56. He Does Your Hair

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Niall: You were making lunch on the kitchen counter and Niall waited impatiently behind you. You said “Niall, go do something and I’ll tell you when I’m done.” He didn’t want to leave the room, so he played with your hair. By the time you were done making lunch, he had fishtail braided your hair. “Look, (Y/N) I’m such a pro.” “Yes Nialler. Yes you are.” He takes the TWO sandwiches from the plate and chows them both down in less than a minute. “NIALL!” you whine. “What? I’m hungry!” You brush it off and make a new one. 

Liam: You were watching chick flicks with the none other than Liam. He didn’t seem at all interested with what you guys were watching so he resorted into doing your hair. First, he tried to fishtail braid it, but he failed and pouted. Then he tried putting it into a bun. But he didn’t like the outcome. Finally, he finally decided to do a plain braid and ponytail. When he finished, he snuggled closer to you and took a nap on your shoulder

Zayn: After a whole debate with Zayn about how hard it is to style a fix your hair, he would always say its harder and takes more effort to style his hair. He also said it was easy to style a girl’s hair. You replied with a “Prove it” He spent a few minutes trying to braid it, but he messed up by the end, so he tried putting it up into a bun. It took him 5 times to get it perfect. But he did it! No one actually won the debate, but you knew girls take more time to do their hair.

Harry: It was the day after you, Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor and the boys hung out. Yesterday, Louis did Eleanor’s hair and it was perfectly styled. Harry watched Louis the whole time and he seemed fascinated. When you went to Harry’s, you were surprised to see a whole bunch of hair styling products scattered all over the floor. “(Y/N)! LET ME DO YOUR HAIR!” You agreed and after an hour or so, Harry gave up and just put your hair up along with a ribbon. “How does Lou do that thing?” You shrugged and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Louis: Lou, being the boy who’s in the bathroom for hours fixing his hair decided to do yours. You two were supposed to be going to some special event and you couldn’t exactly decide on what to do with your hair. You stood in front of the mirror messing with your hair while Lou dressed. You let out a loud groan and Lou came to the rescue. He took the curler from the sink counter, kissed your cheek and carefully styled your hair. “Lou, you’re the best. Thank you so much.” You said in relief. “I know I am. And your welcome, love!”

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