Zayn Javaad Malik! You out him in hospital!” You gasped, and he nodded. “I’m going to go see him, and you won’t stop me.” You snapped, and he nodded. “I’m going with you,” he said, rushing after you and you nodded. When you were there, you asked the nurse for him and she led you to his room, where was being treated by the doctor. “Nothing much, just a black eye and bruised lip. You should be fine, just ice that.” You heard muffled voices. You gave your brother a death glare as you knocked on the door. “Yes? Ah, I presume you want to visit him, yes?” The doctor smiled noticing you, obviously knowing who you were. “Come right in, I’ll leave you all to talk.” He waved, and left. “I’m so sorry, I’m such a dick and I love you-” Liam rambled, and you nodded. “It’s just hard to take in. Wasn’t I good enough? I don’t even probably deserve you, do I?” You questioned to yourself. “It’s the other way around, love. You were always good enough. And I for sure don’t deserve you.” Liam sighed. “I’m sorry mate.” Liam apologised to your brother, receiving a small, but apologetic smile too. “Do you take me back?” Liam questioned. “Can we start over again?” He smirked, knowing that was your favourite song, and you rolled your eyes playfully. “Hi, my name’s Liam Payne, and yours?” “(Y/N) Malik, how d’you do?”

Niall, Louis: (HIS POV) “You fucking asshole!” I yelled, stopping Zayn’s recording session, and causing the boys to snap their heads at me. “Me?” Louis asked. “No shit you-” I gritted my teeth, pouncing on his, continuously punching his stomach, and he fought back. “Stop it! Both of you!” The boys yelled at us, “Niall! Stop!” I heard the similar voice call from beside me. “(Y/N)..” I breathed, letting go of Louis, and stepping towards her. “What the fuck was that?!” Liam snapped at me, and I hugged (Y/N) bringing her inside. “For this cunt cheating on my sister!” I yelled, about to punch him again, but my sister held me back. “What?!” Louis croaked, loud enough for us to hear, “Why in the hell would I do that?! She’s my world! My little, Irish world!” He defended, and i watched as (Y/N)’s cheeks turn a pale pink colour. “So how do you explain the phone call?” I hissed, sitting down now. “I lost my phone a few days ago. Guess the crazy bitch found it, and probably played a sex tape or something..” “You made a sex tape with El?” Harry thought out loud. Everyone looked at him, and he shrugged, walking away to grab a water bottle. “Fine. I’m sorry I- erm, you know.” I gushed, pointing at him. “Li, can you go get some ice, and Zayn, water please?” (Y/N) asked from beside me. “You two, I love you both. But, Niall, I get that you’re protective of me, but don’t to this to my boyfriend. And Louis, please tell me your phone got stolen at least. I was heart wretched.” She sighed, and we both nodded. After a while, Niall and Louis were back to normal, and so was everything else. Turns out Eleanor did have Louis’ phone, and in fact was playing their sex tape. And as for you? Let’s say Louis was punished for the sex tape thing..

Liam, Zayn: As soon as you bumped in to liam! him and the boys took you somewhere else, and somewhere quieter. “I’m so sorry love. He doesn’t deserve you.” Your best friend, Niall, sighed. “He’s a no good two timing pig, okay?” Louis sighed. The atmosphere was quiet, and the only sounds made were your heartbreaking sobs. “Where is she?!” A distressed voice came from the corridors of the room where you were from. Zayn rushed into the room. “(Y/N)!” He yelled triumphantly, and you looked away from him. “Fuck off lad.” Liam argued, tense against you in anger. “No, she’s my fiancé.” “Ex-fiancé” you hissed. “What?” He stumbled for words. “Don’t ‘what’ me Zayn. I just fucking walked in on you and your lovely slut fucking in the room. And you think that we’re still together?! I’m calling this engagement off!” You snapped, and he nodded solemnly, like a child who’d been caught taking an extra cookie from the jar, and had just been out in timeout. “How long Zayn? I’m curious.” You spat. “Eight months.” Eight months, so that means that if Zayn proposed to you four months ago… “And you had the fucking courage to propose?!” You squealed angrily, your voice gaining volume at each word. “Alright (Y/N) calm down love.” Harry called you over, watching as your brother made his way towards Zayn, “You might still be my best mate Zayn, but what you did to my sister is fucking unacceptable. I hope you know that. Know that you and her will never be the same,” he mumbled the last bit. “and I sure as hell hope you find someone. Because I will never let you date her again.” Turns out, the future want like what you expected. You ended up dating your best friend Niall, who proposed to you. Today you two are married a boy, Rory, and a girl on the way. Maybe the past had its bumps, but your future was a smooth road.

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