77.Your Child Finds Out Santa Claus Isn't Real

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Louis: "He has to find out some time." he says, watching your son who was on the couch reading a book by the Christmas tree, which was already stuffed with gifts. "He’s just a baby." you pout as Louis sighs, "Babe, he’s nearly ten, I think it’s time he found out." You sigh, the thought of your son outgrowing childhood figments broke your heart. Nodding you take Louis’s hand and sits in front of your son. He sets his book down and then looks at you curiously as you sigh, "Sweetie, we need to talk." "About what?" he asks, as Louis cuts in, "Son, we think that you’re old enough now, that, well, you’re old enough to know that Santa isn’t real." he says as your sons face drops, a look of sadness taking him over. "Seriously?" he asks as Louis nods, you quickly sit beside him, pulling him into a tight hug as he sits quietly. "So he’s never been real?" he mumbles after a minute, as you sigh and nod, "I’m afraid not." He nods then hugs you tightly and sit quietly as the new information tries to function in his brain.

Harry: "Daddy! Daddy, can we go see Santa?" your little one asks as the three of you wandered through the mall, the family outing of the weekend. Smiling he nods, picking her up, straightening out her dress. "Are you going to tell him what you’d like for Christmas?" he asks as you lead them both to the long line that had been made, of screaming, sleeping, crying children waiting to see Santa. She nods, smiling, listing the things that she wanted as you stadily moved through the line until it was her turn, He sets her down and smiles as she bashfully walks over to him, and crawls into his lap, smiling brightly. Harry holds you close as she tell him what she wanted, and what a good girl she had been this year. The actor smiles and nods, assuring that he would do his best then sets her down as she accidentally gets caught on his fake beard which tears off easily. She screams and runs to hug Harry’s legs as the fake Santa quickly tries to put himself back together, while you left with a crying child who now had to learn Santa wasn’t real.

Liam: Her little feet crept down the stairs, a few hours after you had put her to bed. She was hoping for a glimpse of Santa, and when she awoke for a sip of her water, she was hoping to see him. She smiled seeing a figure by the Christmas tree, bent over, stacking gifts under the tree. The figure then took a large bite from a cookie and a deep swallow of milk. “Santa!” she squeals, jumping off of the last step, the figure quickly choking on the milk they had just drank. Liam turned around, eyes closed, a Santa Hat on his head. “Daddy, what are you doing? W- why are you drinking Santa’s milk?” she asks before walking over to the tree before picking up a gift that had her name on it, saying it was from Santa. “daddy, why are you putting gifts under the tree? she asks before realizing herself. Tears fill her eyes as she starts to cry softly. He sighs and picks her up, rubbing her back, hugging her close. “Im sorry love, I didnt want you to find out this way, not for a while.” She continues to sniffle quietly as he sits on the couch with her, trying to get her to calm down so he could explain further.

Zayn: "What are you doing sweetie?" he asks your daughter who was drawing at the kitchen table. "I’m writing my letter to Santa so he’ll know what to bring me." she smiles at him as a goofy grin spreads across his face. "Perfect, I’ll put it in the mail as soon as you’re done so we can get it to him as soon as possible." Zayn smiles as your much older son scoffs, and shakes his head. Zayn shoots him a look, "What?" your daughter asks looking from you to Zayn. Biting your lap, you shake your head, "Nothing sweetie, keep doing your letter." you say as she looks at her brother, "Are you doing one?" she asks as he scoffs again, "Yeah so that it can just be thrown in the trash, you know there isn’t a Santa right?" he says as her face drops, your falling with hers, as the gleeful light that she had quickly disappeared. "Room now." Zayn scolds as your son rolls his eyes, and walks to his room as your daughter’s tiny frame shakes. "Was he lying?" she sniffles out as Zayn holds her close. Sighing, you crouch beside her and wipe her eyes, then look at Zayn who shakes his head at you. "Sweetie, we need to talk." you say before sitting her in your lap to break the news to her.

Niall: "Daddy? Can I ask you a question?" your six year old daughter asks as he nods, and lets her in his lap as you sit beside him curled up with a book. "Shoot." he smiles, brushing his fingers through her hair. "Is Santa real? Some boy in my class today said that his parents told him Santa wasn’t real." His cheeks turn a bright red as she waits for an answer. Frowning he takes your hand, needing help. Quickly you answer, "Well, what do you think sweetie?" you ask, hoping she would trick herself into thinking he was and that this whole thing would be over. "I don’t know, that’s why I asked Daddy, he knows everything." she smiles, bright eyed at him. His heart melts as he sighs, knowing that he would have to tell her one day, and that he didn’t want to be branded a liar. "Well, sweetie, there is a Santa, but not the one you know, you see your mummy and I are your Santa, just like that boy has his parents for Santas. Get it?" he asks as she nods slowly, "So I still get presents right?" she asks as he smiles seeing she wasn’t going to cry and nods, hugging her tightly, "Loads of presents baby." he smiles kissing her head, "Loads of presents from your Santas."

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