132. DDM-You're Crushing on a Boy.

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Harry:   (age 12) You were coming home from school, eager because that day was when your crush talked to you. His name was Thomas, or as many people call his Tommy. Thomas Tomlinson. You knew if your dad found out he'd probably go demented to you kept it between your and your mum. You opened the door and skipped in side, receiving a very weird look from Harry. "Hey there, Happy-Go-Lucky! Why so happy?" He smiled. You froze, trying to think of an excuse, and quickly. "Nothing.. No reason." you lied. "I see right through you, what's the matter?" He suspiciously asked. "Just promise me if I tell you, you want cause any trouble?" you confirmed. He nodded telling you to go on. "My crush, Tommy talked to me today,my friends say he likes me back. My his sister is grossed out." You giggled, but much your dismay, Harry was already running to the phone dialling up Louis telling him to keep his son away from you. Your mum just stood laughing at him. H hung up. "It starts already!" He huffed.

Louis:   (age 5) Ever since you started going to school, you had an eye for boys. But one caught your eye. One of two actually. Brandon Horan. He was your crush, and you didn't tell anyone, but you two shared a peck. "Mummie, can we call Brandon over please?" You giggled, doing your puppy eyes. "Haven't you been spending time with Liam eh? Sure sweetie, I'll ring Niall." she smiled, and you skipped off. "So what's about this having Brandon over? Why not Lilly?" he smirked. "Because me and Brandon are boyfriend and girlfriend!" You blurted out, soon after covering your mouth as your dad turned pale. "When did this happen?" he asked, intrigued by what you told him. "Yesterday! And we kissed too!" You said gleefully. Louis tutted. "I need to have a chat with Niall!" He playfully scolded. Soon enough Brandon was here and your dad was there to supervise you. Apparently kissing was a big no-no from Lou.

Zayn:   (age 3) "Daddy? Can I tell you a secret?" you whispered, trying not to let any of the boys, (whom were over) hear you. Although, I don't think you were quiet enough. "Yes babes?" He smiled. You scrunched your eyebrows at your uncles before leaning in to your daddy's ear and whispering; "Carter's my boyfriend!" Happily. Then you leant back and Zayn's face was priceless. "Carter Styles?" He questioned, not liking the idea of his baby girl dating a such a young age. Harry turned to look at Zayn "Talkin about the happy couple? Carter told me yesterday!" He smirked. "Keep Carter away from her! God no, it starts already!" and everyone laughed a Zayn's worrying figure.

Niall:   (age 15) "... Yes! Oh me god, did you see him yesterday when we had football? I was on my knees!" You laughed your Irish accent ringing through the walls. "I'm surprise he's still single!" You smirked. "Whose single?" Your dad walked in, and you nearly dropped the phone. "Hey Hannah? I've to go 'right? See you !" And you hung up. "Dad! You scared the f- the hell out of me!" he smirked, he knew you definitely had Irish in your blood. "Whose single?" He slyly smiled again. "Can't tell you otherwise my social life is ruined for ever." you pointed out, knowing how over protective he was. "Tell me or no phone! Pr anything else!" he spoke seriously, although you could see that joking twinkle in his eyes. "James Malik, dad." you blurted. "IM RINGING ZAYN! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" He ran to the phone despising your shouts of no's and dads. Although you couldn't ask for a better one.

Liam:   (age 6) You held Greyson's hand carefully,after he told you that he didnt have cooties. "If you have cooties and give them to me, your in big trouble!" you giggled, you were always a very cheeky one. He smirked too. "What else do mummy and daddy do?" He though for a second, before ringing the bell of ideas and shouting "They kiss!" "Eww! No!" You squirmed. Your dad was behind you and you could feel him watching you. "Just one kiss?" You huffed before agreeing, and your lips just barely brushed over each other before you two giggled at the silliness. You could hear your mums cooing behind you, and Niall and Liam were talking, Liam telling Niall off, and Niall making fun of him, saying how you and Greyson would be the cutest couple around. And he wasn't wrong.

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