75. You're Best Friend

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Harry: “Happy Friday fishy” you hear and turn to find Harry wondering into the hotel room. “I hate that nickname” you sigh, leaning back on the deck couch while looking out over the early morning rising sun. “You were obsessed with the water when we were kids, it fits” he assures you, bending to press a kiss to your forehead while setting your cup of coffee down on the balcony table. He sits down beside you, resting his foot up on the railing while resting an arm around the back of the couch. You’ve been doing this every morning for six years; sit outside as the sun rises and share a cup of coffee. “You think we’ll always be best friends?” you question aloud, watching as darkness gives way to blue. “Well… we’ve been best friends for eleven years. I don’t see that changing anytime soon” he answers honestly, tugging you closer “Why do you ask?” and you sigh. “I just… sometimes, boys and girls don’t always stay friends. What if, one day, we have a significant other that doesn’t want us to be friends with each other?” you question and Harry nods, exhaling the breath he’s been holding. “We won’t let that happen, I won’t let that happen. Besides mom and Gemma, you’re the most important woman in my life and no other woman can change that. You know everything about me fishy, there’s no changing that” Harry assures you, kissing the side of you head until you nod. “Besides, you know we’ll probably just get married and we can’t really tell one another not to be friends with each other” he chuckles and you giggle. “That’s true… your mom’s had our wedding planned since I kicked sand in your face when we were ten” you chuckle and he rolls his eyes. “Yeah well… she assumes that means we’re meant to be” he says and you cuddle into his side. “I hope we’re always like this” you tell him and he nods, no more words are spoken between the two of you and that’s the beauty of your friendship. Simple but profound.

Liam: “Do you have those pictures?” Liam questions, turning to look at you from his spot in line. You turn your back to him and he unzips the backpack, riffling through the contents before patting your bag. “Sorry” he apologizes to the unmentioned scoff and you smile. He pulls you into his arms, sets his chin on the top of your head as you wait and you sigh. Liam’s been your best friend your whole life, you literally can’t remember a time when he wasn’t in your life. By the end of the day, Liam’s carrying you on his back down Main Street towards the park entrance and you’re giggling. “Did you enjoy the Magic Kingdom?” he asks, waiting in line for the bus back to the resort and you nod against his neck. He sets you down before leading you onto the bus and pulls you into his lap once he sits. “Epcot tomorrow?” he questions and you nod sleepily, nuzzling against his neck and he pulls you against him tighter. “You make an adorable couple” an older woman says, holding her sleeping grandchild in her lap and Liam smiles. “Thank you” he says softly, and that’s how he always responds to these questions and comments. He never corrects people who assume the two of you are together because, it’s just easier that way. “That makes ten” you tell him as he leads you through the lobby and through the pool area towards your room. He waits in bed as you dress for bed, pulls the covers back as you climb in and pulls you against him. “Maybe we’re just missing something” he tells you, pressing a kiss to your forehead as you yawn. “Maybe… this whole trip could be a trail run” you counter and he chuckles. “Maybe” he says, lips pressing to yours and you smile. This isn’t the first time you’ve kissed and hopefully, it won’t be the last.

Niall: “I’m pretty sure I told you my dress was pink” you sigh, looking at the black bowtie Niall’s wearing with his tailored tux. “You did…. I just didn’t want to wear pink” he counters and you roll your eyes, fluffing your hair as he hands you your gold pumps. “Worst wedding date ever” you sigh and he shrugs. “We’ve been going to weddings together for years, you should know by now I just wear black bowties” he says, holding your hand as you slid your shoes on before he leads you out of the house and towards his car. You sit beside him for his cousin wedding, leaning against him during the vows because they always get you. His hand sets against your knee, fingers rubbing at the exposed skin before he’s passing you a hankie. “The vows, they always get you so I came prepared” he whispers against your ear, smiling as you wrap your free hand around his elbow and lean against him further. You toss rice to the newlyweds before following Niall to the car to grab some snacks before the reception. “How long would you say we’ve been friends?” you question, stuffing a burrito in your mouth so it doesn’t drip on your dress and he chuckles. “Long enough for you to do that in one sitting” he laughs and you lull your head to glare at him.  “Probably, six years… why?” he questions, tapping his fingers against the steering wheel while watching people make their way into the reception venue. “Just wondering” you assure him before exiting the car. You stick by him the whole night, glaring at any girl who dares to approach him but he politely turns them down before wrapping you in his arms for a dance. You blush when you catch the bouquet, glancing to Niall who just raises his champagne flute to you with a smile. “Thought you weren’t gonna try to catch the garter” you tease, pressed against Niall’s chest for your dance at the center of the dance floor. “Well, you caught the bouquet so… figured I’d give it a go” he blushes, pulling you tighter to him as the whole of his family watches. “Ok” you say, raising an eyebrow and he sighs. “Why do you think I always wear bowties… they might not be pink, but these things suck” he tells you and you smile, leaning up on your tiptoes to press a kiss to his jaw and he blushes.

Louis: It’s late at night, and you are beyond wasted. There was no way you were driving home so you call the only person you knew you could. “Hey,” Louis says groggily. “Hey Lou, can you come pick me up?” You ask him, a little slurred. “Where are you?” He says. You can tell he’s trying to wake up so you slowly tell him where you are and thank him when he says he’s on his way. About a half hour later you are brought back from your drunken daydream by bright headlights in front of you. Lou gets out of the car to help you up off of the sidewalk and into his car. “Hey gorgeous,” you slur to him as he practically carries you. “Hey (y/n), you have fun tonight?” He asks strapping you in. You nod your hand and he shuts the door. On the way home you succumb to your poison and pass out cold in the passenger seat. He sighs as he backs out of your driveway and heads back to his house. He couldn’t leave you at your house by yourself to recover so bringing you home with him was his only option. He gets out of the car and opens the front door before coming back to carry you inside. He lays you down on the bed and sets a Gatorade and Tylenol on the nightstand before making his way to the couch for the night. As the sun rises, your eyes flutter open and the headache hits. “Ohhh,” you moan, rolling out of the bed. You stand up, only to feel like someone was stabbing you in the temple. You take the Tylenol and walk downstairs. You find your best friend stretched out in what looks to be a very uncomfortable position on the couch. You smile and lay down on the love seat to watch television until he wakes up. “Hi love,” you say when his eyes flash open. “You’re up before me?” He asks sitting up. “Yep, but I’ve got a killer headache,” you say with a frown. He laughs at your misfortune and gets up to start breakfast. You join him once you start to smell your favorites being cooked. “Thanks for taking care of me,” you say with a smile, wrapping your arms around his waist.

Zayn:  It had been a week since you and your boyfriend had broken up. You had found him actually in bed with your best friend’s girlfriend. How it ended up that way you had no idea but all you knew was that you and Zayn were now officially single, yet again. He’s sitting across from you at the kitchen table. He had been over to your apartment every day this week just to try and get over the fact that his ex-girlfriend had been cheating on him with his best friend’s boyfriend. “You alright?” You ask him as he sits across from you holding his head in his hands. “Yeah, I guess,” he muffles out. You take his hands and pull them away from his face gazing into his eyes with a smile. “We’ve got each other,” you reassure him, “we always have, and we always will.” You smile and he smiles back as he realizes that it was the truth.  The two of you had been friends ever since he could remember and there wasn’t anything or anyone that was going to change that. You stand up and walk around the table to sit in his lap. He smiles and wraps his arms around your waist. “I like this,” he says with a grin. “What?” You say with a cheeky smile. “This you and me stuff, I’ve always liked it,” he confesses. You smile and kiss his cheek before wrapping your arms around his neck and resting your head on his shoulder. You keep silent though, not responding to his confession. You had always loved Zayn a little more than friend’s should, but you knew he needed time before he was ready for a relationship because right now he was purely speaking on the rebound. 

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