110. You're Marrying Someone Else part 2

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Harry - you paused in the foyer, setting your glass down on the nearest table, before you turned and took two steps down the hallway, quiet music still sounding out around the house, “(Y/N)…” you turned at the sound of your name, past his lips before you looked where he was standing. 

"Hey, Harry," you curtailed your voice, careful with the way you greeted him, "glad you could make it tonight."

"Yeah…" he lowered his eyes, watching the floor where he stepped closer, before shuffling his body, looking at you again, "you look really beautiful tonight."

You blushed the same way he always used to make you, “thanks, Harry.” You moved near him, skirting around the fact that you were alone, “you don’t look so bad yourself.”

"So…" he leant against the wall with a lazy smile, "engaged, that’s really cool. You’re happy… (Y/N)?"

"Yeah," you swallowed quickly, "I… I am… yeah…"

You couldn’t lie to yourself. Feeling like the rest of the world wanted something more than you did, you swallowed again. Your brow furrowed when you looked at him, responding to your answer. He scrunched his own forehead, narrowing his eyes and almost looking away. He took one step again, closer to you. He found you on the other side of the wall, leaning next to your body. He turned inwards, and held one hand up to your cheek, “you deserve to be happy, (Y/N).” His thumb brushed along your skin, “if anything, you…” he lowered his voice, leaning, “you deserve that.”

"Harry, I…" your body responded to how close he was, before your words could catch up to anything.

"(Y/N)," you almost jumped when Sean swung the corner, "my parents need you for another soup recipe or something, I don’t know…" he finished oddly, watching the way you’d stumbled back from Harry, frozen with his hand still raised before he caught himself and made a fist, lowering it down.

"Coming," you smiled quickly, eyes on Sean, "see you, Harry."

Liam - you shuffled awkwardly in your seat, “you know, maybe it’s not too late to just call and cancel. We can get out of here before they show up,” you shrugged into Ben’s shoulder, resting your cheek, feeling it rise up when he chuckled softly. He took your head in his hands, “babe, we’re gonna do this… it’ll be okay. I’m not worried, or anything. So neither should you be, besides…” he glanced around the restaurant, “look at that, they’re here…” he pointed his head, tilting it a little. You followed his gaze to Liam with his hands wrapped around Sarah behind him. They made it to your table.

"Hey, guys," Liam smiled, "Ben," he shook hands and sat down opposite where you were. 

"Hey," you lowered your eyes, "hey, Sarah," you nodded over quietly.

"Sorry we’re a little late," Liam cleared his throat, shifting into his seat a little more, "we were, um…" he cleared his throat again. 

"We were… just running late," Sarah blushed, fixing her hair where it was a little knotted. 

"Oh," you exhaled, trying to smile, swallowing any conscious thought of Sarah and Liam having sex as you clung a little tighter to Ben’s arm.

"Anyway," Liam shook his head down, lifting the menu, "what’s good here, guys?"

"The steak," Ben smiled over, smiling down at you, "it’s really good here. Definitely worth it."

"Oh, thanks, Ben," Liam smiled oddly. You scanned your eyes around anything on the table you could find focus with. You fiddled your fork in one hand, wrapping Ben’s arm with your other, "hey," you looked up when Liam turned suddenly to Sarah, "do you remember when we went to that bistro? And got those massive steaks and we couldn’t even finish them they were that big…"

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