71. You're Kids Walk In On You Having Sex

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Niall:You had just gotten home from a long day of work to an empty house, you had no idea where your husband, Niall, or your 5 year old, Tommy, had gone. You walked into the empty kitchen and started to pull out all the ingredients necessary for a chocolate milkshake when the door opened and your husband walked in, with no Tommy. “Where’s Sam?” You asked concern flooding your voice “He’s spending the night at Nick’s (Sam’s Friend) House.” You let out a sigh of relief and turned back to making your milkshake. You could hear Niall walking up to you from behind, he grabbed your waist and started to kiss the back of your neck, things started to get really heated and soon you guys were up in your bedroom stripping. You could hear the door crack open and see the light flick on from under the sheets, “Mommy! Daddy!” Sam called to you “Shit Shit Shit Shit.” Niall kept repeating from above you. “Umm Daddy’s looking for Mommy’s, uh, phone, now wait a few minutes and when we find it we’ll come talk to you.” Niall said, “Okay!” Tommy said satisfied as he walked out and both of you sighed.

Liam:”Well now that Mollie’s gone, we can do whatever we want.” Liam said walking into your house after dropping your 8 year old daughter at Harry’s house for a sleepover with his little girl, Darcy. “Hmm,” You say peeking up from your book and grinning at him, he walked behind you and started to massage your neck gently. You moan as he releases all the tension from the day, he softly started to kiss your neck taking his time before he finds your lips. You get on top of him and push him down on the couch your lips still attached, he pulled up your shirt and started to unhook your bra when you heard a small cough coming from the front door. Little Mollie was standing there starring at the both of you with her wide chocolate brown eyes, “AHH DON’T KILL DADDY!” She screamed while running up the staircase, “Ugg” You groaned rolling off Liam and putting your shirt back on before racing up the stairs, “Mollie, there’s something mommy needs to tell you,”

Harry:”She’s asleep,” Your husband Harry whispered while walking into your shared bedroom where you were lying in bed reading50 shades of grey”Good, now we can’t wake her up.” You replied talking about your 6 year old sleeping soundly in the other room. “Ok” he smiled walking over to you and immediately attaching his lips to yours and pushing you back gently onto the bed, soon both of you were naked and just about to start when you hear sobs from outside the sheets, you poke your head out to see little Darcy standing there holding her fuzzy pink stuffed bunny. “Daddy, please don’t eat mommy!” She cried as you slipped Harry’s t-shirt on. “Darcy sweetheart, come here.” Harry said quietly, “No! You’re going to eat me too! You big monster!” She yelled running out of the room and locking herself in the bathroom.

Louis:”So Ethan’s gone for the night.” Louis said before grasping you by your stomach and pulling your legs around his waist, “Which one of the boys did you ask to watch him!?” You said stunned, it wasn’t that you didn’t love your 10 year old, but he was much like his father, loud and wild. “Liam.” Louis smirked before unbuttoning your jeans, he walked you upstairs to the bedroom and climbed on top of you not wasting any time, he inserted and began to thrust, “”GO DAD UH-HUH YOU GOT IT, MOM DADS BEATING YOU! COMMON GET IT IN!” You heard Ethan’s voice yell from somewhere inside your room. You looked around and saw him standing in the doorway with Liam behind him “Good golly” Liam said clearly disgusted, “You can have your son back.” He said before walking out the door with his mouth agape.

Zayn: “Common she’s asleep and sick, and we won’t be that long please.” your husband asked you, you thought for a second then nodded, there would be no way that your 7 year old daughter would walk in on you two. Zayn started to kiss your weak spot and took off your bra when you could hear the door knob turn, “Mommy, Daddy, I think i’m gonna throw u-” Brooke stopped mid-sentence at the sight of you two, “Oh well now i’m definitely gonna puke.” she said running into the bathroom as Zayn crawled off of you.

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