31. He Finds Your Fanfic You Wrote About Him

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HARRY:  ” ‘Those were the longest three and a half years of my life,’ Harry said with a light chuckle.  He pulled back and I could see his eyes were shining brightly with tears,” you hear Harry read from his place in front of the computer.  Your heart stops beating for a second in the horror of recognizing those words.  “You know I would never actually leave you for that long, right, silly girl?” Harry asks you playfully.  “Where did you find that?” you grill.  “Came across it online,” he answers you nonchalantly.  You jump up and try to close out of the page before he can finish reading your old fanfic.  He takes hold of your hands, stopping you from clicking out of the page, as he continues reading, much to your embarrassment.
(author’s note: the quoted portion of this imagine is borrowed from the fanfiction Forever and Always written by the lovely jenny.  you can check out the whole thing on her page play-the-music.tumblr.com/fanfiction - go check it out, it’s truely fantastic!)

LOUIS:  Louis had been acting extra romantic lately and showering you with all sorts of lovely gestures.  It’s all quite unlike him, but you definitely aren’t one to complain about receiving a little bit of extra attention.  It takes a good couple of weeks for you to notice that he’s treating you the exact way the Louis you wrote into your fanfic a million years ago treated you, same gifts and all.  The next time he recreates a moment you’d written about all those years ago, you bust him for it.  “I was just trying to create your ideal Louis,” he tells you.  You laugh a bit.  “First of all, youare my ideal Louis, without all this fictional nonsense.  And second of all, where did you even find that old notebook?”  “Box in the attic,” he states simply.

ZAYN:  You and Zayn share the nightly ritual of reading in bed before going to sleep each night.  One night he pulls out a dingy old notebook that has loose pages tucked in it at all sorts of angles.  You recognize the cover immediately.  You try to quickly snatch it away from him before he can open it, saying, “How did you find that?!”  He yanks it out of your reach before you can grab it.  “It wasn’t hard.  You aren’t the best as hiding things.”  “You can’t read that!”  Zayn laughs.  “Come on, I’ve already skimmed it - it looks interesting!”  “Trust me, it’s not,” you argue, still trying to retrieve the notebook from his grasp.  “I wanna know what your old fantasies about me were,” he tells you with a smirk.  Knowing you aren’t going to win this argument, you resign and let him get his kicks reading it.

LIAM:  You’re cleaning out your basement with Liam one Saturday when he comes across a box full of some of your old things from years ago.  “Looks like there are a few of your journals in here,” he tells you.  “I didn’t keep journals,” you state absently.  “Well there are three notebooks in here,” he says, pulling them out to show you.  “Oh my God…” you groan.  “What?” Liam asks, confused.  “I, uh, I wrote a fanfiction about you like ten years ago,” you tell him sheepishly, your face turning pink in a blush.  Liam chuckles.  “I’m kind of intrigued!  Mind if I read it?”  “Uh, yeah, kinda!” you exclaim, trying to take the notebooks from him.  “Oh, it can’t be that bad!  We can even read it together out loud.  It can be like a play - I’ll be me and you be you.”  You roll your eyes a bit, not having the heart to tell him no, as it seems he’s really interested in reading it.  “Alright, I suppose…”  You spend the rest of the afternoon reading through your old story together.

NIALL:  Niall is awfully interested in something on the computer.  He’s been laughing to himself for nearly an hour as he continuously scrolls through a bunch of text.  Curious, you peek over at his screen to see what it is that’s had his attention held for so long.  You recognize the webpage and catch a glimpse of some familiar words.  “Oh my God, I knew I should have deleted that,” you groan, breaking Niall from the fantasy land you’d created.  “No, it’s good!  I really like it.  I never knew you had such skill in writing,” Niall tells you.  “That’s not the point!  It’s embarrassing that you found that.”  “Don’t be embarrassed; I’m flattered!” Niall assures you before turning his attention back to the screen to finish reading.

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