19. The Paparazzi get they're fist photo of the both of you

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HARRY:  “Styles’ new lady friend is more than friendly as the two share a kiss, shown here,” Harry reads from a tabloid magazine, a tint of amusement in his tone.  “Looks like we weren’t careful enough that day,” you comment, glancing over his shoulder at the picture of the two of you in the car, giving each other a goodbye kiss at the airport when he’d dropped you off there for your girl’s weekend getaway with your friends.  You’d just come back that afternoon and are happily spending time with Harry on a lazy Sunday evening.  “We’d been doing so well, too,” he says with a laugh.  “They’d been waiting for that opportunity for ages,” he muses.  The two of you had dodged any paparazzi encounters for nearly three months, despite the tabloids buzzing with the rumors about you two.  Now the secret is out and your fun is over.  “It was fun while it lasted though.  Now we’ll just have to come up with some other game to entertain ourselves with,” you mention with a smile, taking a sip of your tea as Harry flips the page to the next article.

LIAM:  You and Liam had just started seeing each other before he’d taken off for tour for nearly two months.  You’d spent that time talking and texting whenever he had a free moment.  You’d skyped several times and tried to keep the spark there between you two while he’d been away.  Finally the day had arrived where he and the boys would return home, and you’d gone to the airport, upon his request, to meet him there.  You hang back a bit to give his family the chance to greet him first, and as soon as he sees you, he heads straight towards you.  Scooping you up into his arms, he greets you with the warmest embrace you could imagine, planting a soft kiss on your forehead.  You’re both oblivious to the flashes of cameras going off around you until the next day when Liam stumbles upon the pictures online as he surfs the internet.  “Not bad for our first picture together, huh?” he asks with a smile as he points them out to you.

NIALL:  While on a stroll through the park one sunny afternoon, you and Niall stop for some ice cream before carrying on your way.  You’re hand-in-hand, talking casually and simply enjoying each others company when you begin to notice the people following you.  “Just ignore them…let them get their pictures and hopefully they’ll go away,” Niall whispers to you.  “Doubtful,” you mutter with a slight laugh, taking another lick of your cone.  Flashes begin going off and you find yourself growing more and more uncomfortable.  Niall, never being one to care much for that kind of thing either, leads you back to the car so you can escape them.  Laughing now that you’re away from them, you say, “Well that was certainly an experience!”  “Who ever would have thought eating ice cream would be such a big deal?” Niall asks sarcastically.  “Hope that didn’t scare you off too much,” he adds, glancing at you out of the corner of his eye.  “Not at all,” you assure, flashing him a smile.

ZAYN:  You’d met at a club one night while you were out with your friends.  You had no clue who he was, but you were immediately intrigued by him and attracted to his bad boy persona.  You two spent the night talking and flirting mercilessly, resulting in you giving him your number just before you left.  Some time later, you find yourself flipping through a trashy magazine that your friend had brought over and nearly drop it when you flip open to a picture of you and the guy you’d met that night.  “What the hell…” you mutter, analyzing it more closely now.  “Zayn Malik spotted getting cozy with unknown girl in a club,” you read aloud, showing it to your friend.  “Well, you two are looking pretty cozy in that picture,” she observes unhelpfully.  You smack her playfully in the arm with the magazine and glance back at the photo, trying to digest what you’d just seen.  Little do you know, it’s the first of many paparazzi pictures of you to follow, showing up in many more magazines and websites.

LOUIS:  The paparazzi had finally caught up to you and Louis after weeks of trying to catch a picture of the two of you together.  It had been no secret that you’d been an item, but the paparazzi simply hadn’t been lucky enough to catch you two together yet.  Then one day at the beach on vacation, they find you.  You and Louis are too busy having tons of fun to really pay much attention to them; you simply carry on as you are.  You’d been splashing each other and tossing a football back and forth in the water.  Growing cold in the water, you start walking back towards your towels and things on the sand.  Louis runs up behind you, grabbing you around the waist and carrying you back into the water, throwing you into an oncoming wave.  You surface and immediately retaliate by splashing at him furiously, and your playful banter starts up once more.  Later that evening, you come across the pictures online and text Louis about them.  “Next they’ll be trying to get pictures of us kissing ;) xx” comes his repsonse, causing you to laugh.

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