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65. You're Pregnant And He Doesn't Want The Baby Part 2

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Harry: The door pushes open a few days later and Harry steps into the apartment. He hasn’t spoken to you since your text and you had to go to doctor to get the official results of the miscarriage alone; well, not alone because Louis went with you but still. You’d had to lay through the doctor prodding around with the ultrasound wand before declaring a miscarriage. You’ve locked yourself in your apartment since then, too sore and heartbroken to leave. He has a bag in his hand and it’s small. He doesn’t say anything, just takes a seat across from you on the coffee table and hands you the bag. You open it cautiously, pulling out a long jewelry box and open it to find a locket. Opening it, tears fill your eyes as your fingernail traces the engraved pacifier on one side and his writing on the other. “Mom, I’m sorry. Love, Dad” it says and even though it’s not right, it’s ok and the two of you mourn the child you’ll never know.

Liam: You left Liam months ago and now you’re too big to even see your toes. You’d left without a word, packed your things while he was at the studio and left everything else behind. You moved to a small village in Scotland, happy to hide in the green hills where no one knows who you are or who the father of your baby is. You were sure you could give the baby up but when he moved for the first time, you knew you wouldn’t be able to so you had shredded the adoption papers. A kind older woman had taken you in and found you a job at a local school; the class was small and the pay was little but the experience was enough. You cut off all connection with the outside world and deactivated all your accounts, living simply on cash alone in the hopes Liam wouldn’t find you not that you thought he was looking. One day, when your stomach tightens and you can tell your nearing labor he shows up. “I never wanted you to leave. We could have figured something out” he tells you, eyes trained to our swollen stomach and your water breaks just in time for him to be a part of the birth of your child.

Niall: You sit beside Niall in the waiting room, knee bouncing nervously and he looks like he’s going to be sick. You’ve avoiding touching your stomach because in a little less than an hour, you won’t be an expecting mother so what’s the point? The nurse calls your name and Niall trails behind you down the hall, sitting beside you as you lye back against the cold metal table with your legs propped up. Your numb from the waist down, mentally and physically as the doctor starts the procedure and Niall can’t look anywhere but your face as his child is sucked from your womb. Afterwards, he helps you to the car as you sob and it takes him several failed attempts to start the car due to his shaking hands and his overly emotional state. He eventually has to call Liam to come and get the two of you and he finds that he’s never hated himself more than he does in the times he watches you cry against the window of his car while Liam drives. 

Louis: You’d given up on Louis ever coming back to you. You had loved him so much, but having a baby that he didn’t want made it impossible for you to have a relationship with him. You had completely vanished from his side three years ago to raise your son by yourself and hadn’t heard a word from him since the day before you left. You kept up with him and his band via the internet of course, and the other boys checked in on you every now and then as well. You’re life without him was growing easier by the day and you were getting use to the single mom life, even though you never thought you would. The questions about you he had been bombarded with when you left had only started to subside. He never answered them though, the other boys always had to deter the interviewer away from looking for an answer from him. Although he didn’t show it, he was having just as much difficulty with the split as you were, even three years later.

Zayn: Classes were getting ready to start back soon and your invisible bump had turned into a very noticeable mass under your shirt. Leaving Zayn was the hardest thing you had ever had to do, but you knew that raising this baby by yourself with no money would surely surpass that quickly. As you scroll through your e-mail trying to get everything sent out and replied to before class a few days down the road you get a notification saying you had a new e-mail. It was from Zayn. He was saying that he knew you hadn’t paid your doctor bills yet and that he had gotten your parents to forward them to him so that they could be taken care of, as well as your tuition for your last year of university. He wrote to make sure and call him when you went into labor because he wanted to be there. He still wasn’t ready for this baby, but he loved you and wanted to be there for you. He promised you he was always going to be there for you even though he couldn’t physically be present. He commended you on your decision to raise the child by yourself and how proud he was of you. He told you that he was going to do everything in his power to make sure that all of your financial needs were taken care of as long as you needed them to be. You sit back in your chair at the incredible e-mail you had just read. As tears fall from your eyes you reply with a simple ‘thank you’ realizing that you weren’t in this alone and that all of your worries had been taken care of.

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