117. St. Patrick's Day With Your Child

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Harry: “Today is the day we celebrate Uncle Ni and the other leprechauns?” Your son asks pushing come of his curly brown hair from his eyes. Harry chuckles before nodding his head. “Yup, that's what St. Patrick's day is all about. So finish your card and we'll go give it to Uncle Niall.” Your son gives Harry a toothy grin before nodding his head. “Alright daddy.” 

Liam: “Happy St. Patrick's day!” Your three year old shouts giving you and Liam grins before stepping out from behind the door. She's dressed up in all green all the way down to her green nail polish covering her whole hand. “Oh wow, someone is in the spirit, I see.” Liam chuckles. “I dressed up pretty so you can put me on Twitter, daddy!” She explains rolling her eyes. “Duh.”

Louis: “Uncle Niall! Uncle Niall!” Your son shouts running into the flat Niall and Liam share. “What is it buddy?” He asks picking up the little boy placing a soft pat on his back. “It's St. Patrick's Day! And Daddy told me St. Patrick's day is about Irish people and leprechauns! And that's you uncle Ni! So I got you this pretty fluffy green hat.” Your son explains smiling. “That's very thoughtful of you, Thank you so much. I'll keep it forever.” Niall promises with a smile. 

Niall: “Daddy! It's St. Patrick's day!” Your daughter states with a wide smile. Every St. Patrick's day your daughter and Niall have dressed completely green and ran around town for a few hours and that's exactly what they did today. “You two like St. Patty's day, hm?” An elderly women questions, your daughter smiles “Well, m'daddy and I are Irish, we quite like today.” She just smiles and takes a picture. 

Zayn: “Hi Uncle Ni.” Your son mumbles with a grin as Niall comes into his room. “Guess what today is!” Niall pretends to think for a moment before placing himself in your sons race-car bed. “Hm, I don't know.” Your son gasps throwing his hands in the air. “It's St. Patrick's Day! Your leprechaun ancestors never told you this?!” Niall laughs before nodding his head. “Oh that's right.”

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