16. You Spend The Night Together For The First Time

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NIALL:  You’ve spent the night together pigging out on pizza and wings and watching movies.  You feel yourself starting to grow more and more tired, but you are enjoying yourself too much to leave Niall’s house just yet.  He doesn’t seem to want you to leave either, as he gets up and pops in another DVD.  “Maybe we should just watch some TV instead; it’s getting kinda late,” you mention as he hits the play button.  “It’s alright, you can leave whenever you feel like it - this is just easier than trying to find something on TV that’s worth watching,” he lamely argues, and you can tell he’s just using it as an excuse to get you to stay a couple more hours until the movie is over.  You end up falling asleep on the couch, and the next thing you know, you’re waking up at 3:03am, wrapped up in Niall’s arms on the couch, with a blanket draped over the two of you.  You smile at your sleeping boyfriend and then curl up close once more to settle back in for a few more hours’ sleep.

HARRY:  You wake up in a strange bedroom and at first begin to panic before realizing the room isn’t so strange afterall.  What am I doing at Harry’s?  Turning to your left, you see him still sleeping soundly next to you.  Having no recollection of the night before, you think it’s best to get a little more sleep until he wakes up to so you can ask him.  The sounds from the kitchen wake you up nearly two hours later, and you pad your way towards them.  It’s then that you realize you’re wearing one of Harry’s shirts as pajamas.  “Hey there, party girl,” he greets you with a laugh.  “Hey.  How did I end up here last night?” you ask, accepting a cup of tea.  “Apparently we were both too drunk to tell my friends where you live so they just dropped you off here to spend the night.”  “Well, that’s quite the classy way to spend your first night at your boyfriend’s house…”  Harry chuckles and places a kiss to your lips as he sets a plate of waffles down in front of you.

LIAM:  You’re trying to stay awake, but your yawn gives you away.  “Tired, babe?” Liam asks with a laugh.  “Nope, not at all…wide awake actually.”  “Well, it is nearly 2:00am… I’m surprised I even made it this long without falling asleep myself,” he muses as he continues to navigate the dark roads towards his house where your car awaits in his driveway.  “They were good movies though.  Who woulda thought the park would choose something that wasn’t crap to show for this ‘Night Under the Stars’ thing?”  You’re referring to the giant temporary screen your local park had put up to display a couple of movies so as to try to attract more people to the park.  You yawn again as Liam pulls onto his street.  “Want me to just drop you off?  I’ll come get you again in the morning to pick up your car,” Liam offers.  “No, I’m fine.  It’s only a few minutes away anyways.”  “Or…” Liam starts and then stops himself.  “Or?” you press.  “I was thinking…maybe you could just spend the night here?”  You smile and nod.  “Yeah, I suppose I could do that,” you pretend to ponder as you both get out of the car and head for the house.

LOUIS:  You glance at the clock and decide it’s best for you to start heading home before it gets too late.  “No, stay,” Louis whines, pulling you back towards him for a kiss.  “I really should go,” you insist, but he wraps his strong arms around you, not letting you move.  “Spend the night,” he requests forcefully.  “What?  No.”  “Why not?  We’ve been together a few months and you’ve never slept over.  Spend the night here…please?  I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up tomorrow…”  You smile at this, feeling yourself melt into his arms once more.  “Well, how could I say no to that?”  You lean in for another kiss.  A kiss that leads to another and another and another until you can’t even remember why you wanted to leave in the first place.

ZAYN:  “What the hell is this?” you demand, coming out of Zayn’s bedroom with your duffle bag filled with your clothes that you hadn’t brought there.  You’d gone in to grab an extra blanket, and ended up finding more than you’d bargained for.  “I went over to your house while you were at work today and your roommate helped me pack you an overnight bag,” he explains like it’s nothing out of the norm.  “Why??”  “Because you are spending the night here tonight!” he announces happily.  “Since when?”  “Since now.  Every time I ask you, you tell me no, so instead of asking you this time, I’m telling you.”  You plant your free hand on your hip and glare at him.  “You are so lucky that you’re as sexy as you are because otherwise I’d be beating the crap out of you right now.”  “So is that a yes?  You’ll stay?” he asks hopefully.  “Well…you’ve gone to all this trouble…  I guess we can give it a shot and see how it goes.”  “Woo!  Thank you, baby, you’re the best!”  You laugh as he gives you a thankful kiss to your cheek.  “You are such a dork,” you tell him affectionately before returning your bag to his room.

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