54. He Does Push Up Over You

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Niall: ‘You can do it, Nialler! Just three more left to twenty,’ you quietly encouraged him, hands behind your head, enjoying the situation. His lips curved into a smile as he lowered himself down, only inches away from your lips, ‘18.’ he huskily whispered, his lips brushing yours for a brief moment before he lifted himself back, his body sweaty, ‘Ugh I can’t do it anymore, I’m tired.’ he breathed eyes raking over your body quickly, ‘I’ll do anything you want if you’d two more,’ you winked, ‘Anything?’ he smirked, eyebrows raised. ‘Anything.’

Harry: Harry doing push-ups over you was a turn on for you, but you didn’t told him. His bottom lip tucked under his teeth, his dimples propping, his wet curls loosely hanging and his paper plane necklace cold surface touching the warm valley of your chest whenever he lowered down, ‘You look sexy all sweaty and concentrating,’ you said biting down your lower lip. ‘You’re distracting me, Y/N.’ he whispered, his lips centimetres away from your hungry ones. You leaned, closing the gap between both of you, ‘Sorry.’ you spoke against his pink lips.

Zayn: ‘48.’ he whispered, struggling to move back up, ‘You can do it!’ you cheered quietly for him. ‘I think I’m done for the day,’ he stated. ‘No way, Malik. Two more, come on. I’ll give you a treat if you do two more,’ you winked, and he tucked his lips under his teeth, ‘Only for you.’ he muttered under his breath, and quickly raked his eyes over your body. His lips were hovering over yours, ‘49.’ he was about to lower himself when you moved your head, ending him to kiss your cheek, ‘Hey, this isn’t fair!’ ‘Last one, Malik.’ you smirked. ‘Fine.’ he finally gave up, ‘50.’ his lips reached yours but instead of breaking the kiss, his body fell on top of you, his chest against your, ‘Now time for my treat.’

Louis: ‘Okay I’m done for the day, I don’t think I can do anymore.’ Louis huffed, gently moving aside from your body and standing up, his eyes filled with tiredness. ‘Lou, you only did 12.’ you said, trying to hold back your laughter, ‘So what? I think you can’t even nail 2 push-ups.’ he challenged you, ‘Two push ups? It’s on Tomlinson. I can do more than you did. I will do 13.’ ‘Oh really, Y/N? Alright. It’s on.’ he smirked, ‘Okay Tomlinson, lie down on your back.’

Liam: ‘98.’ he husked and moved himself quickly after brushing your lips. ‘Two more, Payne. Two more.’ you said, a grin playing at your lips. ‘Im tired though.’ he sighed, ‘Come on, Li. Just two more.’ he lowered himself down, briefly touching your lips, ‘99.’ his lips brushed your before quickly lifting himself up. ‘You know this is a pretty good motivation for me to do push-ups everday, you being under me and stuff.’ He mumbled his eyes trailing down to connect with your lips. ‘and 100.’

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