97. You Give Him The Silent Treatment

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Harry: “(Y/N). Please talk to me.” Harry said as he took your hand. You turned away and moved farther away from him on the couch. “Please.” Harry said as he moved closer to you. You weren’t going to talk to him until he apologized. Harry gently placed his lips onto your neck and kissed you lightly. “I’m sorry.” Harry whispered as his breath tickled your neck. You let out a small smile. “I saw that.” Harry said as he kissed you softly. “Are you going to talk to me now?” Harry asked. You looked into his eyes and you nodded. “Maybe if you’re good to me.” You said as Harry laughed. “Oh I will.” Harry said and winked. He placed you onto top of him and kissed your lips.

Liam: You were pissed off at Liam, so you decided to give him the silent treatment. Two days later you still weren’t talking to Liam. You were in the kitchen making breakfast, when Liam came up behind you and wrapped his muscular arms around you. “Are you still ignoring me?” Liam whispered in your ear. You nodded and walked over to the fridge. You put everything away and sat down to eat. Liam was following you everywhere and you were getting irritated. “What’s it going to take?” Liam asked as he sat next to you. You shrugged, as he looked at you hopeless. All of a sudden Liam stood up and walked over to you again. “Baby I’m sorry.” Liam said and kissed you. “It’s okay Liam.” You said and giggled. “Finally!” Liam yelled as he kissed you again.

Niall: You woke up the next morning still mad at Niall. “Babe please talk to me.” Niall said as he cuddled close to you. You shook your head no and moved away from Niall. Niall wrapped his arms around you and held you close. “Please baby I miss your voice. I love you.” Niall said again and held you tighter. You tried to shake away, but you couldn’t. You smiled at his cuteness. You couldn’t stay mad at Niall. “I’ll buy you something.” Niall said in a convincing voice. You shook your head no and smiled. “What do you want?” Niall asked. You smiled as Niall slowly took off your shirt. “That’s all I want.” You said and giggled and pointed to Niall. “Finally you spoke.” Niall said and laughed. “That’s all I need.” You said and kissed him.

Louis: It was already an hour into the car ride and you were pissed off at Louis. You decided that the silent treatment was best for him, so you stopped talking for the rest of the way. Twenty minutes later Louis was already apologizing like crazy. “(Y/N) please talk to me.” Louis said and held your hand. You shook your head no and looked out the window. Louis let out a sigh. “Well I guess I’m just going to have to sing.” He said and turned up the radio. “You shoot me down, but I won’t fall I am titanium. You shoot me down, but I won’t fall I am titanium!” Louis yelled and began to dance. You laughed at Louis. “Does this mean you’ll talk to me again?” Louis asked. “Yeah.” You said as Louis kissed your hand. “Join me my love.” Louis yelled as you both began to sing and dance in the car.

Zayn: Within the first fifteen minutes of the car ride back home, you were already giving Zayn the silent treatment. Zayn was pissed off at you too, so it became a very quiet car ride. You were ten minutes away from your house and Zayn finally began to talk. “I’m sorry love. Please talk to me again.” Zayn said and looked at you. You looked out the window and crossed your arms. “I love you and I’m sorry.” Zayn said again. “Are you not going to accept the apology?” Zayn asked. You shook your head no and continued to ignore him. Ten minutes later you pulled into your flat. Zayn turned off the car and looked at you. “Have you learned your lesson?” You asked still mad at him. “Yes. I’m so sorry baby.” Zayn said and kissed you. “Apology accepted.” You said and kissed him back. 

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