110. You're Marrying Someone Else part 3

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Harry - you felt his hand wrap your arm, tugging you a little with warm skin to make you turn. You met his eyes before you met anything else, and it scared you the way they saw you, his hand tugging you further from Sean, “(Y/N), I’m gonna take off…” Harry murmured, nodding ahead for a second before he looked at you again.

"Oh," you mouthed the word, "um, yeah, sure," before you fixed a smile, "I’ll see you out." 

You turned away from looking at him, knowing he didn’t when you leant up to kiss Sean on the cheek, “I’ll be back,” you murmured to his skin before you left the room with Harry, his hand near your side, fist clenching and unclenching as he walked. You took him to the front door, and he slid his jacket on, looking away. 

"Thanks for coming," you stepped outside, hugging your chest with your feet on the front step. It was suddenly so much quieter, where you were standing and the way he stood with you, it seemed like silence.

"Thanks for inviting me," Harry smirked at first, but he dropped smiling to leave his expression blank.

"So, I’ll…" you stood where you were, "I’ll see you around…" 

"Yeah," Harry felt the lean of your body near him, "I’ll see you," he held your cheek. He kissed you, softly at first. It was almost instinct that you held him back and caught up with every lingering kiss you’d ever felt with him. He knotted one hand in your hair, gasping back for air after a few seconds, "don’t marry Sean," he murmured up to your lips.

"Harry…" you nudged his bottom lip with the word. His voice sounded like every morning he used to wake you up with trailing fingertips and his eyes looked like every long night you’d ever wasted on laughter by his side. You stumbled backwards a few steps, hitting the front door enough to stop you, "I think I’m pregnant…"

Liam - you chewed quietly, something odd in your eyes every time you looked up and saw Liam across the table. He smiled before he looked down, Ben’s hand sliding a little on your thigh, squeezing until the tips of his fingers made imprints, “so you two must be excited,” Sarah chirped suddenly, “I mean, engaged. That’s pretty huge. Any thoughts on the wedding, yet?”

"Um," you didn’t know what to say. You turned to Ben, reading his eyes before you looked over, "not really. We’re just trying to settle into the engagement first, then we’ll figure it out, you know."

"Well," Sarah smiled, leaning into Liam’s shoulder, "you guys make a really cute couple."

"Yeah," you nodded at Liam, almost smirking your way into making him react, "you two, guys…"

You lifted your fork precariously in one hand, and shifted a little, taking another piece of your meal and raising it to your lips. You chewed slowly. Your eyes flickered when you felt something graze your ankle. You looked up at Liam, searching his face when his foot knocked into yours again, more deliberately, his foot tapping it’s way back and forth. You stiffened in your seat, shifting a little closer to Ben. You felt Liam shift your foot again with his, when you grazed your lips by Ben’s cheek, “enjoying your meal?”

"Yeah, babe," he smiled over quietly, "you?"

"Yeah," you breathed, "it’s good." You looked back at Liam, something like the past, goofing off in restaurants all the time with hushed laughter and giggling into warm palms. You felt Liam’s foot graze your ankle again, a little gentler. He looked after you and he seemed to want something from you when he met your eyes again. 

"How about you, Liam? Enjoying it?" You raised an eyebrow. 

"It’s really good, (Y/N)," he smiled shyly, his foot sliding by you again, "I’m enjoying it, yeah."

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