11. You Meet The Boys For The First time

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NIALL: Niall hadn’t told the rest of the group that he’d been planning to bring you over to Liam’s house where they are all hanging out tonight.  So when you walk through the door behind him, the boys are immediately intrigued.  “Ohhh!  Our little Nialler brought his lady along!” Louis teases.  “You didn’t tell us we were having company - I would have put pants on,” Harry jabs, and upon glancing towards his lower half you’re relieved to see that he still at least has boxers on.  You get settled in with the gang and begin the process of getting to know one another.  The boys are all so welcoming and accepting, never leaving you to feel like an outsider.

LIAM:  “You are gonna love them!” Liam is telling you as you turn down the street.  Liam leads you to the front door of the studio and you step inside.  “Vas happenin’?” Zayn greets you as soon as you enter the room.  “Look lads!  Daddy Direction has brought us home a mum!” Louis exclaims.  You spend the day kicking back and watching the boys work, getting the chance to talk to them throughout the day whenever they get a few minutes of a break while the others are recording their bits.  The conversations flow smoothly, and you never feel the least bit awkward about just hanging out with them for the day while they work.

HARRY:  You walk into Harry’s house where you know he and the other boys are waiting for you.  No sooner does the door open that you are pelted with Nerf darts.  You look up, surprised to see Louis aiming his Nerf gun towards you, a mischevous grin on his face.  “Nice to meet you too,” you laugh.  “Well on that note, this is Louis,” Harry introduces.  “Yup, figured that one out for myself, thanks,” you joke.  Liam takes the nerf gun out of Louis’ hands before introducing himself.  As the afternoon progresses, you feel right at home with these boys, laughing and having a good time getting to know them.

LOUIS:  After meeting the boys this morning, you’ve all spent the day outside enjoying some fresh air and lounging by the pool.  Liam and Zayn are manning the grill, cooking up some bugers and dogs for lunch while you, Louis, Harry, and Niall kick around a soccer ball.  Just as you’re about to score a goal, Harry runs up from behind you and grabs you around the waist, scooping you off your feet.  “Harry!” you exclaim, surprised.  “No, I’m not letting you get that goal.  Niall and I want to win!” he says, stealing the ball before putting you back down and running off.  You laugh as Louis runs after Harry.  You watch the boys for a moment, loving that you feel like you’ve known these boys your whole life and are perfectly comfortable around them.

ZAYN:  You’d been nervous about meeting Zayn’s bandmates, but now after being around them for the last hour, you can’t remember why.  They’d taken to you right away, treating you like any other member of their group, and you’d appreciated that.  You feel like you belong and not like you are intruding on their space.  Zayn drapes an arm across your shoulder.  “Having fun, baby?”  “Tons!” you tell him honestly.  “Yeah?  That’s great.  I’m glad you’re having a good time.  The lads really seem to like you.”  “I really like them.  They are lots of fun,” you say.  Louis plops himself down between you two, breaking up your conversation.  “Oh, sorry.  Am I interrupting something here?” he asks you both kiddingly, and Zayn pushes him off the couch in a playful reply.

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