32. He Dose Something Cheeky

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LIAM:  You’re on a hike with Liam one afternoon on a bright summer day.  You’re wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and short shorts.  Liam purposely stays behind you on the trails, especially when there’s a little hill that you have to go up.  He starts to lag behind a bit, so you slow down to stay with him while your trail guide and the rest of the group continue on.  Liam takes your hand and pulls you towards him, grabbing your bum and giving it a light squeeze.  “Liam!” you hiss, giggling as you do.  “Your bum just looks so good in those shorts - you’re torturing me!” he whispers.  “Stop it!  Our group is right over there,” you scold playfully, still giggling.  He shoots you a look as if to say “come on” and you shoot one back with a flirtatiously raised eyebrow as if to say “later.”  You turn around to catch up with the group, Liam continuing to stay behind you, enjoying the view.

ZAYN:  You’re at an awards event with Zayn, who’s been making googley eyes at you all evening long.  He can’t tear his gaze from your form-fitting plunging-back evening gown.  When you get up from your place to talk with a friend you see across the way, Zayn watches you walk off.  As he starts noticing your conversation coming to a close, he gets up to meet you.  He stands very close in front of you, lust evident in his eyes.  He places his hands on either side of your rib cage and slowly drags them down the curve of your waist, landing on your hips.  You know what’s running through his mind.  You place your hands on his chest to keep him at bay, smiling at him.  “Behave yourself, mister,” you say playfully.  He groans a bit, like a whiny child, before giving you a gentle kiss and escorting you back to your seats.

LOUIS:  While hanging out, killing some time before Louis has to take off for an interview, you grab some ice cream and sit down on a park bench to eat it.  You, being the klutz that you are, manage to drop a big glob on your pants.  Louis chuckles at you before getting up to fecth you some napkins.  When he returns, he hands you the napkins from behind, making sure to brush his hand against your chest quite intentionally on its way back up.  You jerk your head around.  “Louis!”  He laughs and asks innocently, “What?”  “You know what.  Cheeky boy…”  Louis just grins at you, taking another bite of his ice cream.

NIALL:  You’re sitting in a movie theater with Niall, waiting for the lights to dim and the movie to start.  Out of boredom, Niall puts his arm around your shoulders and reaches his fingers under edge of your shirt a bit to start playing with your bra strap.  You slap at his hand, but he doesn’t let up.  You grab his hand and turn to face him.  “Knock it off, you’ll get us kicked out,” you warn.  “You worry too much.  This won’t get us kicked out.  This will get us kicked out,” he tells you, throwing himself at you to lock you in a big playful kiss.  You laugh and push him away.  “Niall Horan, if you do not knock it off this instant, I will spill your popcorn,” you threaten.  “I can always buy more,” he says smugly, settling back into his own seat and putting his arm back around you, this time refraining from playing with your bra strap.

HARRY:  You’re sitting next to Harry in a booth at a restaurant while the two of you chat with Louis and his girlfriend, who are seated across from you.  As you talk, you feel Harry’s hand lay on your knee.  You pay no attention to the gesture - it’s something he does all the time.  It’s not until his hand begins running slowly up your thigh that you elbow him.  “Ow, what was that for?”  You turn and lean in a bit, so you’re whispering in his ear, “People can see you.”  “So?  That makes it more fun.”  You let out one light laugh at this as you peel his hand off your leg and place it back in his own lap.  He’s quick to go for round two, though, at which point you kick him in the calf.  “You two alright over there?” Louis asks.  You both laugh like schoolgirls as Harry answers, “Just dandy.”

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